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Best Backpage Alternative Websites UK




Backpage was one of the most; if not the most, popular websites with a global reach with a thriving adult section was shut down. The platform was misused as users posted ads ranging from escort services to erotic massages, which are illegal in many parts of the world. While it was primarily used as platform to new people by placing classified ads. The website was taken down as a number of charges were raised against Backpage related to prostitution and human trafficking. While Backpage has run its course it does not mean that the world comes to a stop as there are many alternative backpage platforms that one can use to post ads. 

What is Backpage Alternative?

For users who have never looked beyond backpage it may seem difficult at first to even think about using backpage alternative websites uk. However, there is nothing to fear because a backpage alternative is a website or a platform similar to backpage. Basically, these websites are legitimate alternatives where online ads can be posted for free, for the most part.

What Are Some Of The Emerging Backpage Alternative Websites?

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There are a number of up and coming replacement websites that are taking over the space once dominated by backpage on the Internet. There are a range of websites available but the key to make the most of out of the available options is to know the strengths of each of them.

Top 10 Backpage Alternative Websites

Here are the top ten emerging alternative websites for backpage which include:

  • Doublelist
  • Peerhub


A popular platform is immensely popular among the singles circles the world over. Well, that’s not all that this website has on offer which is personal ads. Users can promote businesses while the app has an option to connect you with other people as well who are share the same interests as you do. 

An excellent feature that makes this super friendly ads website is that users can create different folders that help one stay organized. Moreover, it is a great platform to meet new people virtually and expand your social network. is available in most English speaking countries. While it is popular in larger cities in the US like New York and Chicago the website is popular in Toronto in Canada as well. There are a number of smaller cities that are covered by this website.

Another emerging classified platform is which is a great option to put up local ads. There are numerous sellers who can be easily identified on the platform as well. There are a host of categories to select from as well as industry experts curating them so that users enjoy the best experience on the platform.

The website allows users to post classified ads near one’s location. There are a range of categories that one can browse and find what you’re looking for. The platform allows users to post ads as well.

Another website available in many countries which is an aggregator unlike the other post, compile, and show ads like the other sources. While there many websites that provide listings but the unique feature of this website is that it collates and presents information from other websites. This way the users need not spend too much time to visit multiple websites.

In this case, less is definitely more since this is a one stop solution which is an excellent replacement for backpages. Most of the ads are targeted too which means that users will view ads based on their preferences and search history making the search process simpler. 


Peerhub is yet another platform which is popular particularly for personal ads. Users can post their ads to sell products online that include electronics, furniture, household items, and pretty much anything that you would either want to buy or sell online. This platform is user friendly too and it is easy to browse through the different categories to find what you are searching for.

For those who are in a hurry to find something in a jiffy then it is most likely that you will find it on Users can post ads for a variety of items that include, and are not restricted to, cars, and furniture. Occasionally, you may find a few job related ads as well. This is a backpage replacement platform.

Finder Master is another online classified ad network where users can place ads free of charge. There are so many categories that one can go through and hope to find anything ranging from adopting a pet to finding the perfect home. One can also put up a personal ad to find a date as well.

Another best backpage alternative websites uk is allows users to post ads ranging from real estate, services, to even jobs. The best part about this website is that anyone can post an ad since it is free of charge.

This website has been around for a while now known for its personal ad section, which is growing with each passing day. Classifiedads has proved to be a reliable and credible when compared to other websites.

Top 10 Backpage Alternative Websites 2020

Some of the popular backpage alternative websites include:

  • OLX
  • Hoobly
  • Craiglist


OLX is one of the most well respected advertisement platforms with a global reach widely used to buy, sell, and exchange used items. The biggest plus point of this website is the ease of use that it assures users. For this reason, the platform has over 300 million users worldwide.

The mobile application is easy to download and use. Since it is free to use anyone can post and ad to sell their products while getting some greats deals at throwaway prices for other things. There’s an option to upload pictures of products that potential customers can view to increase transparency, which is great.

