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Best Sewing Machines in India for Home Use



Best Sewing Machine

The phrase “best sewing machines in India” is a common search term for Indian users.

This is because sewing machines are common in Indian households and even if not professional tailors, most people know to sew in the country.

Even if not a professional tailor, a sewing machine at home can help you do simple alterations, make designs, and going with the current times, even make masks at home!

Just like any other home appliances these days, there are lots of options when it comes to sewing machines.


So, for the confused people out there with lots of sewing machine options to choose from, today we bring a list of the best sewing machines in India that you can buy in 2020.

What are the Different Types of Sewing Machines?

In most Indian homes, the type of sewing machine you can find are mechanical ones.

Even though outdated technology, most people prefer mechanical sewing machines because of their cheaper pricing.

If not mechanical machines, people also prefer electronic sewing machines as they are easier to use.

Before starting with the list of best sewing machines in India, here is a look at the different types of sewing machines out there.

    Mechanical Sewing Machine

    The mechanical sewing machines are manually operated ones, which are commonly found in the tailor shops and households. All the basic settings and operations are done manually by the user.

    Mechanical sewing machines are really popular because they are cheaper to buy and maintain in comparison to other types. Moreover, using mechanical sewing machines are also quite straightforward.

    The features of a mechanical sewing machine include presser feet, bottom loading bobbin, single stitch, adjustable stitch length, and adjustable tension.

    One common issue with these machines is that they aren’t suitable for sewing thick fabrics like leather or denim.

    Electric Sewing Machine

    The next most common type of sewing machines found in Indian households are electric sewing machines. As the name suggests, these sewing machines are electrically operated which makes them easier to use.

    Electric sewing machines are quite lighter in comparison to mechanical sewing machines, thus making it easier to move around.

    Even though electric sewing machines offer similar quality to their mechanical counterparts, they do require a bit more periodical maintenance than mechanical machines to work efficiently.

    One common misconception regarding electric sewing machines is that they consume too much electricity. However, the fact is that these machines do not consume as much electricity as the other household electronic appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, etc. that are commonly found in our houses.

    Computerized Sewing Machines

    The computerized sewing machines are among the most modern types of sewing machines. They can be connected to the world wide web, thus allowing users to load designs through a computer.

    These types of machines are widely used for industrial purposes where they need to manufacture clothing with a specific design in bulk.

    Unlike the other types of sewing machines listed above, the computerized sewing machines are quite bulky in size and hence cannot be moved around easily.

    As computerized sewing machines are designed for heavy-duty purposes, they can easily sew fabrics in large quantities in less time when compared to household sewing machines.

    Most computerized sewing machines have an autopilot mode, which when activated will control the stitching parameters to meet the goal of the stitching goals that are set on the machine.

    Embroidery Sewing Machines

    As the name indicates, embroidery sewing machines are specially designed to stitch designs and embroideries on fabrics.

    Even though almost any sewing machines can be used for embroidery work, these specialized embroidery sewing machines make the task much easier.

    Embroidery sewing machines and the computerized sewing machines mentioned above, both are expensive when compared to mechanical or electrical sewing machines.

    Overlocker Sewing Machines (Serger)

    The overlocker sewing machines are commonly called “Sergers” in India and these machines are used to sew overclocks (seams) onto fabrics. You can find the use of Sergers mainly for applying the finishing sewing touches to garments.

    Again, there are different types of Sergers depending on the type of overlock and fabric that you are going to work with. Sergers do not have much use when it comes to household stitching.

    One of the main reasons why they are not commonly found in Indian homes is because they are expensive machines which only makes sense to have in industrial environments.

    How to Select the Best Sewing Machine?

    Best Sewing Machine In INDIA

    Here are a few tips that will help you make sure that you are purchasing the best sewing machine in 2020.

    Decide On Your Budget

    The first and most important thing to do before actually selecting a sewing machine is to decide on the budget that you would like spending on a sewing machine.

    With a maximum budget set in mind, it will become quite easy for you to pick the options that meet your requirements and compare the different choices you have.

    Pick a Reputed Brand

    Sewing machines have lots of moving parts in them and if they are not manufactured/assembled properly, they will get damaged pretty quickly.

    To ensure that you are getting a high-quality sewing machine for the money spent, make sure to always pick a sewing machine from a reputed brand.

    You can also find generic brands selling sewing machines for much cheaper prices than the well-known brands. However, with the generic offerings, you are definitely compromising on the quality and longevity of the machine.

    Understand the Type of Stitch Required

    There are sewing machines that offer different types of stitches such as straight stitch, zigzag stitch, buttonhole stitch, etc. The stitch type requirement will vary depending on what your finished product will be.

    Hence, it is important to make sure that you pick a sewing machine that has the stitching type(s) as required by your project.

    Look for Additional Features

    Once you find a couple of sewing machines that fit your budget constraints as well as your sewing requisites, you can then filter the machines based on the additional features that they provide.

    Features such as needle threader, adjustable speed control, lighting, automated thread cutter, etc. can be really useful to efficiently complete your stitching projects.

