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Blogger Alternatives Free 2020 – Free Blogging Platforms



Blogger Alternatives

A blog allows anyone to write or publish anything, from anywhere, making it immediately available for many people across the world. Blogging is keeping oneself uniquely ‘alive.’

Welcome to the world of chaos with vitality. Blogging sites are a platform where a writer can share his or her views on any specific topic. Today in the world of e-commerce, when product or service has become digitized, the primary purpose of a blog is to connect a business to its relevant target audience. On the other hand, it requires boosting the traffic of the website send quality leads to it.

Again, the frequency combined with the blog posts’ quality will increase the chances of the website being found and visited by the relevant target audience. A blog being an efficient lead generation tool, add a great CTA to the content, the brand’s niche, and start building the brand. Blogging works very well when the brand is young and relatively unknown.  

What Is Blogger Alternatives?

When one has great content to share, there is a need for an excellent platform to match the content. The platform should be such that it grabs attention, and people can find it easy to like, share, or comment on social media.

How to start a blog? While starting a blog, a few questions need an answer, like how to create fantastic content, arrange the blog posts together strategically and efficiently, and reach your content to the masses. For beginners, writing tips is an excellent place to start.


There are a vast number of blogging tools on the internet that help with the idea of how to start a blog with keywords, content ideas, and help to spread the content across the world. They are the blogging sites. Nowadays, a horde of blogger alternatives is available to make you understand how to start a blog.

Creating a personal blog requires a new blogger to take a few steps. First of all, a person has to decide the name for the blog, also known as a domain name. Secondly, he or she has to choose the best blogging sites for meeting all their requirements. Next is the self-hosted platform choice, where there are a lot of choices available nowadays.

After the choice of a blogging sites, the next step is to choose a hosting web service. For new bloggers, Bluehost – a company that powers over 2 million websites worldwide is the best web hosting service. A new blogger can also get a free domain name if they sign up with them and choose any other service if this doesn’t satisfy them. 

3 Blogger Alternatives For Starting A Blog

Imagine having your little corner of the web where you can share your feelings your innermost thoughts, or you can build your brand even.

Anyone who wishes to start a blog and keep it updated regularly will find a best free blogging platform a perfect way to get that little corner of the web for themselves. The focus is now on social media, but then too, a blog remains in the memory for years. It is permanent. Social media can also try to restrict one’s expressions, but when you’re writing a blog, the pen seems to flow with the thoughts without worrying about character counts or any other curtailment. 

Find your own space on the web with one of the best free blogging platforms alternatives for starting a blog. Also, these platforms are updated regularly.



One of the longest-running best free blogging platforms on the web is blog logger. It is a free platform.

It is a free platform. ‘Blogger’ is a very decent blogging service from Google. One is required to sign in using their Google ID and have the blog running in a few seconds. One can customize the blogs using new themes as per one’s fancy. A little alert about the Google service is that many times the company abruptly shuts somethings down, which the millions of people use extensively. So be alert and be a touch wary. 



WordPress blog is the popular and best free blogging platforms on the web.

The popularity of WordPress makes it cover almost one-third of the internet. An immensely powerful blogging platform, WordPress may be a bit difficult for beginners to use. But once you are accustomed to its use, you can easily create a blog with the right amount of customization. WordPress blog signup is a single-click install provided by most of the web hosts. You can also visit for further information. WordPress is a perfect mix of power, usability, and customization. The best part is that you get a lot of WordPress tutorials and free WordPress themes for getting started.



Tumbler is one of the most accessible free blog platforms to use.

If one compares Tumblr with WordPress and Twitter, it seems like a mix between both. But Tumblr offers more scope than the Twitter platform, whereas it offers a compact output as against WordPress. One can easily customize the themes on it. One can access Tumblr from any device. As Tumblr has a strong social undercurrent, it has recently announced a ban on adult content, which is quite controversial. 

Best 8 Blogger Alternatives For Your Blog In 2020

Blogging sites or platforms stimulates people to share their experiences, thoughts, views, and opinions over the last decade. Many users want to start and keep their diaries updated every day. Writing a creative blog is always supported by its relevant audience. The year 2020 seems to find a surge in people opting for blogging. Let us explore some of the best blogger alternatives for blogging in 2020.


Wix blog is a popular and the best free blogging platform. Wix blog is a free website builder that can be managed by the user at the front-end. The best characteristic of Wix is that it has a drag and drop feature created with HTML 5. 

Another best thing about Wix blog is that it has free hosting along with different free and premium layouts, templates, and themes which are useful for different purposes.

While starting a blog on Wix blog, one has to sign up and choose whether the person wants the Wix AI to create a site or build the blog themselves. If one wants to build a blog on their own, they need to select a beautiful template and customize it in a live preview mode. What’s more, one gets a 500MB and 1GB bandwidth with a free Wix account. 


