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How To Buy Minecraft Server – The 2021 Guide

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Minecraft Server is an anarchy server which is player-owned. They have a more comprehensive range of activities where some servers have their own rules and customs. You can enable PvP combat, which will allow you to fight between players. The management of the Minecraft server is no less than a full-time job. It comes with vanilla server software provided by Mojang, and it is also maintained along with client software. You can play in a single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode. You have to connect yourself to another computer if you want to play a multiplayer mode. The Minecraft server allows you to download and run even if you aren't someone with a Minecraft account. Hypepixel, Minepixel, Mineheroes, Extremecraft, UberMc are some of the most renowned Minecraft Servers.

So if you are looking for Minecraft Server, there are a few points which you have to remember. If you are using a massive java server, your hosting will need specific instructions and custom build services. If you want a server that can accommodate many people, you should go for a dedicated server. A cloud server is going to be budget-friendly and efficient. 

So if you are shopping for a Minecraft Server, here are some pre-built options you have to consider for hosting websites.

To host a large Minecraft Server, threading is going to be the sovereign. You have to look for a server that comes with an excellent clock speed. It will be even better for you if you go for a 2.4GHz octa-core instead of going for a 3.5Ghz quad. If you are running a large server, you will start noticing the servers' distribution among the threads. Overall this is going to provide you a fantastic experience.

Hard Drive

Space is another critical factor that should be considered. If you genuinely want your server to accommodate many players simultaneously, an SSD is required. Using an SSD is going to be economical as well. After using an SSD, you can use a SATA drive as a backup drive. 

Another option which you can go to in order to increase the space is to use raid one. Raid one comes with excellent security since it writes the same data on two drives. It doesn't improve the performance, but you can use the second drive after the first drive's failure. Depending on your requirement, you can use a 60GB SSD to a 256GB SSD in order to store larger files.


People who have played any Minecraft game know that the game demands efficient RAM from both the server-side and client-side. So if you are looking for any server, looking for better RAM is a must. RAM provides you a direct relation between the hardware and the number of players you are comfortable enough to allow. One GigaByte will be the smallest amount you will be using to get a decent experience. JavaVm allocates more ram depending on the plugins as well as the number of players. You are advised to leave a buffer between the maximum ram and the available ram. Your server will not run smoothly if you allocate more than the limit. 

You must have come across the term 'ramdisk.' Ramdisk is basically a part of the ram, which is a physical space where you can store your files. The ramdisk is swifter than an SSD, but it comes with a cost. In this, you will need something to world files out of the ramdisk, and after that, you can shut down your physical server. Every ramdisk user's problem is that your data gets erased after any crash or after your server loses power.

So you should go for a ramdisk only if you have a spare ram and a script that will copy your world data to a physical disk at intervals. 

Operating System

Linux without a GUI is something you should go for if you plan to run a large server. If you do not go for Linux, you will be sacrificing your RAM, disk, and CPU. Linux is considered the best hosting server. 

You can also go for windows since it is smart enough to spread between all of the processor's core. The drawback of the windows is that it consumes a lot of gigs. So if you are a person with limited gigs, Linux should be your go-to option. If you are using the Linux command line, you will squeeze up to 8x performance out of your hardware. 


It is imperative to scale your bandwidth according to your requirement. You will need extra usage if you use special modpacks or additional plugins to help you communicate with your client-side. Most of the time, the bandwidth is calculated every month, which depends upon a certain amount. 

Just in case, if one is looking for a Minecraft dedicated server, team up with your account manager. The minimum requirement is 1GB RAM and 1CPU core. 

Benefits Of Having Your Own Minecraft Server

Having Your Own Minecraft Server

Having your server is always going to work in your favor. Lagging is going to be the least of your worries once you have your server. One must remember the following points. 

  • Cost: Owning your own server isn't going to be budget-friendly. You may get cheap hostings in the market, but they aren't going to benefit you. So spending even a penny on cheap hostings isn't going to work in your favor. So you should think of it as an investment since we all know spending a little extra pounds can benefit us in several ways. So if you want to have your own server, you should have a decent budget.
  • Control: When you spend a considerable amount on your server, it won't be shared with other servers as well. Your server will be yours, and one won't be able to use it without your will. You get full control of your own server, and you can do whatever you want with it.
  • Performance: Everybody knows that the performance of their own server is way better than a cheap one. If you compare it with others, you will find enhanced performance, greater bandwidth, and a great memory.
  • Security: It is always an important concern for any website. If you invest in your own server, then you will get excellent protection. Moreover, in the worst cases, your website will get restored from a backup within a few minutes.

