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Best Dishwashers In India To Buy Currently! – 2020 List



best dishwashers in India

Are you considering to buy one of the best dishwashers in India?

Dishwashers were not a common sight in the Indian household until recently. Homeowners thought that dishwashers were a waste of their money and would only add to the monthly bills and also make them lazy. However, that is a wrong conception about the product. Modern dishwashers will not only take away the task of cleaning kitchenware and utensils out of your hands but are also quite energy-efficient and water-efficient.

If you are planning to buy a dishwasher for your home, then there are quite many options available in India. To help you out pick the best one, today we are here with a list of the best dishwashers in India in 2020.

What Is A Dishwasher and How Does It Work?

A dishwasher refers to a machine that cleans cutlery and dishes, thus reducing the manual labor needed in removing soil and cleaning. Dishwashers were first invented back in 1850 and since then, it has become an inevitable part of the kitchen.

Have you ever wondered how a dishwasher works?

Dishwashers clean utensils and cutleries by spraying hot water, usually with a temperature ranging between 45 degrees Celsius and 75 degrees Celsius. Most dishwashers also have a low-temperature setting, which can be used to wash and clean delicate utensils.

Detergent and water need to be added to the dishwasher, and dishwashers usually have a pipe connector that you can directly connect to a water outlet pipe so that there is always flow of water to the dishwasher, without you having to manually fill the machine with water.

Once the utensils are put inside the dishwashers, the sprayers inside these machines first spray the detergent and water mixture on to the utensils. After that, hot water without the detergent mixed is sprayed onto the utensils to clean them completely.

Top 4 Reasons To Use A Dishwasher At Home

Now you know what dishwashers are and how they work. But, why are they considered essential equipment in the kitchen? And why are more people interested in fitting a dishwasher in their kitchen spaces nowadays than ever before?

Well, below are some reasons why you should use a dishwasher in your kitchen in 2020.

Dishwashers are Better Cleaners

Studies show that kitchen spaces have more germs than any other place in the house. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to remove any kind of germ and bacteria present on the dishes and utensils you use to stay healthy.

Even though washing dishes manually can make the dishes look shiny on the outside, it does not guarantee that they are completely free of germs or bacteria.

By using a dishwasher, extremely hot water is sprayed onto the dishes during the washing process. As mentioned above, the common dishwasher water temperature can range anywhere between 45 degrees and 75 degrees, which is not possible to use while washing manually.

Higher washing temperatures mean better cleaning, thus you can achieve greater efficiency in removing any traces of bacteria or germs on your dishes and utensils than when washing manually.

Allows You to Save Water

The reason that most people have for not using a dishwasher is that they believe these machines use more water than while washing manually. However, this is far from the truth.

For households where lots of utensils and kitchen wares are washed regularly, using a dishwasher makes more sense. Because in most places people do not regulate the water tap while washing, which ends up in more water being wasted than conserved.

Modern dishwashers, on the other hand, are designed to provide the most efficient washing with the least consumption of water.

Gives You More Time for Other Tasks

Washing dishes and utensils are definitely one of the most time-consuming tasks in the kitchen. Most people spend more time cleaning the dishes than cooking meals.

So, for people with very little time in their daily schedules, having a dishwasher installed in the kitchen can be a huge advantage. With dishwashers, you just have to put in the dishes and utensils and the machine will take care of the rest.

Clean Hard to Reach Places of Utensils

For most utensils, there are places that are quite hard to reach while cleaning manually. Over time, such areas of utensils accumulate too much dirt and stains that it no longer becomes hygienic to use them anymore.

With dishwashers, you do not have to worry about having any such hard-to-reach places of your utensils filled with dirt or stains.

Modern dishwashers have sprayers that wash the utensils inside the machine uniformly from all sides. Thus, all sides of the inside and outside of utensils will be cleaned thoroughly.

Tips On Choosing The Best Dishwashers In India 2020


For those who are buying dishwashers for the first time, below are some useful tips that can help you pick the best dishwashers in 2020.

Pick the Right Capacity Dishwasher

With lots of dishwasher options out there, it is essential that you go with a model that can make your life easier than harder. One of the easiest ways to ensure that adding a dishwasher makes your kitchen life better is by buying one that has the right capacity for your use.

There are different dishwasher models, and the capacity variation between them basically indicates how many utensils you can wash using these machines in a single go. The concept here is that the bigger your family is, the bigger dishwasher you should get installed.

If you buy a dishwasher that cannot suffice all your utensil washing requirements in a single go, you will end up running the dishwasher multiple times, thus wasting your precious time and also costing you money.

Decide Whether You Need Child Lock or Not

Manufacturers are adding child lock functionality into their dishwashers these days. What the child lock does is that once this mode is activated, the machine locks all the controls and functions, thus not allowing your kids to accidentally play with the dishwasher.

Some dishwasher models also lock the door of the dishwasher, which is really important as usually water is at a really hot temperature inside the dishwasher. Once activated, it is only possible to deactivate the child lock by following a sequence of key presses.

