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Best EDC Backpack To Buy For Daily Carry In 2021



Best EDC Backpacks

Are you in search of the best EDC backpack to buy?

Most of us carry quite a lot of stuff even during daily commuting. Wallets, smartphones, laptops, documents, headphones, etc. are now common everyday things for a lot of us.

Carrying all this stuff on a daily basis in our pockets can quickly become really difficult and even frustrating.

In such situations, carrying an EDC backpack is the best option. Gone are the days when you had to carry boring backpacks to carry your everyday items.

Nowadays, you can find cool-looking EDC backpacks. Not just cool in terms of looks, but also there are different types of EDC backpacks you can choose depending on the type of items you carry or your style choices.

If you’re in search of the best EDC backpack 2020, then today we are here with a detailed list on the same.

We have included the best EDC backpacks in different categories, so regardless of the type of EDC backpack you’re planning to buy, you can find the best EDC bag suggestions on our list.

What Is An EDC Backpack?

Everyday Carry backpacks or EDC backpacks as they’re commonly called, are bags designed for daily use.

EDC backpacks need to be lightweight, comfortable, durable, and offer enough compartments to be called a functional accessory to be carried on a daily basis.

Even though the basic concept of an EDC is to be comfortable and functional, the type of functionality they offer to the user depends on the type of backpack.

For example, there are tactical backpacks for EDC, non-tactical EDC backpack, EDC travel backpack, waterproof EDC backpack, non-tactical EDC backpack, etc.

Also, there are backpacks for everyday carry available in different price ranges.

How To Choose An EDC Backpack?

Even though picking a backpack might sound an easy task, if you do not choose the right one that fits your requirement, then the backpack will become an additional accessory to carry every day and won’t really add anything to ease up your lifestyle.

For those confused on how to choose an everyday carry backpack, below are some tips that can really help you make the right choice.

  • Water-repelling/Waterproofing: If you live in a rainy area, then owning a water-repelling daily backpack should be your first priority.Backpacks without waterproof coating get damaged quite easily in comparison to waterproofed options.With the help of waterproof coating, you can comfortably carry the backpack everywhere you go regardless of the weather.
  • Compartment sizes: Another important feature of an everyday carry backpack is its compartment sizes.Most of us carry smartphones, tablets, laptops, chargers, documents, goggles, etc. in our backpacks. Hence it is essential to make sure that the backpack that we carry around can comfortably fit those items without damaging them.So, while picking a backpack, make sure to select one that can easily fit all the daily essentials that you carry around.
  • Laptop compatibility: Laptop is among the most expensive gadgets that most of us carry around on an everyday basis.The issue with laptops is that they vary in screen sizes and overall dimensions. So when you purchase an everyday carry backpack, the laptop need not fit comfortably in it.If you do not buy a backpack that properly fits your laptop, it can at the end damage your laptop and make it really difficult to carry around your laptop.The first thing you need to consider while picking an everyday carry backpack that fits your laptop is the screen size and dimensions of your laptop.For instance, if you own a laptop that has a 15.6-inch display and a backpack that can only fit a 13-inch laptop, you won’t be able to carry the laptop at all.So, while picking a backpack for your laptop, make sure the dimensions also align properly.
  • Weight: Having a lightweight backpack is really important to be able to carry it comfortably on a daily basis. When you’re planning to purchase an EDC backpack, its weight should be a primary concern.When buying an EDC backpack online, you can easily find its weight information in the description. So, make sure to pick one with the least weight so that it doesn’t feel really heavy even with your essentials in it.
  • Straps: As you’ll be always carrying the backpack on your shoulders, having comfortable shoulder straps is a very important requirement. Most backpacks have really narrow shoulder straps and with less padding, which makes it quite difficult to wear for a long time.Thus it is best that you pick a backpack that has a wider shoulder strap and with ample padding so that its weight doesn’t hurt your shoulders or spine.
  • Zippers: Even though zippers are one of the most important elements of a backpack, most options out there don’t have good quality zippers.Most backpack zippers get damaged easily and even though they are commonly repairable, it is a good idea to pick a backpack with good quality zippers to ensure longevity.

Best EDC Backpack To Buy In 2021

As we mentioned above, there are everyday carry backpacks for different kinds of use scenarios.

Best EDC Backpack To Buy In 2021

To help you out, in this article we have mentioned some of the best backpacks for daily carry in different categories.

NOMATIC Backpack

If you’re looking for the most popular everyday carry backpacks, then look no further than the NOMATIC backpack. Designed to be carried daily, this backpack is made using a water-resistant and durable material that ensures longevity.You can get the NOMATIC EDC backpack in various sizes from 20litres up to 24litres.The strap on this backpack also lets you carry it as a backpack and the YKK zippers used to ensure that water/dust doesn’t enter your backpack under ordinary scenarios.You can buy the NOMATIC everyday backpack from their official website for $249.99 by clicking here.

