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Best YIFY Proxy Sites to Access YIFY Sites 2019



YIFY Proxy Sites

YIFY Proxy sites 2019: YIFY torrent is a fantastic site that is not quite famous. If you haven’t then you are missing out on a lot. This site helps you download high-quality movies easily from every genre you could imagine.

YIFY Proxy Sites

Yify has dominated its pirated movie scene with its content presence on all significant torrenting sites. After becoming the leading online movie download website, the site slowly started to rake in millions of visitors per day. Not to forget to mention the number of downloads each day. Using YIFY, you can download movie free online.

Although Yify is one of the best sites to download a movie from, its massive fan following also makes it a prime target among trolls and copyright activists.

Several similar torrenting sites have had to face them, and you could never know what would happen to Yify even.

No worries as this article on best YIFY proxy sites have got you covered.

Here I have enlisted some of the best alternatives to YIFY. If you are unable to access YIFY sites due to any issues, please make use of these YIFY proxy sites or YIFY mirror sites.

15 top YIFY Proxy Sites/ YIFY Mirror Sites for 2019

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Downloading torrent can be a risky job as the Government, and cyber officials could track you and serve fines or lawsuits against you. It is always better to use a third-party VPN to browse torrents anonymously.

I have also tried to enlist a few steps below using which you could download movies using YIFY Proxy Servers and YIFY torrents –

First of all, to download movies using YIFY, you need to have a Bit Torrent like uTorrent, Vuze or Deluge, etc. If you need a fantastic and straightforward client, then I suggest you should opt for uTorrent for its simplicity and excellent features. Once you have the torrent client downloaded, you could download any YIFY movie using the following steps.

Steps to Download YIFY Movies

Please follow the below steps to download movies from YIFY. Here we’re using the VPN for YIFY sites. Even you can use YIFY proxy servers or YIFY mirror sites.

  1. Download and install a third-party VPN software or chrome extension (in this case, it would be uTorrent)
  2. Now click on any one of the YIFY proxy/YIFY mirror sites mentioned above
  3. Now click on the torrent file and open it with uTorrent. Choose any file of your choice, which you feel you do need to watch
  4. You can also download wallpapers and subtitles.
  5. Finally, you can click download after you have selected the file of your choice. Using the YIFY proxy, you can download movies in the highest possible quality.

How can VPNs help you to download movie from YIFY Sites?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a conventional method to unblock YIFY. Proxies and mirror sites help you to access YIFY torrents faster. However, it is necessary to access these websites without anyone watching you. There may be cases where some sites may add your IP address to a list which everyone can see, and it may not always be an advantage for you.

These virtual private networks help you to bypass various regional restrictions related to websites and can be accessed by users in specific countries.

They also allow users to download the torrent files without anyone having to access to your real IP address and hence, you would be safe.
Let us take a look at some of the most recommended VPN by experts around the World:

1) Nord VPN

Nord VPNIt is one of the best choices when it comes to selecting the perfect VPN. It is designed to secure all types of devices and to work on most platforms such as MacOS and Windows. Also, it can secure up to 6 different devices using a single VPN network.

2) Pure VPN

pure vpnThis VPN provides ultimate accessibility and coverage as it provides a network of servers that spread worldwide.



3) Express VPN

If you are on the lookout of a VPN that provides support 24/7, then this VPN should be your best choice. Unlike other VPN’s it has unlimited bandwidth and hence provides connection far and wide.

Apart from this, there are other VPN’s as well such as Private Internet Access and Buffered VPN which also do a fantastic job.

What are other YIFY alternatives available?

Even though the original YIFY website is no longer available, there are numerous other alternatives to YIFY ready to satisfy your demand when it comes to watching a good movie. Let us look at a few of YIFY alternatives below –


RARBGRARBG is a leading site like YIFY. This site very popular amongst users and is renowned for hosting high-resolution content. It has a massive database which helps you to access movies and is ready to please all types of movie lovers.

2) LimeTorrents

LimeTorrentsLimeTorrents is another alternative to YIFY. This site may not be as popular as the other torrent sites in this field, but it has great potential to be the best. It provides you with fantastic quality content related to movies, anime, games and even music.

3) Extra Torrent

Extra TorrentExtra Torrent is another YIFY mirror site. This site has a wide range of pop culture which has made it extremely famous among several different sites. This is one such torrent site that needs no introduction.


EZTVYou can use EZTV as an alternative to YIFY. The only thing that this site lacks is the User Interface, which tends to get on your nerves after a certain point of time. If you are interested in movies and TV shows, this site is the place to be.

Conclusion about YIFY Proxy Servers

These were all about YIFY proxy sites or YIFY mirror sites. YIFY torrents are the unbeatable competitors in the history of torrents. No other torrent site has had such potential in several years. What do you feel about YIFY torrents? Comment down below and let us know!

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