    Compare the Reviews About the Product

    Last but not the least, you should never forget to research about what existing customers have to say about the sewing machine that you are about to buy. You can find reviews about the particular machine you are planning to buy from online sources.

    Also, make sure to check multiple sources for review to be sure that the user responses you hear are genuine.

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    By following the above tips, you can definitely pick a sewing machine that is perfect for the price that you are planning to spend, not just in terms of quality but in terms of features as well.

    Best Sewing Machines to Buy in 2020 in India

    Here’s a look at the best sewing machines in India that you can purchase through Flipkart and Amazon India in 2020.

    Singer FM 1408 Promise Electric Sewing Machine

    Singer Fm 1408

    Long back, the Singer brand was synonymous with sewing machines in India. Thanks to the growing competition in the sewing machines market of India, Singer has brought in some really appealing models lately.

    The Singer FM 1408 Promise is one such model. This is an electric sewing machine, which makes it even more appealing to the buyers.

    The machine is capable of 750 SPM (Sews Per Minute) with maximum stitch width and length of 5mm and 4mm respectively.

    You can purchase the Singer FM 1408 Promise Electric Sewing Machine through Flipkart for just ₹6,799.

    For the price you pay, you are given a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer which is a great bonus.

    Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Sewing Machine

    Multi Electric Mini 4

    For anyone searching for an affordable sewing machine, this is a great choice and comes with a price tag of ₹1,499 on Amazon India.

    The only downside of this sewing machine is that thick fabrics such as velvet, denim, etc. cannot be stitched.

    Apart from that, this is a great choice for a household sewing machine that fits almost every household stitching need and is compact as well.

    The machine comes with a two-speed control and double threads, thus allowing you to sew sleeves quickly and easily.

    IMPREX Mini Portable Sewing Machine


    If you are looking for an ultra-portable sewing machine that doesn’t break your bank, then the IMPREX Mini Portant Sewing Machine is what you should go for.

    Priced at ₹479, not only is this sewing machine super-cheap but is also ultra-portable. So portable in fact that you can carry it around in your hand.

    This sewing machine is aimed at people who need a sewing machine for emergency and smaller stitching repairs, which would be quite expensive and time consuming to fix from a tailor shop.

    The machine itself is designed like a stapler, so using it is really easy with no much prior skills required.

    Usha Umang Manual Sewing Machine

    Usha Umang

    Just like Singer, Usha is also an old-school sewing machine manufacturer that is popular even in current times.

    Usha not only manufactures sewing machines but other home appliances such as mixer grinders, fans, etc. as well. So, the Usha brand is very familiar to most Indians.

    This machine has a sewing speed of 850SPM and can do 1 stitch at a time.

    Even though old-school, the Usha Umang Manual Sewing Machine comes with a price tag of ₹4,800.

    Yes, they are not cheap. But considering that these manual sewing machines last pretty much forever if taken care of properly, there is nothing to complain about.

    You are also given a cover for the sewing machine, which is a really great addition to protect your machine while moving it around.

    There is a 1-year manufacturer warranty on this product offered by Usha. The warranty also covers on-site service, which means that once you raise a complaint, an engineer from Usha will visit the site and repair your machine.

    Singer Promise 1412 Electric Sewing Machine

    Stinger Promise 1412

    Another popular sewing machine model from Singer, the Singer Promise 1412 Electric Sewing machine can be bought for ₹9,399 from Flipkart in India.

    This sewing machine is capable of sewing at a speed of 750 stitches per minute. There are 12 different inbuilt sewing modes that you can choose from, which includes 5 basic modes, 3 decorative modes, an auto buttonhole stitch mode, and 3 stretch mode.

    You are also provided with an additional 18 stitch functions which allow you to get creative with your stitching works.

    The Singer Promise 1412 also comes with an easy threading path, which helps you in saving a lot of time which otherwise would be spent on threading. The “Stitch Selection Dial” featured on the sewing machine lets you easily switch between stitching modes without having to face any hassles.

    Another great feature of this sewing machine is its adjustable stitch length, which helps you to make sure that the seams are always strong thus preventing any chances of fabric bunching.

    The machine frame of the Singer Promise 1412 is made out of durable metal which helps not only with the longevity of the machine itself, but also ensures that the sewing machine stays stable when you are working with it.

    The presser foot lifter of this sewing machine is raised slightly, thus allowing users to even fit thick fabric without applying too much pressure on the machine. Also, the presser footer has a “snap-on” feature which allows easy switching of the presser feet depending on your requirements while stitching.

    You can also find an “Automatic Reverse Lever” with this sewing machine that lets you conveniently sew in reverse, thus allowing you to improve the strength of your fabric stitching.

    Final Words On Best Sewing Machines In India

    We’ve tried to go in-depth about sewing machines in this article.

    Instead of just providing you with a list of the top sewing machines to buy, we also introduced you to the different sewing machine types out there, tips to properly maintain a sewing machine, and tips on how to pick the best sewing machine for your money.

    So, out of the sewing machines we suggested, which one are you going with?

    Also, did we miss any great sewing machine options available in India currently?

    Do mention your comments below.

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