Vertx EDC GAMUT 2.0 Backpack:

If you are in search of an EDC backpack for concealed carry, then the Vertx GAMUT 2.0 is among the most popular choices.Just like NOMATIC, Vertx is also a very reputable backpack manufacturer and their products are available globally.GAMUT 2.0 is perfect for carrying everyday essentials like a laptop, water bottle, etc. and their gear sleeves ensure that all the items inside the backpack stay put in their place in an organized way.There are also external pockets and slots available to keep your chargers, cables, power banks, etc. safe within the bag.The Vertx GAMUT 2.0 backpack is also aimed at people who carry their weapons around. There is a concealed weapon-compatible carry section with a rapid access pull tab and loop lining.The backpack has bonded nylon thread that goes through the seams for better durability. The YKK zippers used are quiet and self-repairing, thus boosting longevity.You can buy the Vertx GAMUT 2.0 backpack for $214.99 from their official website here.

Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0: Backpack

Lots of people are looking for awesome-looking urban everyday backpacks. For those people, the Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 is a great choice.Under Armour is famous for apparel and accessories. With Adult Hustle 4.0, the company targets urban EDC lovers.With over 40 color combinations to choose from and an urban design, this backpack will definitely satisfy most buyers in terms of looks.When it comes to functionality, the backpack is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane with textile lining. The UA Storm technology used ensures durability and water-resistance as well as resistance to abrasion in the bottom part of the backpack.Adjustable shoulder straps and a generous amount of padding make it really comfortable to carry the backpack around without any aches.There is also a laptop sleeve that can house up to a 15-inch laptop comfortably and other pockets as well to carry everyday essentials without any hassle.The Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 is available officially on

Heimplanet Original Backpack

For the minimalism lovers out there, the Heimplanet Original backpack is one of the best minimal EDC backpacks out there.The design of this backpack is clean and simple on the outside, but it doesn’t really lack in terms of functionality.500D Cordura Nylon 6.6 used to build this backpack along with PU laminated YKK zippers makes it a breeze to carry around on a daily basis. The material used also ensures that the backpack is lightweight as it only weighs 500grams.The backpack can fit a laptop up to 15-inch screen size and there are several compartments and pockets to carry other essentials.If you wish to add more compartments, then you can use the fittable pouches from Heimplanet to improve functionality.You can purchase the Heimplanet Original Monolith minimal backpack from for $119.95 by clicking here.

City Adventurer Backpack:

Are you looking for the best women’s EDC backpack that is chic looking and functional?Then the City Adventurer backpack is the answer.Whether it be work or gym, the City Adventurer backpack is designed to fit for all purposes. Water-repellent fabric is used to build the backpack, thus ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged easily and that it’s easy to clean the backpack.The City Adventurer backpack can comfortably fit 17litres of luggage and has expandable pockets that can be resized depending on the items you’re carrying.You can fit a 15-inch laptop in this bag and there is also a quick-access pocket to carry your mobile phone, ensuring that your phone is accessible always.The straps are reinforced for better comfort even while carrying maximum capacity on the bag.The City Adventurer backpack is available for just $128.00 on and can be bought by clicking here.

Incase ICON Slim Backpack

We carry a lot of stuff while going to work and to be able to carry them without any hassle is a dream for all.Well, dream no more as the Incase ICON Slim backpack is among the best EDC backpacks for work.Even though the backpack has the word “slim” in its naming, it is actually really spacious on the inside. Also, the design is mostly minimalistic thus appealing to a wider section of buyers.There are dedicated compartments to fit your laptop, tablet, smartphones, and other accessories without having to cram all of them together.You can carry up to a 16-inch laptop inside the dedicated compartment. The compartment itself is fully protected with padding and faux-fur to ensure that it stays comfortably inside and doesn’t attract any scratches.Woolenex, which is a polyester-based ultra-durable fabric, is used in the construction of this backpack. Hence, you do not have to worry at all about the longevity of the bag.The Incase ICON Slim backpack is priced at $149.95 and can be bought from by clicking here.

Think Tank 7286 Retrospective 5 V2.0 Backpack

What about everyday carry backpacks for camera users?The Think Tain 7286 Retrospective 5 V2.0 is the best EDC camera backpack available out there.Well, the name is quite lengthy for this one, but so is its popularity.Almost every camera user, both professionals as well as amateurs, use this product to safely carry around their camera and related equipment.Just as expected from an everyday carry backpack for a camera, this backpack has separate compartments to fit the camera, lens, and related gear.Even though not suitable for high-end cameras with long lens units and accessories, if you have a DSLR and a small lens setup, you can easily carry them around using this backpack.Apart from the high-quality built and reliable material, another highlight feature of the Think Tank 7286 Retrospective 5 V2.0 EDC backpack for the camera is that it only weighs 0.9 kilograms, thus making it very convenient to carry around.There is also a single shoulder strap provided so that you don’t have to always hold the backpack and can carry it on your shoulder.You can purchase the Think Tank 7286 Retrospective 5 V2.0 camera backpack for $149.74 from by clicking here.

Final Words

We hope you found our list of the best EDC backpacks for daily use helpful. If we missed out any of your favorite EDC backpack options, feel free to mention them as comments below.

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