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Here Are the Best Rabbit Alternatives to Check Out in 2020!



Best Rabbit Alternatives (or Rabbit, as it’s popularly known) is a video streaming platform to stream content remotely. Rabbit’s highlight is that multiple users can stream the same content remotely without having to be in the same room.

The Rabbit software was initially launched back in 2013 and was only available for Mac users. However, the company later launched a website platform for all to enjoy the features of Subsequently, an Android application was also released.

Despite its great features, the company had to close down in 2019 due to financial issues., one of Rabbit’s competitors, bought the company. Despite the new home, existing users did not prefer the new Kast platform and chose to move on to other best Rabbit alternatives.

Are you among the lovers who want to stream content remotely with friends and family but don’t prefer

Well, for those searching the best Rabbit alternatives, here comes the best Rabbit alternatives in 2020 worth checking out.

Top 7 Best Rabbit Alternatives in 2020


If you used Rabbit primarily to stream YouTube videos with friends/family remotely, then ShareTube’s the best option you got.

As you may guess from the name, ShareTube is a YouTube video streaming platform, and that’s pretty much it. ShareTube lacks most features provided by, but, considering it as a free remote YouTube streaming tool, none can complain.

Using ShareTube is a no-nonsense straightforward approach. Once you launch the official ShareTube website, you can either “Make a Room” or “Join a Room”. After creating/making a room, you can share the room link with others for them to join the room.

The experience of streaming YouTube content using ShareTube is exceptional. The playback of video and audio syncs properly for all the viewers in the room without any issues. Moreover, the inbuilt chat support allows viewers to text each other and discuss the content that they are watching.

The only downside with ShareTube is that it only supports YouTube. So, you can’t play content from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. using this platform. However, for anyone looking to stream YouTube videos, as we mentioned above, nothing gets better than ShareTube.

Netflix Party

Another addition to the best Rabbit alternatives in 2020 is Netflix Party, which is basically ShareTube for Netflix users. If ShareTube supports only YouTube, in the case of Netflix Party, it only supports the streaming of Netflix content.

With Netflix Party, you can stream Netflix content with any of your friends, family, colleague, etc. without facing any issues. The video and audio are synchronized for all users, so none of them will face any audio or video delay. Moreover, the included group chat feature allows everyone in a single streaming party to interact with each other. Apart from the group chat feature, other features include support for GIFs, emojis, etc.

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension. So, to use Netflix Party and its features, everyone must download and install the extension on their Google Chrome browser.

Once installed, you can launch and login to the Netflix website on Google Chrome and then pick the content to live stream. Then, you can create a Netflix Party and invite others to join the streaming. If you wish to join a Netflix Party, then you can ask the invite from the host and join.

Amazon Watch Party

For Amazon Prime users seeking something with the features of Rabbit, Amazon Watch Party is the answer.

With Amazon Watch Party, up to 100 people can watch content together at once. However, all of the members in a watch party must be Amazon Prime members. Moreover, not all videos within Amazon Prime Video aren’t supported by this service either.

To find videos that support the Amazon Watch Party service, navigate to the video that you would like to stream using the service and look out for a “Watch Party” button. If you can find the “Watch Party” button, then the video you selected supports Amazon Watch Party. 

Once you find such a video, click on the “Watch Party” button and enter a nickname for yourself in the watch party and then click on “Create Watch Party”. You can then find the link to share with others under the “Settings” area.


MetaStream is another application that is listed among the best Rabbit alternatives. This platform utilizes the WebRTC (Web-based Real-Time Communication) peer to peer connection technology to allow users to stream online content with others through the internet.

The advantage of MetaStream over the options mentioned above is that it allows you to stream content from different platforms, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Twitch. You can find MetaStream add-on and extension for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers respectively. You can also run MetaStream on the Chromium browser as well. 

Using the MetaStream platform to view content is pretty straightforward. Everyone interested to join a video party downloads and installs the MetaStream add-on/extension in their web browser, one of the member creates a video party and invites the others using a link, all the members join and the host can then begin the video playback,

Apart from allowing users to stream synced audio and video content together, the MetaStream platform also offers several features. For starters, there is a real-time chat option for people within the stream. Also, watch sessions can either be public, private, or even offline. You can add content in the queue so that they automatically start playing when the existing video gets over. Other features include the ability for admins to kick any viewer out of the watch party, admin privilege to assign playback permissions to individual viewers in the party, etc.


