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Squarespace Review – The Truth About This Website Builder



Squarespace Review

Website building requires skill and expertise. In these days of advanced technology and with websites being a part of one’s everyday life, website building is a skill that is important to be learned by all.

It is time-consuming to know all the skills involved with website building and requires a lot of dedication and mentoring.Therefore, these days, so many apps and websites can help you nail the website building gift and help you create your website with ease using simple instructions and machinery.

These platforms provide a wide range of templates, with professional help and unique features that can give your brand a polished and professional look. 

Your website can catch the attention of many and increase your brand’s reach and engagement and help your company reach new heights. Squarespace is one of the most promising, efficient, and easy to use a tool in website building. You can increase your brand’s reach and engagement, and using this tool, you can give a professional touch to your website.

What Is Squarespace? 

Squarespace is a fantastic drag and drops visual website builder with clean and polished templates that can help you create your website with ease and like a professional. Professional website builders highly recommend it, and it is intuitive, curated, and thoughtfully designed.

It has beautiful templates and some mind-blowing features. It has the best blogging, podcasting, scheduling, audio players, and photo galleries compared to other website builders. 

Main Features:

  • It has clean, modern, polished, and outstanding templates that give your website a professional look. No other website builder has such unique templates for its users. 
  • They have unmatched features like the best in class blogging, e-commerce, donation, podcasting, etc.
  • It is intuitive, curated, and thoughtfully designed to give impressive results to its users every time.

What Are The Features Of Squarespace?

  • Squarespace pages are made of content blocks and sections. 
  • Sections are a quick way of laying out a page without having to design it from scratch. They can stack vertically on the page. Teams are also like pre-designed containers of content blocks.
  • Content blocks are texts, buttons, images, maps, etc. that create the building blocks.
  • Squarespace is one of the best website builders with a wide selection of sections to choose from, and all are customizable so you can add additional content blocks as and when needed.
  • It allows each section to have a custom and separate background, color code, and padding, among other features.
  • Squarespace is considerably easy to use, but it is not the easiest to use website builder. The easiest to use website builder is Weebly. It is the only website builder that hasn’t used the phrase ‘ease of use’ anywhere on their home page.
  • It is not the easiest to use, but it is intuitive and thoughtful. Everything is sharp and laid out according to the users’ needs.
  • Image cropping is one of Squarespace’s most thoughtful features. Squarespace has included a handy focal point editor to adjust and crop the pictures. This is not the case in most website builders. Most of the website builders automatically cut the photos and the thumbnails around the center and do not allow them to crop the pictures according to their needs and requirements.
  • Another critical and thoughtful feature of Squarespace is the Menu. It is a feature for restaurant menus. Menus of restaurants are a typically challenging web design format, and they demand a lot of patience and formatting. Due to this, many restaurants end up using PDF menus. Squarespace solved this problem, and it solved a simple formatting problem by creating and inventing a simple markup language for users to compose their menus. The Menu is formatted automatically, and one can easily customize the color, fonts, and borders.
  • In addition to the content blocks and sections, there are four collection page types: blog, store, events, and portfolio.
  • The issue with the three different options (sections, content blocks, collection page types) for creating content is that it is challenging to choose the best match according to their requirements.

Cons Of Using Squarespace

The cons of using Squarespace are:

  • The Squarespace version 7.0. is very different from its successive version: version 7.1. is a lot more advanced and includes many new features. This version was launched in the early two thousand and twenty.
  • A few features like the gear icon are a little ambiguous to spot and use.
  • Sometimes, Squarespace comes off to be too minimal. 

About The Templates On Squarespace

  • An unusual feature is that the website is elevated above the user interface.
  • Squarespace is capable of elevating the website.
  • All the templates are carefully designed to give beautiful looking sites.
  • They have the best looking templates out of any website builder.
  • It has clean, modern templates that can catch anyone’s eyes.
  • The templates often have a recognizable feel and look.
  • The templates have bold typography, white space, and plenty of room to showcase photography. These features make Squarespace more suitable and loved by photographers and online stores.
  • All templates have access to the same features and designing options that allow you to customize any template according to your own needs.
  • You cannot swap between templates once you have chosen one.
  • You can edit the template according to your needs by changing the layout, colors, styles, and various other elements. This makes using Squarespace results in creating beautiful, personalized, and customized websites.

