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Best Wiziwig Alternatives 2020 – Top Similar Websites



Best Wiziwig Alternative

Sports fans relied on wiziwig as their go-to site to watch matches live-streamed online. The website was known for its user-friendliness with all the options available right on the homepage. Apart from the live telecasts users received love updated, and information related to major popular sporting events online.

Wiziwig went offline last year, leaving all their loyal users searching for wiziwig alternative websites. For this reason, users can no longer catch their favourite sports online. So, there’s nothing much to worry about because we have got you covered. This article takes you through a list of alternative sites users can look up.

What Is Wiziwig Alternatives?

Ever since the wiziwig site went offline in 2019, has left uses searching for reliable alternatives. One can watch wiziwig football uninterrupted. There are quite a few websites that offer, more or less, the same features as that of wiziwig while others provide some cool features. There are plenty of options to choose from, and here’s our list of websites that actually work.

Some of the benefits of watching sports online first off is the convenience that it extends to viewers. For one, if one misses the live telecast online, then chances are that one can watch the video online. As a result, it rules out the tedious process of recording the game to watch it later. For this reason, it is a good idea to watch sports online.

Best wiziwig Alternatives

Now, that high-speed internet is available live streaming has become all the more pocket friendly as well. Yes, getting tickets, reaching the venue, and of course, snacks to watch a live match does not come cheap. It is an affordable alternative, especially for users who are on a shoestring budget. Also, one can catch the action taking place in another part of the world from the comfort of one’s couch.

There was a point in time when there was an invisible cloud of shame hanging over watching sports online. However, in 2020 things have changed, and one need not feel guilty watching sports online while others binge-watch film and series online. For this reason, sports fans should make the most of the free options available. If one is genuinely interested in sports, one can always get a premium account.


Quality is something which sports fans always want and now that there are so many websites offering HD streaming or videos fans couldn’t be happier. As phone screens, tablets, and smart TVS becoming more popular screen size is not a problem, but quality picture is. Thanks to high-speed internet services and high-quality picture many sports buffs prefer watching sports from the comfort of their homes.

Wiziwig Alternatives That Actually Work In 2020

Now that most people are switching from tradition TV to OTT platforms for their various viewing needs, there are a host of benefits associated with this. For one, users can access their accounts from various platforms even when they are on the go. However, the best part about watching anything online is the fact that there are quite a few websites that allow users to watch sports online for free.

Some of the alternative wiziwig platforms are as follows: 

  • StopStream
  • LiveTV
  • WixiWig New
  • Cricfree
  • SportsP2P
  • 12thplayer
  • Atdhe
  • FromHot
  • Sport365
  • VIPLeague


StopSteam is another option where one can watch sports live anytime and anywhere. The app has on offer sports channels and lists all the matches categorized under the corresponding game. This way, it is easy to keep track of what’s new in the world of sports.

One key feature that sets StopStream apart from most of the other options available is that users can watch every match in HD. Users can select video resolutions and can use this app on several devices that include tablet, notepad, and smartphones. Plus the app protects your device from viruses. 


Users can try out the wiziwig new alternative that which is a free portal where all the sports tournaments and games are telecast live online. However, to make the most of this platform, the user has to create an account on the website, which takes a few minutes time. This is definitely one of the alternatives that one should check out.

WiziWig New

The next platform one must consider checking out is WiziWig New, which one can use free of charge to watch latest sporting events live online. As the name suggests, it is a newer version of the platform which according to many wiziwig alternative reddit users is better than the original. It makes this site one of the most loved platforms available.


Cricket fans across the world can rejoice since there is a website inspired by the sport. It is the perfect platform to get all cricket updates from a single source, making it the go-to site for cricket lovers. Uses can choose to take up a monthly subscription so that they can catch all the matches that are shown on TV. It is one of the wiziwig cricfree alternatives that is gaining popularity for the right reasons.


To cater to the growing demand for watching sports, online SportsP2P provides users’ the perfect platform to do so. Users can choose from a wide range of sporting activities from all parts of the globe. At the same time, it helps one keep track of their favourite teams with live updates and even expert commentary that one can listen to.


Calling all football fans! 12thplayer is a dedicated platform for football fans. This platform has the latest updates, news, and information related to the sport footyfire soccer. The website covers tournaments as well as football league matches. However, users can find updates about other popular sports like Baseball, Basketball, and Tennis on this platform as well. The best part about this website is that it is free for users but the ads may be a little annoying. 


