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OVH Hosting Review 2021 – 5 Facts About This Hosting Provider



OVH Hosting Review

Hosting or Web hosting is something very local and essential in today’s world. Ever thought of creating your website? Ever thought how space is allotted to a website? 

To do so, you need to buy a domain name for your website and space on the internet to store your data. It’s where web hosting comes into play. In easy words, when a hosting provider designates room on a web server for a website to store data, it is said to be hosting. A traditional kind of hosting is web hosting. Most hosting providers allow a blend of services; electronic mail hosting, Website Hosting, Database Hosting example – DNS hosting assistance ordinarily bundled with domain name enrollment.

Universal kinds of internet hosting that store performed hosting provide a server where the customers can drive anything they need (including web servers and other servers) and have internet nexus with upstream bandwidth.

Different popular kind of hosting is shared hosting. It is where the hosting provider stores hosting services for multiple clients on one physical server and shares the resources between the clients. Virtualisation is a solution to making this work excellently. 

One such hosting provider is OVH. 

A Few About OVH Hosting

OVH Cloud

In 1999, Octave Klaba started a cloud computing and hosting company in France and named it OVH. The prime features they offered to their customers were dedicated hosting service, VPS, public cloud, cloud computing, web hosting, DSL. The largest web hosting providers in Europe are based on the physical servers, OVH is the third-best around the globe. Not only this, when it comes to the coverage area, OVH has the world’s largest data centre. Till now (2020) OVH has thirty data centres all around the world. And the best part of it is all of their accompanying tools and data centres belong directly to them, which means they are not renting anything from anyone. In December 2010, they disclosed that they were the hosting provider for WikiLeaks. Also, according to The Spamhaus Project in 2019, OVH is the second-worst internet service provider. Since 2003 OVH has been leading in energy efficiency.

Features Of OVH Hosting

It is easy to sign up in OVH. All they ask for is your name, phone number and address. You will get to access the control panel after the verification of your mail-id, by which you can complete your purchasing process. Every single thing is not translated into French; however, you will not face any difficulty using the site. The pricing range is very competitive, and they provide more than the others in the market. Their support system is not that good. The site is not for beginners; if you are slightly experienced in web developing, then it’s an ideal option for you.

Forming a website is very simple if you are familiar with WordPress. It does not matter which plan you have purchased, they offer you one-click installation. They do not have a website builder of their own that would cover dropping and dragging characteristics and built templates. You can upload your website by FTP or a file manager that works as a web-based FTP customer if you favour. 

If you would favour another hosting control panel, Plesk is accessible as a separate hosting choice with a total of three forms, starting from $15.40 (€12.99) per month (excluding VAT). All of them also incorporate a Web PRO permit and reseller hosting choices. If you are going for shared hosting, you will have to adjust with their approved control panel that tends to be imperceptibly less intuitive and slow-loading at times. OVH gives private cloud services that provide customer access to hosts and other supplies on dedicated foundations. 

Although the plenty of data centres would indicate high speeds, this does not seem to hold for OVH main website: a GTmetrix analysis shows that it takes 9.2 seconds for it to load completely, whereas the average is 8.3 seconds. The 50 demands (as opposed to the average 89) is still a step in the right way. 

When it comes to uptime, OVH professes their data centres are designed to Tier-III+ norms – suggesting the maximum amount of downtime on an annual basis would be 1.6 hours, transcribing to 99.982% uptime. Our two-week-long uptime analysis of their main website conferred no downtime at all, which means they are well on their way to hold their word. 

Regrettably, for newcomers, this is where OVH stumbles. There is a Help & Support Centre, with the presented FAQ being Why has OVHcloud transformed its customer support? , and How will I get my OVHcloud username? , but is ordinarily very inadequately managed. 

OVH awards four levels of care. Standard, premium €50.00 /mo, business from €250/mo, and enterprise. 

There is no live chat currently possible, although their website pronounces it is coming soon. Users can either proffer a ticket or send an email, there are also local phone numbers for certain approved countries. There is also a community panel

OVH guarantees 99.95% server uptime. Nevertheless, in the closing thirty days, it was able to achieve this figure. OVH had an uptime of 99.85% which means your website won’t be down more than 21 minutes in a year. 

Server response time was not too good, equalised at 630ms. And that is below the business mean of 550ms.

To preserve your website data, you can opt for daily programmed backups. It will ensure that you have a copy of a functioning website if you determine to test a new feature, or a dilemma occurs. 

A comfortable delivery network (CDN) is a series of servers which give erudition to a user, depending on their geographic situation.

OVH has broad networks of servers both in the USA and Europe.