So, if you have a toddler or small children at home, it is a good idea to pick a dishwasher with the child lock function to ensure that your child is safe from any hazard and also to make sure that your kids don’t mess around with the dishwasher.

Pick a Brand with Service Centres Close to You

Dishwashers are expensive appliances, so you need to keep good care of them at all times. Equally important is to ensure that there is solid manufacturer support, in case something goes wrong with your dishwasher.

One of the best ways to make sure that you get the best support from the manufacturer/seller is to choose a brand that has service centers in or around your location.

A simple online search will get you details on the closest service centers of the dishwasher manufacturer of your choice. The closer the seller/manufacturer service centers s to you, the lesser hassle you will have to face in case of any trouble with the dishwasher.

Compare All the Options You Have for the Price

There are quite many dishwashers you can buy in India. One of the best ways to segregate them is by price. You can shortlist the list of the best dishwashers in India based on your budget.

Once you have a list of dishwashers ready, you can compare them with each other to find the one that gives you the best value for money. However, it is important to understand that the best value for money dishwashers need not be the one that provides the most features. You should always go for a dishwasher that gives you reliable performance along with compelling features that too in a competitive price tag.

Check Out for Reviews and Customer Experiences Online

Nowadays it is quite easy to find reviews from customers as well as professionals on the internet about any product. So, to make sure that you are making the best purchase, it is a great idea to check out for reviews online about the dishwasher that you are planning to buy.

In India, you can find dishwasher reviews on eCommerce shopping sites such as Flipkart and Amazon India, from where you can purchase the dishwashers as well.

Otherwise, you can also find reviews on online forums, Facebook groups, etc.

6 Best Dishwashers In India To Buy In 2020

Now that you have an in-depth idea about dishwashers, let us take you through the best dishwashers in India in 2020 that money can buy!

LG 14LG 14 Place

LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

The LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher is one of the most commonly bought dishwashers on Amazon India and comes with a price tag of ₹59,990. Apart from the 14 place setting, there are other technologies as well that make this LG dishwasher a great choice.

The TrueSteam technology ensures that your dishes are always sparkling with fewer water spots than what is usually seen on dishes washed using dishwashers.

The QuadWash technology ensures that your dishes and utensils are washed and cleaned from every angle possible.

The EasyRach Plus technology guarantees easy loading of dishes and utensils onto the dishwasher.

The Inverter Direct Drive technology guarantees the quiet, reliable, and efficient performance of the dishwasher at all times.

The SmartThinQ technology eases your life by helping you add the dishwasher to your connected home.

IFB NeptuneIFB Neptune

IFB Neptune VX Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

IFB is a very popular home appliances manufacturer and has a prominent presence in the Indian market.

The IFB Neptune VX Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is one of their best selling dishwashers in the Indian markets and is available on Flipkart for ₹39,990.

For those worried about the power consumption of dishwashers, this IFB dishwasher is a great choice as it is rated A++ in energy efficiency. Tests by the manufacturer claim that this dishwasher only uses about 9 liters of water in a day, thus preserving water.

If you do not always have a full load of dishes and utensils to wash, the IFB Neptune VX dishwasher brings a half-load mode which lets you load either the upper or lower rack, thus helping you to save water as well as electricity consumption.

Apart from just washing your utensils, this dishwasher also steam dries them. This way, any moisture on the utensils will be completely removed, thus not requiring you to wipe clean the utensils after removing them from the dishwasher.

You can also adjust the position of racks by moving the notches to adjust their heights. So, depending on the size of the utensils you wish to wash, you can rearrange the position of the racks and fill in maximum utensils in one go.

Last but not the least, there are several wash modes depending on the type of dishes you wish to clean and how thoroughly you wish to clean them. The Quick Wash mode is perfect for washing lightly dirty utensils and completes the entire process in 40 minutes. The Intensive Wash mode has a temperature setting that automatically ranges between 60 degrees to 70 degrees through the washing process to remove any tough stains.


Midea Torrino WQP12-5201F Free Standing 13 Place Settings Dishwasher

The 13 place setting Midea Torrino dishwasher with a price tag of ₹29,990 is perfect for smaller families with up to 4 members in size.

One of the key highlights of the Midea Torrino dishwasher is that it is designed with the Indian audience in mind. The cleaning mechanism is designed in such a way that it efficiently removes masala residues from the common utensils we use in Indian households such as kadhais.

This dishwasher is also very much user-friendly, thanks to its removable rack which allows you to load vessels that are tall in size comfortably onto the second rack.

Moreover, there are 7 different washing programs available which let you control the washing time, water temperature, etc. thus allowing you to save time, water, and power.

Power cut is a common thing in India, especially in monsoon. In case of a power cut, this dishwasher has a “Power-OFF Memory” function that remembers the last step of the washing cycle and when the power gets restored, the machine will automatically resume from the last save point in its memory. Thus you do not have to restart the entire cleaning process in case of a power reset in your home.

The “Off-Peak Wash” function lets you set all the washing parameters and schedule the process to begin at a later time. This way, you can program the dishwasher to begin cleaning only during a certain time of day when, for example, the power consumption charges are the least.

