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Best Gaming ROMs – Custom ROMs for Android




Best Gaming ROMs for Android completely makes sense in 2020, considering the capabilities of modern devices.

To enjoy the best possible gaming experience on Android, the best way is to flash a custom ROM with gaming optimizations.

Yes, most phones have a “Game Mode” these days, which basically just limits the network activity and increases RAM availability.

Regardless of whether your device has a “Game Mode” or not, installing a gaming ROM is a great idea for avid gamers.

To help you out, today we bring a list of the best gaming ROMs for Android in 2020.

What To Know Before Flashing a Gaming ROM?

Before proceeding, here are a few points that you should know:

  • You have to unlock the bootloader, root your Android device, and install a custom recovery before flashing any ROM.
  • Rooting of Android devices voids its warranty unless your manufacturer supports rooting.
  • There are lots of rooting guides on the internet. Only follow genuine guides.
  • You should only follow guides about unlocking the bootloader, rooting, and installing custom recovery that is specific for your model of Android device.
  • We are not responsible for any hazards caused on your device during any of the processes required to install a custom ROM.

Best Gaming ROMs in 2020

  1. Corvus OS v9.5 EndGame:
    The Corvus ROM or Corvus OS Endgame, as it is popularly known, is a fairly new custom ROM for Android.
    The latest Corvus OS version was released in September 2020, which is quite recent.
    Currently, Corvus OS for Android is considered the best gaming ROM.
    The ROM is well-optimized at the code-level to offer a lag-free navigation and gaming experience on all supported hardware.
    Moreover, for users who also try custom kernels on Android, the Corvus OS ROM also works efficiently with all supported custom kernels.
    Apart from the backend optimization done to improve the overall gaming experience, the ROM also features several gamer-friendly features like the FPS meter display on the screen, inbuilt screen recorder, etc.
    Apart from impressive gameplay experience, the optimizations that are done also improves the battery life drastically compared to OEM skins.
  2. Pixel Experience:
    Fans of the look, feel, and experience on Pixel devices always choose Pixel Experience ROM.
    But, neither Pixel devices nor the software running on those handsets is well-known for their gaming abilities.
    Then what makes the Pixel Experience an Android ROM for gamers?
    Anyone can experience a stellar gaming experience when the unwanted animations, bloatware, and unnecessary features are removed from the device.
    All these additions on an Android device consume hardware resources, which in turn hinders the gaming experience that one can get.
    And what better solution is there than the Pixel Experience ROM to clean up your Android device.
    Not just hardware performance boost, Pixel Experience also includes GCam support, exclusive Pixel wallpapers, and other features that are otherwise only found on Google devices.
  3. AOSP Extended:
    The AOSP Extended ROM is yet another option that removes everything unnecessary to help improve the overall hardware performance of your device.
    AOSP Extended is built directly using the source of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is the foundation of every Android skin and OS.
    This ROM has been around for a while, thus fixing most performance issues and bugs on the way.
    So, you can experience a very stable and bug-free experience with AOSP Extended.
    Another great feature of AOSP Extended is the developer support.
    New releases with improved stability and performance are released frequently, thus making you stay hooked to the ROM.
  4. Resurrection Remix OS:
    The Resurrection Remix OS custom Android ROM is around since Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Since then, the ROM is refined with each release to offer an experience that is true to the nature of Android.
    However, Resurrection Remix OS does not lack color when it comes to features.
    You get to experience all the latest and greatest Android features, including gaming optimizations.
    For anyone seeking a custom gaming ROM for Android that doesn’t lack features, has frequent updates, and has great community support, Resurrection Remix is the way to go.
  5. Arrow OS:
    For anyone preferring a decluttered Android user experience, Arrow OS is a great choice.
    However, the backend optimizations make Arrow OS among the best gaming ROM for Android.
    Arrow OS brings in a similar feel to the Pixel Experience ROM but with more customization options.
    This custom gaming ROM for Android is also lightweight in system resource usage, thus giving a boost to gaming performance.
  6. crDroid:
    In this list, you may have seen a trend common to all ROMs.
    Almost all of them have a clean stock Android experience.
    This is because what hinders the true possibility of Android hardware is indeed the custom software, bloatware, and features that OEMs include in their devices.
    So, for the best gaming experience, all the unwanted features need to be removed.
    That’s what the crDroid ROM does exactly on your device.
    With crDroid, you can experience the features that people love in stock Android.
    The ROM is also free of bugs, and even if you encounter any bugs, frequent ROM updates ensure that those issues will be fixed quickly.
    With crDroid, the RAM management isn’t as aggressive like on some devices, so you can multitask and game easily.
    Also, battery life is also improved on most Android devices after flashing the crDroid custom gaming ROM.

Best Gaming ROMs: Which One to Choose?

With the selection given above, which one should you actually choose.

All the ROMs mentioned in this list are actually great for gaming as they declutter the software and improve hardware performance.

However, which one of the best gaming ROMs for Android you need to pick depends on your preferences.

Even though all the ROMs will offer similar gaming performance, the other software features may differ.

Luckily, as all the ROMs are free to run on compatible Android devices, you can easily go through each of them and pick the one that suits you most.

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