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Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2020 – Website Backup Made Easy




In the days of cyber-attacks, malware dysfunctions, vicious attacks, it is necessary to get your site backed up and running as soon as possible. And, if you don’t, your SEO ranking falls, you lose your data and your reputation as well. However, good for you, there is a way to avoid this situation altogether with the help of backup plugins. The plugin won’t prevent or stop from a malware dysfunction or an attack. Still, at least all your data would be restored and easily available. With loads of options being available now, it is better to research and choose the best one. The last thing you would want is extra issues on your head due to faulty backup plugins. Backup plugins depend on the need of your business, whether you want back just the data, or have schooled time to tiebacks or a complete backup of the site and the data; the option varies from business to business. 

Types of Backup plugin options

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  • Database backup– Only the WordPress files are backed up and restored later on, neds technical expertise of some level to be familiar with backing up of database 
  • Schedule backup- Automatic, timely backup updates, just like your phone software and application updates. Most Word press backup plugins offer timely and automatic backup options but depends from software to software. 
  • Complete backup– There are certain WordPress backup plugins which let you backup data as well all your files. Obviously, they come at a higher price in comparison. Some of the complete backup plugins are- Backup Buddy, Updraft Plus, and more. 

So to make the choice easier for you, here is a list of some of the best plugins, with their benefits, and features. 

Best Backup Plugins For WordPress

Backup Buddy

The plugin has been in the industry for more than a decade and offers a complete WordPress installation and database. Some of the features offered by Backup Buddy are- Custom posts, plugin files, videos, images, core files, comments, posts, website pages, and much more. 

All these above features will be backed up with the plugin and stored in a location that is safe and secure. Every time, a backup is finished, a Zip file will be created, and downloaded. You can either decide for a safe, secure location for backup or remote locations such as Google Drive; dropbox works too. 

The other reason Backup Buddy is known all over and is famous for its backup plugin specialisation is that it schedules automatic backups so that you won’t have to worry about it at the end of every month, or week. 

Updraft Plus 

Rated as one of the most popular backup solutions for WordPress and with over 2 million active installs, Updraft plus is one of the best WordPress backup plugins. And the best thing about this popular plugin is that it offers a free version, which has all the amenities and features to enhance and make your site a better one.

One of the other advantages of the Updraft plus is that you don’t require any specific technical knowledge, it’s pretty easy to use, and the interface is quite straightforward. 

Updraft plus in comparison lets you run backups- be it full, manual or automatic, it is on the user, and the choice of backup wanted. The scheduled backups range from hourly to weekly, monthly, you just need to go on your settings, provide your customisation, and you are good to go. 

Other than there is a premium version of Updraft plus starting at $42 per year and gives additional features such as- Incremental backups, dedicated expert support, database encryption, backup on non-word press files and database, and much more. 

Vault Press 

Competing in the field of backup plugins, Vault press is being used widely since 2011 and is an all in one guide, offering backup, migrations, and security features altogether. 

Like other two backup plugins, Vault press on Quick sprout offers automatic/ scheduled backups and conducts security scans on hourly to regular basis to protect you from threats and viruses. 

However, the dashboard of vault plugin is quite different from other ones and offers you a minor setback in navigation, but in comparison with its other features, this navigational flaw takes a backseat which you can quickly get used to. 

The pricing plan for Vault press is $3 cheaper than Updraft plus premium version; it is available at $39 per year. 

Word Press (WP) Time Capsule 

This WordPress backup plugin is one of the easiest ones to download and use, and doesn’t require any technical expertise to use the backup plugin. Once downloaded, you are all set to move forward and integrate the backup with your cloud storage applications. 

Your cloud storage locations can be- Google Drive, Dropbox, Wasabi, Amazon S 3. Once you are all signed up and logged in, you are set to backup. All you have to do is set time and date, and the application will do the rest. 

All in all- WP Time capsule is user friendly, easy, simple, straightforward. It has all the features you are looking for in a backup WordPress plugin. 


Being another top choice among users, this easy to use the backup plugin with more than 1 million active installations, Duplicator, is another trustworthy plugin. As the name suggests, it helps in migrating, moving and cloning of pre-configured sites rather than manually, single-handedly, backup data of your themes. 

It helps in the configuration of a single site and bundle it up. Other than this, Duplicator helps in duplicating live website to a staging area and allows you to execute a full migration without having to import or export SQL scripts. 