With the “Easy Maintenance” feature, the dishwasher cleans itself. In the cleaning process, water is pumped throughout the dishwasher at a high temperature for a maximum of 50 minutes, thus cleaning all areas of the dishwasher effectively.

There are several washing modes provided, such as the 90-minute wash, ECO wash, intensive wash, and glass wash. The type of washing mode you need to select depends on what your utensils are made of, and how dirty they are.

You can also find an Extra Dry option which makes sure that all the utensils are completely free of any moisture content.

The “Half Load” mode is ideal when you have few utensils to wash. This mode ensures that the washing is completed quickly without consuming much water or electricity.

The inbuilt “Water Leak Protection” system in this dishwasher actively monitors any sort of water leakage caused by the machine and automatically regulates or cuts of the water supply, thus conserving water and avoiding any inconveniences in your kitchen space.

You can also find a “Child Lock” feature, which when activated locks the mechanism so that kids cannot play around with the settings or operation of the machine. Moreover, the child lock also checks that no accidents happen to your children because of the machine.

Faber FFSD 6PRFaber FFSD

Faber FFSD 6PR 12S Neo Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Faber is another brand offering one of the best dishwashers in India. This model is available on Flipkart for ₹39,990 and packs in all the essential features you expect out of a dishwasher in 2020.

For starters, there is a 12 place setting, which is ideal for households with a maximum of 4 members in it. The rack is removable which lets you fit in bigger utensils in the second rack.

There are 6 different wash programs, thus giving you full control of the temperature, wash time, water load, etc.

Just like the Midea Torrino dishwasher mentioned above, the Faber FFSD 6PR 12S Neo dishwasher also caters to the Indian buyers. This dishwasher can effectively remove harder oil stains, spice residues, food smells, etc.

Even energy efficiency is another key selling point of this dishwasher, which not only fetches you a lower electricity bill but also helps in reducing the overall carbon footprint of your home.

There is also a child lock feature, which locks any access to the settings and controls of the dishwasher so that your kids do not mess with the dishwasher unintentionally.

Voltas DF14SVoltas DF14S

Voltas DF14S Free Standing 14 Place Settings Dishwasher

Talking about the best dishwashers in India, the Voltas DF14S Free Standing 14 Place Setting dishwasher is another popular choice for buyers.

All the common features expected out a dishwasher in India in 2020 are present here as well. For the ₹44,900 that you spend on buying this product, you get a dishwasher that is sufficient enough for a family of a maximum of 5 members.

The removable rack in the Voltas DF14S dishwasher makes it quite easier to load and remove larger vessels. Any type of utensils that are ordinarily found in an Indian kitchen can be fit into this dishwasher without having to face any hassles.

Another key aspect of the Voltas DFS14S dishwasher is it’s 6 unique programs for dishwashing. Toggling through these modes let you set the washing temperature, the time needed to complete the washing, amount of water used, etc. thus giving you complete control on how the dishwasher actually functions.

Bosch SMS66GW01Bosch SMS66GW01

Bosch SMS66GW01l Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

An internationally popular brand for home appliances, Bosch also makes some high-quality dishwashers.

Among the best dishwashers in India is the Bosch SMS66GW01l Free Standing 12 Place Settings dishwasher which comes with a price tag of ₹40,000 on

Apart from a removable rack setup and 6 different wash controls that are optimized for the Indian kitchen use, there are several other great features as well.

To begin, there is the “Intensive Kadhai” program which is specially designed to ensure that even the toughest oil & masala stains are removed from the utensils. To ensure this, the water is heated to the maximum temperature while washing, to effectively remove any stains.

Another awesome feature of this Bosch dishwasher in India is that you do not have to pre-rinse the utensils before placing them inside the machine. There are sophisticated sensors inside the dishwasher that detects when there are tough stains on the utensils and automatically loosens the stains before beginning the actual wash.

The Bosch dishwasher ensures that your utensils are completely germ-free and hygienic once the washing is completed. To make this possible, the water is heated to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius which helps in killing up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs commonly found on utensils.

Also, once the washing is done, the inner walls of the machine are heated which efficiently dries all the surfaces of your utensils, thus you do not have to dry wipe the utensils after washing.

Which Dishwasher Should You Pick In 2020?

We have tried to include the best and top-rated dishwashers available in the Indian markets in 2020. Even though all the options listed here are great, the final decision on which dishwasher to choose actually depends on your preferences.

First of all, you need to be well aware of the budget you have to spend on buying a dishwasher. Secondly, you need to select a type of dishwasher that best suits your kitchen space in terms of looks and functionality.

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Finally, you need to pick the size and capacity of the dishwasher. The actual required capacity of the dishwasher for your kitchen depends on the average usage of utensils and other wares in your kitchen. If your kitchen work utilizes a lot of utensils and wares, then it is always a good idea to pick a larger dishwasher unit.

Once you have a clear picture of the above details, picking a dishwasher from the list provided above much more sensible and easier.

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