Medium is a multipurpose platform. But it is also one of the best free blogging platforms for 2020. Medium is the brainchild of the founders of ‘Twitter.’ It is best for long-reads what was once known as microblogging. It is sombre and polished, blogging with a streamline experience. One of Medium’s most significant advantages is that the articles are exposed to a broader audience as around 60 lac readers per month visit the platform with an increase every year. 

Medium is simple enough to use. One needs to sign up and start writing. Although whatever one writes is socially oriented and stays on the platform of Medium itself, without one’s own little space on the web. But if a person wants customization and control over what he or she writes, they need to look out for other platforms. 


Weebly is another website builder that is useful for blogging and to showcase the business portfolio to sell products. It is somewhat similar to Wix blog with the simple drag and drops feature. It enables one to create new pages quickly. Weebly provides features like media boxes, sidebars, forms, social media icons, ad spaces, newsletter subscription, and many more. Also, the platform comes with built-in analytics. It also has a payable customize domain. However, with the free plan, one gets five custom pages and a Weebly subdomain plus 500 MB storage and ad spaces.


Joomla is a popular platform for blogging, especially for those who want to write a simple and personal blog with a customizable and self-hosted domain. An open-source software content management system Joomla is immensely powerful and flexible, just like It can be useful to build any website or write a blog. Joomla has a flexible interface both for websites as well as blogs. It uses HTML for objects or arrays of data with Bootstrap for perfectly responsive designs.

Joomla is a bit old-school type using an editor similar to Microsoft Word. It allows one to choose the font, colour, size, emoticon, tables, and background. Joomla editor is a tabbed version where the first tab is a classic texting window, and then one can switch the tab to select the post category, date, tags, meta description, keywords, etc. 


Yola is also one of the best free blogging platforms. It has flexible layouts and avoids third-party ads. It’s easy to start blogging with Yola. One can choose from a dozen of customizable templates, flexible layouts, and SEO friendly design. It comprises of a simple one-click web publishing, reliable hosting, support resources, contact forms, Google map integration, embedding YouTube videos, localization in up to six languages as well as drag and drop widgets to put together a beautiful blog. A skilful Blogger can also edit the content using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to fine-tune its look. 

With Yola, however, there is a limit to blogging. With a free plan, a person gets only two sites and three web pages with a good one GB of storage and bandwidth. Thus, the site remains clean without any third-party ads.  


Ghost is a most powerful blogging sites or platform where one can create an online blog or publication. It is open-source software with a suite of publishing tools. Ghost uses the modern-day technology of stack along with components of JavaScript, Android, and stack overflow. It is empowered by an extensible rich editor that allows a blogger to create content with tools like images, embeds and videos, and markdown.

The content management of Ghost is very flexible. A blogger can write a blog of any type, belonging to any category, section, format, or flow to suit the needs of the blogger, including custom home pages, URL structures, and the multi-language content. The Ghost has completely optimized distribution channels, which means that if the content is published once and then, it can be distributed anywhere. The content is set up to be discovered by the readers in several ways. 


Contentful is one of the best free blogging platforms with an API-first approach. It means that here on Contentful, the bloggers can store their content on the server and use it either to design or to post on any other platform. Contentful enables a blogger to build a completely different site every few years as it’s easy to bring the content back and reuse it due to storage in their servers.  

Contentful is a content infrastructure platform. Here content can be generated, organized as well as allocated to any platform. Contentful also provides appropriate freedom to create a personal content model. The final products are delivered here much faster as the developers and the editors work simultaneously. Creating Contentful was to help the professional developers create good programmable content by overcoming the drawbacks of CMSes designed only to manage the page-centric websites. 


Jekyll is a simple static HTML website site useful for posting the blog. GitHub is the engine behind Jekyll. All the content on Jekyll is hosted and version-controlled on GitHub. Jekyll’s goal is to eliminate the complexity of other blogging platforms so that it creates a workflow that allows the blogger to write and behave like a hacker. Jekyll is powered by text files only. It takes raw text files, gets it written in markdown passes them through some templates, and can turn them into a completely static site. GitHub helps conveniently serve the website directly from their servers so that the person doesn’t have to deal with any hosting. 

To make a blog with Jekyll, however, one needs to work using specialized software like databases, upgrades, etc. In case something goes wrong, one can start building something again from the beginning. 


After viewing all of the above websites, the next step is to work on your blog content to write content that will satisfy and engage the future readers enough to revisit the blog. A new blogger can also go through an extensive list of blogging resources available on the Internet, which will help them, start and grow their new blog. From all of these best free blogging platforms, a person can choose whatever one is comfortable with and start writing the next blog, which can be a masterpiece.

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