  • Prevention from blacklisting: Having your own server will prevent your website from going into the blacklist. In this way, your mails won't go to the junk folders, and your message will get delivered quickly.

The benefits of having your own Minecraft Server are even better. There are tonnes of positive opportunities that will come when you start having your own Minecraft Server. 

  • Flexibility in Choosing Moderators: Players who have played Minecraft games know that it is very irritating if you don't get to choose your own moderates. When a player doesn't get the chance to choose his own environment, then he loses his interest. Hence it is imperative to have freedom of choice in mods. It will also attract many players to play the game, and it will keep them engaged. So if you host your own Minecraft Server, you get the freedom to choose the mods according to your own and the player's requirement.
  • Building Connection: In today's world digital is the best way to connect through people, and due to pandemic, it is one of the safest methods. So by owning a Minecraft Server, you will be able to communicate with people worldwide. Moreover, the games will also develop a bond between people since the games based on fighting will need the teammates' trust. In short, it will help you to build your own gaming community. Even though you won't rely on many people, you will gain a few trustworthy people. Everything will be in your control since it is your own Minecraft Server.
  • Own Rules: As discussed above, you will be having your own rules since you will own the server. By getting your own server, you will be able to look up to every issue, and the gamers have to follow every word of yours. You can set up the rules by keeping the best interest of the people without any question. While setting your rules, you should remember that it will affect your gamers. In today's world, the majority of gamers are teenagers. To leave a positive impact on teenagers, you should construct your rules that won't have any adverse effects on teenagers.
  • Teaching Asset: Even though it sounds unusual, Minecraft is indeed an excellent teaching asset. You can teach teenagers the importance of decision making and behavioral aspects. They get a fun filled environment where they can learn and grow. It also encourages creative thinking. So if you are a owner of a Minecraft Server, you will utilize it to influence teenagers positively.
  • Economy: It may affect your bank account if you host your server. So to reduce the costs, Microsoft has made a few allowances. This will allow you to monetize your Minecraft Server. So you can use this tool to your benefit and gain by game advertising, website setups, and many more.

Cons Of Minecraft Servers

To be very true, it is hard to believe that this excellent server can have disadvantages, but it has honestly. As a Minecraft Server owner, you may not face difficulties, but your server can have a negative impact on your gamers.

  • Nowadays, teenagers get addicted to games, and Minecraft games are the best game available. Because of this, most of the time, teenagers remain glued in front of a screen. This starts affecting their health, and it also affects their bond with their parents.
  • Most of the people who love Minecraft Games don't have a life outside of the screen. Even a mere loss in the game starts depressing them. Stress and Anxiety are some of the usual issues which are found in teenagers due to gaming.
  • Teenagers stop indulging in physical activities, and that leads to obesity.
  • Studies show that if a gamer spends more than the required time in front of a screen, their brain's development starts slowing down.
  • It also causes insomnia and affects the eyesight of children. Sleeping at night becomes strenuous when your brain screams for another match. Most of the time, people don't even consider their tired minds and keep playing the games because they are addicted.
  • It starts affecting their education as well. There are moments where teenagers don't even appear on their examination because of their match. Even if Minecraft games can teach you life skills, teenagers are still required to complete their education.
  • People may disagree, but it is a verity that teenagers start being violent because of their addiction to games.
  • Games start affecting children's impulse control. Because of this, teenagers find it very difficult to adjust themselves in the most vulnerable situations.
  • The games can indeed connect you socially, but people remain connected via devices most of the time. They stop associating with people who live near them. This may affect them in the long run. In today's world, social interaction is significant for professional as well as personal growth. 

So if you are a Minecraft Server Owner or looking for The Best Minecraft Server, the above points are something you should remember. Since you get to be the boss of your gaming community, it is imperative to make rules not affect teenagers. It may not seem practical to invest a considerable amount of money for a server, but the people who have invested know that it has always been beneficial.

Most importantly, it will help you build your gaming community to remain connected with people across the globe via games. So Buying a Minecraft Server is no less than an investment, and Apex Hosting, GG Servers, and BisectHosting are some of the best Minecraft Server Hostings which you can purchase.

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