Over the years has proved itself to be a reliable backpage alternative websites UK which is specifically for ads and classified in the UK. A popular alternative to backpage the website doesn’t have a personals ad section but it all the more makes up for it by providing other categories that are of value.

For one, it is a popular platform for vehicles, real estate, accommodation, and even jobs. The vast collection promises that there is something for everyone and the best part is that it is accessible worldwide. Anyone can sign up on this website and place their ads or find what they are looking for. 


Most people think that Ebay is just another e-commerce website but not many are aware of the fact that it is one of emerging backpage alternative websites. This is because the platform has an ads section which is quite popular as it is affiliated with an ecommerce company. While the user base on the platform is phenomenal unlike the other websites it is not a free backpage alternative.

For each product to be sold a small fee is charged and each ad is live for 30 days but it is worth is gives that the visibility that you will gain. Also, Ebay is available in most countries that increase the likelihood of sales since the website encourages bidding. At the same time, the platform has a few quirks like one may end up having to ship the product themselves.


Another best backpage alternative websites UK is Hoobly. The website allows users to post ads online free of charge but an added bonus feature that allows users to connect with other users and businesses. This feature makes this website all the more attractive and can help one bag a few side hustles in the process.

Users can search for ads, jobs, and, for that matter even, real estate near your location within 600 miles. This feature is pretty cool especially for small businesses trying to find their feet in the hyper competitive market.

When it comes to it outdates the Y2K scare and was launched in 1999 making it one of the oldest backpage alternatives on the block. There are a number of super cool categories that you can go through and it is available in five countries but it is primarily focus is on the US.

Users can find virtually anything and everything on this platform and the handy search options allows you to go through all the options with relative ease using filters to narrow down options. The well curated ad platform is super user friendly, which makes it all the more important is that it is free of explicit content. boasts of an exhaustive number of categories that one can look up. However, what sets it apart from other platform is that it is best known as a platform to get lock work. The only disadvantage that it presents is that it the listings are exclusively for Canada. Nevertheless, the platform has active users across Canada. The best part about platform is that quite often you may stumble upon something free.

As one of the biggest classified ads platforms any list remains incomplete without mentioning This platform is operational in over 60 countries across the world with millions of users using this free service. An Indian version is a popular destination for matrimonial ads.

When compared to the other platforms Locanto has an edge over the other because it available across platforms: iOS, android, and web. Some of the popular categories on this platform include, and is not restricted to personal ads, furniture, real estate, jobs, and automobiles just to name a few. For those of you have are worried about safety and data privacy the secure nature of the platform makes it all the more appealing.

H1ad.come is yet another backpage alternative 2020 where users can post their ads along with images or can browse through the ads that have been posed by others. This free advertisement platform is a win-win for both sellers and buyers since the same is short, catchy, and remains top of the mind.

The dynamic nature of Facebook is something that one can appreciate and over the years it has become much more than just another social networking platform. As one of the emerging backpage alternative websites Facebook has billions of users who buy and sell products using this platform. The approach that this platform takes is slightly different from the others since it focuses on groups. 

If that’s not reason enough to check out this option then the buy/sell buttons simplifies the entire process. However, one must exercise caution since there are no authenticity markers set in place. As a result, one has to take claims on face value that may prove to be risky. Yet, at the same time there is no separate app that one needs to install as this is a built in function on the app.


Craiglist is a tried and tested alternative to backpage but it took a hit in 2018 when the immensely popular personal ads section for removed and is no longer a dating site. However, the website still well regarded as a reliable platform where other online classified ads can be posted.

Best Backpage Alternatives – Conclusion

Backpage was the go-to place for many users but there’s not much to worry about since there are a host of worthy alternatives that one can choose from. The alternative ones are easy and safe to use. In this way, users no longer need to spend hours at end to register, put up a post, or find the special someone they are in looking for.

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Make most of the alternative websites listed in the article as there are plenty of options as well as opportunities awaiting you. Each platform has its own pluses and minuses but overall it is good to know one’s options and try out some other new backpage alternative website. It is definitely a fun way to meet people, make connections, and have a fun time. Life is short, and makes the most of it while you can.

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