Another popular platform doing the rounds these days is atdhe, which is an excellent alternative to wiziwig. The layout and design of the website is super user friendly making it easy to navigate. One need not unnecessarily spend time trying to find what one is looking for. This site is reliable and hassle-free which one should consider using.

The reason why this platform is considered a reliable one is that one need not worry about ads. It is sometimes a problem that users face on other platforms but thankfully not on this one.


Another popular destination for sports fans is Fromhot which is very easy to use. This ease of access makes it a top wiziwig alternative for sports fans. The homepage lists out some of the most popular sports that include Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Cycling, Football, and Baseball just to name a few. Users can click on their favourite games and a list of all the details of the latest games will be displayed. The website has a chat feature during live matches that helps users interact with one another virtually.


Another popular destination for sports lovers is Sport365, and this website loves up to its name. This platform is the perfect place to watch football games and other popular sports online. The categories on the homepage are well defined that makes it easy to find the option a user is in search of like News, Live, and Watch Now. This way the users can indulge in their favourite sports without wasting a second.


VIPLeague is yet another popular wiziwig substitute that users prefer. Sports fans can get all the updates of their favourites with a single click of the button and on a single platform. Also, the platform makes it easy to live stream the matches that too free of charge.

Viewers can receive updates about their favourite sports and catch their favourite teams play matches online from home. Plus, the fact that one has unlimited access to the content makes it all the more attractive to users. 

Best Wiziwig Alternative Sports Streaming Sites

If one is not quite sure about which alternative platform to use, then we have got you covered. Here’s a list of some of the best sports streaming websites available:

  • Laolalple
  • Stream2watch
  • BatManStream
  • NewSoccar
  • StreamWoop
  • NFL Stream
  • StreamSports


The best part about Laolalple that in addition to live streaming matches users can also watch Volleyball matches on-demand. The website is well designed and makes it is easily accessible with plenty of drop-down menus to select the option to select the different leagues. The site is available in both German and English. However, the language setting can be set to other languages as well.


Stream2watch is a popular substitute website where one can watch different TV channels that one can select. When compared to the other sites, this is a unique platform that one can access for free. Also, there is a wide range of sports that the website covers, which makes it a popular destination for sports fans.

One pain point that many users have complained about are the pop-up ads that are often misleading that appear on the website. However, the best workaround this problem is to install a pop-up blocker. This way, one need not worry about this problem anymore. 


Another easy to use website, BatManStream, is the perfect destination for sports enthusiasts. Fans can live stream matches across categories that include Racing, Rugby, NFL, and wiziwig Boxing. All one has to do is head to the website, search for the sport one wants to watch, and then select the HD option to watch the match. Users have to create an account, or one can download the extension for uninterrupted viewing.

The best part about this platform is that it extends coverage to sports that are not that popular. For instance, if one wants to get updates about darts, then the chances are the information one is looking for will be available on this platform.


Another platform which soccer fans will appreciate is NewSoccer where one can watch club football and international games. It’s a one-stop destination for all the sporting updated from the world over. However, users must note that this website is in Spanish. However, one can always use Google to translate the page to a desired language. Adding a Chrome extension will do the trick for seamless use. 


StreamWoop is one of the popular websites where those who love sports converge to watch the most popular games online. The top trending sports are on display while users can explore a range of options to choose from. The website is worth visiting since it is a free platform that anyone can use without paying a dime.

NFL Stream

Sports buff consider the platform NFL Stream as a reliable alternative to wiziwig. The website does not cover American football alone and covered many other top sports, making it available for viewers. Some of the other games that are covered on this platform include Motorsport, WWE, Cycling, and Baseball, among others. This is a website thatcan be used free of charge.


Last but certainly not least is StreamSports which has a clean interface. The different options are available on the homepage, which makes it user friendly and the platform gets extra brownie points for that. The sports leagues, national level, and sports highlights are covered so that one can stay on top of what’s happening in the world of sports.

Conclusion – Choosing The Best Wiziwig Alternatives

Hope this list gives you some wiziwig alternative websites leads to find the perfect online streaming platform where you can watch sports uninterrupted. Each of the sites discussed offer several benefits for the users. However, one must understand that each of these options has their strengths that one must keep in mind.

Users can opt to use free websites to platforms or those sites that offer an upgrade to premium services. One is spoilt for choice, and this is something that each user will find useful. The best part about these platforms is that one can get all the sports updates and watch live matches from the comfort of their homes.

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