It makes sure your visitors from these continents get the best possible load times.

And it also serves as a security measure. If anything occurs to one server – extra one can jump right in and protect your website from the downtime. 

For most of the sector, this control panel is needlessly complicated. It is text-based and entirely rules.

There is no File Manager to order your files with, neither a web-based FTP client. One of the simplistic tests I needed to do for this OVH review was attaining nameservers and then forming a subdomain. Nameservers were comparatively easier to find but establishing a subdomain required a lot of aborted attempts and even a piece of guesswork.

Why OVH Web Hosting

Ovh Hosting grants you a considerable number of products at a very affordable price for all of you. This web service provider attains the extraordinary feature of all its services.

Why OVH Web Hosting

It has an excellent quality-price ratio. You can count on race in the determination of the situation of the data centre. Thanks to the considerable number of scenes extended to all its users.

With this web service provider, you can serve with CMS such as WordPress and cPanel with a comfortable entrance. The web hosting services granted by Ovh can be suitable for all the new schemes you want to commence.

All Ovh users have total faith and surety in all their services contracted with this business. Due to these features, this is a very significant solicitor to help your website to improve precision. 

OVH Cloud Plans & Pricing

OVH charges start relatively low: the Personal plan, which made towards selves, starts at $3.99 per month for a year-long engagement and combines support for five websites, a domain name that is free for the first year, 100GB disk range and WordPress optimisation

The next two projects come below Business Hosting. The Professional plan costs $6.99 per month, with 250GB warehouse and ten websites, while the Performance plan starts at $11.99 per month and allows clients to add more cores and RAM, increasing the rates respectively. There is also a Developer plan that begins at the same point and allots similar versatility. 

All prices bar VAT and OVH receives cards and PayPal but does not offer returns or free trials.

Ovh does not have any improvements accessible in the contract of the web hosting assistance they offer you. However, they provide the opportunity within the assurance of having a new domain name free during the first year.

It is very functional to have the domain for free during the first year in any web project. But it will be convenient to have this unique characteristic in case it is a project designed from scratch with the hosting service of Ovh. It also provides you with a plan called Start 10M. It comes under every domain. This free service offers you a 10 MB web space for your use.

For example; to be practised in your online CV and a personal email bearing.

OVH Web Hosting – Review In Detail

One of the most necessary circumstances in picking a host for your website is the uptime.

And while several businesses assure 99.9% uptime and disappoint to utter, OVH is not one of those. In case, there is a blackout, OVH guarantees a five-minute-or-less answer time.

It’s that kind of dependability of assistance that I relish with OVH. It’s straightforward to take things like hosting for awards and having the harmony of mind understanding that PhotographyTalk order be up and running each morning when I wake up is deserving of its weight in gold. 

They are focused on advancing environmentally trusted data centres that are approved by the company around the globe. It encourages them to increase their belief with their customers, and it is very favourable. They say that 155 out of the most comprehensive 1000 European corporations have their sites hosted in OVH equipment, which is necessary. Overall, this is an excellent company with advanced facilities that are ceaselessly innovating.

Comparison With Similar Hosting Providers

Bluehost addresses the issue of customer support significantly better than OVH, and their prices are comparable. Though the former increases its charges after three years, and they do not offer the data centres encompassing the planet OVH does.

For complete freshers, Hostgator is one of the best providers, with video tutorials and in-depth reproduced guides. But OVH is usually more reliable and offers a more immeasurable range of features.

As a fellow French hosting provider, Gandi is significantly more pricey, but they also offer a 10-day free trial, no cords attached. Both providers are deemed slightly outside a newcomer’s comfort zone, however.

Catalyst2 is one of the most affordable hosting providers in customary use, but their output is also defined (only 500MB disk space for the lowest plan whereas OVH offers at least 100GB). However, Catalyst2 does allow customer support.

OVH Review 2021 – Conclusion

Although OVH suggests a modest range of characteristics at absolutely bargain prices, their below-average support could be a dealbreaker for novices. Joined with unfinished translations from French, many users without a tech experience may be better off accepting Hostgator or Bluehost as their hosting provider. It provides ambitious pricing for its VPS plans. That by itself makes this host deserve recognition.

However, there are some difficulties. The assistance given by Ovh Hosting is of high quality. The company has good experience in the market acquired over time. The services that stand out the most with this provider have shared hosting, dedicated cloud hosting and VPS.

Control tribunal is not easy-to-use, and there could be more timber options. And while the administration is just average, it’s not bad. Many hosts cannot achieve even that. If you understand what you are doing and want to price – OVH is a satisfactory host. But it might not be the most suitable option for newcomers. 

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