Features That Allow Squarespace To Stand Out

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A few parts of Squarespace that give it an edge over its competitors are listed below:

  • It has best in class features.
  • None of the features are half-baked, and they continuously go beyond their competitors.
  • Their blogging is excellent and polished to a point where they can be the only website builder capable of giving WordPress competition.
  • Squarespace provides excellent support for multiple contributors.
  • The form builder is excellent with Google Docs and Mailchimp integrations and with nineteen different field form options, custom post-submit HTML, and lightbox modes.
  • It doesn’t store your submissions by default.
  • Squarespace also has three mobile apps to help you manage your websites; they are:
  • Commerce for online stores.
  • Analytics for analytics.
  • Squarespace that lets you correct text add images, and manage your blog.
  • The mobile apps do not allow you to create your websites, but they will enable you to manage the websites you may have made using Squarespace.
  • It lets you syndicate your podcasts. Syndicating is generally required to submit your podcasts to Apple Podcasts and Spotify, which is critically essential for podcasts.
  • Squarespace also has the best donation system compared to any other website builders. They have a completed donation system with fundamentals like custom email receipts, custom checkouts, and suggested contributions.
  • Squarespace is well known to give care to features ranging from intricate details and minor features to significant and essential elements.

Online Presence

A few features that Squarespace has introduced to ensure online presence are:

  • With only an additional fifteen dollars per month, Squarespace introduced acquired Acuity Scheduling to websites in two thousand and nineteen. It adds scheduling to websites, and it is fully featured. There are automatic client reminders, and clients can create, cancel, and reschedule their appointments. This feature also has intake forms and online payments from clients. 
  • It lets you create email marketing campaigns. You can do automated emails and email blasts. Email design templates are also fresh and modern. 
  • Squarespace also recently acquired an app called Unfold that helps you create beautiful and aesthetic Instagram stories.
  • They are planning to create more features, apps, and properties that can help you make your website with ease and increase its online presence to ensure better engagement and reach and take your brand name to new heights.

Squarespace & E-commerce

Squarespace has the best features for someone looking forward to an opportunity to create their very own e-commerce website. There are many website builders like Shopify that are made to build e-commerce websites only. A survey shows that Squarespace is one of the top three choices among people who are a part of the e-commerce industry to create their very own website.

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The first choice was Shopify. Shopify is purely made for e-commerce; it is an e-commerce website builder. One could probably shift to Squarespace from Shopify because, compared to Shopify, Squarespace is easier to use. Shopify is clumsier in arrangement matters, while it is comparatively a little easier to rely on Squarespace for making your very own e-commerce website.

The page editor of Shopify is a WYSIWYG editor that can feel clumsy and complicated to use. Also, customizing themes in Shopify may probably even require some editing codes that can make the process of website building a little longer and complicated. 

None the less, Squarespace can not ever match the features of Shopify. Shopify will always have the edge over Squarespace with regards to website building for purposes of e-commerce. Shopify is a website builder for e-commerce practices.

It has also managed to develop more features and customize its properties, again and again, to ensure that it is the best fit for e-commerce. Shopify has managed to do so with its app store’s help, which has more than three thousand apps from developers. 

A few features that still make Squarespace one of the top choices for e-commerce website building are;

  • Availability of selling products based on subscriptions: you can sell products based on subscription, that is, that charge regularly. 
  • Customizable Email Receipts: you can customize email receipts and convey your message to you your clients aesthetically.
  • There are excellent product variations with special pricing.
  • You can also sell digital products and services through the website you make on Squarespace.
  • Squarespace lets you integrate Apple Pay as a method of payment through your website.
  • Point Of Sale feature can help you integrate your Square’s credit card reader and Squarespace’s commerce app.

Tools For SEO In Squarespace

The few tools that are beneficial for SEO in Squarespace are listed below: 

  • AMP Support
  • Meta titles and description
  • Custom URLs
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SSL
  • Sitemap
  • Alt Tags

Squarespace Plans and Pricing

Squarespace has four payment plans. Two are for making available websites, and the other two are for making e-commerce websites. The projects range from twelve dollars to forty dollars per month. You can choose the plan that fits your requirements the best. Compared to its competitors, Squarespace is well priced and affordable. Its goals are inexpensive, and one can purchase and cancel them easily. 

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It has excellent customer support, integration with other apps, and features that are amazing and polished. 

Squarespace Review 2021 – Final Verdict

Squarespace is probably one of the best website builders available online. It is easy to use, affordable, polished with professional-looking templates and features that are sure to awe anyone and everyone. It is a thoughtful and convenient app that has prioritized its users’ needs, above all. It has managed to make its name in a short while and has successfully helped many users worldwide create a beautiful and efficient website. 

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