However, you would need technical expertise to use this plugin, as it might sound easy. Still, you would take a certain amount of time to get used to the plugin and its understandings. In case you are looking for a basic plugin, which is easy, straightforward and allows you to backup automatically, you should choose among other options available. 

Other than these top 5 backup plugins ranging from technical expertise to easy use and straightforwardness, there are some other options available too. 


With over 5 million-plus downloads and active users, Back WP up helps in baking up of data ad saving them into a remote location such as Google Drive or Dropbox. The premium version allows you to store backup filed in the Amazon glacier or Google drive but comes at a higher cost. 

Some of the unique features offered in the premium version are- 

  • Backup into multiple locations 
  • Remote location synchronisation such as Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Backup specific files as per your needs of the site 
  • Send logs and backups by email
  • Multi-site support only as a network admin
  • Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz format (needs gz, ZipArchive)
  • Store backup to a directory
  • Store backup to FTP server 
  • Store backup to Dropbox 
  • Store backup to S3 services 
  • Store backup to Microsoft Azure 
  • Store backup to RackSpaceCloud 
  • Store backup to SugarSync 
  • PRO: Store backup to Amazon Glacier 
  • PRO: Store backup to Google Drive 

WP DB Backup 

Like other backup plugins, the WP DB Backup allows you to back up your WordPress database tables with the plugin and emails the version to your address specifically. As the name suggests, the only database is backed up and nothing else. 

However, for his too you would need technical inclination as it is based with the database backing up. 

WP Database Backup 

Word Press Database Backup is another of the free database backup plan which can help and restore backups in just a single click. However, it is slightly better than the earlier option- WP DB Backup as it offers more features and options such as- 

  • Easy configuration 
  • Auto backup 
  • Supports multiple storage destinations 
  • Pagination 
  • Sort and search backup from a list 
  • Supports multiple storage destinations 
  • Provides extensive documentation to help walk you through the process 

The database can be backed up manually and automatically and can be stored at a safe place- Dropbox, FTP, Email, Amazon S 3, Google Drive. The backup plugin is easy and straightforward to use and takes less than a minute to configure. 

So Which Is The Best WordPress Backup Plugin For You? 

With so many options available, it gets tricky to choose one, so if you want a simple, straightforward, and easy one go for Updraft Plus, and Backup Buddy. With Updraft Plus being a free version, and offering all amenities at one go, then go for Updraft Plus. 

The other option which you can go ahead with is Backup Buddy, which offers the same amenities as Updraft plus at $39 per year cost- which is affordable and easy to use. But in case you are a developer and looking for something more technological savvy we suggest, go for the backup plugin which offers cloning, migrations and moving between sites and content- Duplicator. 

And for more simple and easy use- use WP Time Capsule backup plugin and for extra security function for WordPress- we suggest Vault Press. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

People often have innumerable questions about WordPress backup plugins, so here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. 

How do I backup my WordPress site and database?

You can backup through your hosting provider- To back up your WordPress site with word press engine: you have to log into your dashboard and select the account you wish to from the installs menu, select the type of backup from the dashboard menu- Automatic, scheduled., manual, or complete backup, Now as you have decided which backup is required, click on backup, and it would start to do so. 

How often should I backup my WordPress site?

If you upload, change, make editions often, then the automatic backup procedure is much more suitable and variable for you. Because think about how many time you would go and annually backup, or what if you forgot to do so? So it is better to choose a reliable backup option and backup plugin as per your needs of use- daily, monthly, weekly, fortnightly or yearly. It is about your needs. 

Where are WordPress backups stored?

Depends on backup plugins to others, it can be stored remotely or through file managers and zip files in safe and secure locations. WordPress websites contain databases which feature and backup all of the posts, comments and links. The data is backed up to prevent loss, malware dysfunction or attacks on the sites. And these WordPress backups can be located in the specific section of the WordPress folders in the File Manager section of the Web hosting.

What happens if you don’t update WordPress?

Just like your phone, and other applications, to update your applications is required for better management and running of the said item, the same way WordPress too needs an update from time to time or it would turn out to be slow. 

However, you don’t have to do right away; it will give you time to debug. Mostly it is often due to theme issue, or plugin debugs, and not WordPress entirely.

Not updating it from time to time gives the risk of being an insecure site, which can be easily targeted and attacked by viruses and attacks. Updating site helps in a secure and safe site, virtual environment for the users and the employees. They seek to help the users in case of any issue.

In short, there are dozens of WordPress backup plugins related to database and overall site management. Still, only some are listed and ranked by us as the best of best ones after thorough research. 

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