If you do not use any OTT platform and if you want to watch video content stored in your PC with others remotely, then Syncplay is the best tool for the task. Syncplay is open-source software that lets you play content stored locally on your PC with others remotely. Syncplay supports VLC, MPC-HC, and MPC-BE media players and the host/viewers need not use the same media players.

Not just locally stored videos, but you can also play online videos that are supported by the YouTube-dl using this software. Other features of this software include chat support, auto-pause of video playback whenever a participant gets disconnected, and also the ability to either use Syncplay servers to stream the content or create a server of your own.

As Syncplay is a software that lets you play locally hosted content, there are some configuration steps required to use the software. Below is how to configure and use Syncplay easily.

  1. Download and install Syncplay on your computer. For Linux OS, the software is available as an AppImage. You also need to have either VLC, MPC-HC, MPV, or MPC-BE media player installed on your system.
  2. Now, launch the Syncplay software where you will have to provide a server address, server password, server username, and default room info.
  3. Server Address: This is the address of the server for hosting the video party. All viewers of a single party must enter the same server address. If you are using a public Syncplay server, then it is recommended that you do not use port 8995 or port 8999 as lots of people use these two ports.
  4. Server Password: This refers to the password of your local server. You need to provide this only if you are using a private server. In case you are using a public Syncplay server, you can leave this field blank.
  5. Username: This is the name you wish to give yourself in the chatroom during the video playback session.
  6. Default Room: This value needs to be the room name. Only viewers having the same room name will be hosted in a single room for a video watching party. You need to remember that default room names are case sensitive, and to avoid strangers joining your streaming session while on a public server, try giving a complex room name in the Default Room field.
  7. Path to Media Player: Here you need to provide the installed path of the media player on which you wish to play the content while streaming. Each participant can provide their own preferred media player path in this field, provided that it is supported by Syncplay.
  8. Once all the above details are entered, click on the button that says “Store configuration and run Syncplay”.
  9. Now, the media player that you configured in step 7 will automatically launch, and you will also enter the server that you configured by following the other steps mentioned above.

And that is all. You have now successfully created/joined a watch party using Syncplay. To start synchronized streaming, all you need to do is to drag and drop the video of your choice to the top of your media player.


The Watch2gether platform is yet another popular listing among the best Rabbit alternatives list that allows you to stream online content with your friends remotely. With Watch2gether, not only do you get a lag-free synchronized audio and video streaming experience, but also allows you to stay connected with your friends, family, or colleagues while watching content together.

The integrated chat room provided by Watch2gether allows you to chat with others in the same watch party as yours. There is also webcam and voice support so that you can see and talk to others in your room. Talking about supported platforms, you can watch content from YouTube, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, and Vimeo using Watch2gether.

To start using Watch2gether, all you need to do is to visit the official Watch2gether website, register for an account, and then create a room. While creating a room, enter the URL of the content that you wish to stream. Once a room is created, share the invite link with others for them to join the watch party.


Yet another awesome option for the best Rabbit alternatives, TwoSeven also offers features that are present commonly in all the other platforms mentioned above in this list. You can watch movies, shows, and other online content together with friends using TwoSeven, and moreover, this platform also supports realtime video and voice chat functionalities.

TwoSeven also efficiently handles video synchronization, thus none of the parties watching in the same room will have any issues with content sync amongst themselves.

What sets TwoSeven apart from the rest of the competition is its support for OTT platforms. Almost all the popular content streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney +, Hulu, Vimeo, HBO Max, etc. are supported thus offering users a wide variety of content to choose from.

TwoSeven is also extremely easy to get started with. All you need to do is launch the official TwoSeven website on your web browser, create an account, then create a room. Once a room is created, share the room URL with others with whom you wish to host a watch party. You can then add the URL to the content you wish to play within the TwoSeven website and begin watching.

Which Among the Best Rabbit Alternatives Should You Pick?

In today’s world where we would love to watch movie with friends, family, etc. but cannot, platforms similar to can be quite helpful.

As you can probably guess, we have included the best Rabbit alternatives that cater to different audiences.

Regardless of whether you use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, or any other video streaming application, there exists a Rabbit alternative for you.

So, the alternative for you to pick from the above list actually depends on the streaming service you use.

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