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BinstaApp Review – Instagram Followers and Engagement



BinstaApp Review

Here is the most detailed BinstaApp review on the internet.

If you’re an online marketer or entrepreneur trying to promote your product(s) online, then you might have heard about the BinstaApp.

Binsta App is the latest phenomenon in the social media marketing space that’s creating a lot of ripple.

But, what makes the BinstaApp so special?

Well, as you might have guessed, the Binsta App is a marketing tool designed to work with the Instagram platform.

And marketers all around the world are loving the product as it helps to boost sales for them.

But, why Instagram?

Why Instagram Is So Popular Among Marketers?

Instagram first launched back in 2010.

10 years later, the platform has over 1 billion active monthly users!

Over 500 million active users on a daily basis!

Not impressed yet?

Well, Instagram also has 4x more engagement from users than Facebook.

This ultimately means that you have a higher chance of reaching target audience and generating sales on Instagram, than on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media / social networking platform.

Now, the marketers must be impressed.

That is the exact reason why you see marketers, brands, and public figures so active on Instagram these days.

But, getting popular on Instagram isn’t easy.

How Instagram Algorithm Works?

The Instagram algorithm uses quite many factors while deciding the reach of your posts/stories.

Some of the prime factors include the relevancy of post to user interest, your frequency of posting/engagement on Instagram, number of followers you have, and how much people like/share your content.

The same applies with the reach of Instagram stories as well.

So, how can you master the Instagram algorithm and be successful on the platform?

Getting Deeper Into BinstaApp Review

What Is BinstaApp

What Is BinstaApp?

Before going in depth about BinstaApp review, let us begin by explaining you what the software is all about.

There are marketing and automation tools available for social networking platforms that help you easily reach the target audience and improve activity.

However, there is a lack of a well-designed and efficient automation/marketing tool for Instagram.

This is where BinstaApp steps in.

Binsta App is an automation/marketing tool dedicated for Instagram.

The application ensures that you improve engagement, monitor your reach among your audience, and also effectively push your marketing strategies forward.

BinstaApp Features: What Makes it Special?

So, what are the features offered by BinstaApp that makes it the perfect automation/marketing tool for Instagram?

Below is a detailed look at the features offered by Binsta App to its users.

Schedule Posts For Instagram

Maintaining post frequency is essential in keeping up with the Instagram algorithm and reaching a wider audience.

However, manually posting on Instagram each time is quite a hassle.

With Binsta App, you can decide to publish posts immediately or choose to schedule them for the future.

You can also edit the images before posting them, add new tags, or add trending tags to your posts as well.

Auto-Update Instagram Bio with Affiliate Links, Offers, etc.

We all check the Instagram bio’s of the accounts we follow to know more about the person/business.

If you’ve noticed, this is also the place where business accounts decide to put their affiliate links, offers, promotions, etc. for maximum reach.

So, with the Binsta App, you can choose to frequently and automatically update your Instagram account’s bio with the latest offers, products, discounts, etc. that you’re promoting to reach the maximum audience.

Automatically Find and Repost Viral Content for Better Engagement

Certain posts and stories become viral very quickly. To stay relevant and reach a wider section of audience, it is necessary to stay updated about the latest viral content and follow the trend.

You can also set to automatically publish viral posts & stories to your Instagram account as well, thus enabling your account to reach more people instantly.

Set up Auto-Responses to Direct Messages

Building a rapport with your followers is essential to keep them engaged and loyal to your brand/business, but also to impress the Instagram algorithm and improve reach.

With Binsta App, you can set automatic replies to direct messages. Also, you can set to send welcome messages to whoever follows your account.

Broadcast Messages to Followers

If you’re trying to promote your products/offers/discounts to your Instagram followers, then the easiest way to do so is by direct messaging them.

However, if you have 1000’s of followers, messaging them individually can be quite a task.

If you’re trying to message all your followers at once, then sending a broadcast message to all is the best option.

With BinstaApp, you can easily type messages and choose to send it to all your Instagram followers at once.

View Statistics Related to your Published Posts/Stories

Just posting posts or stories isn’t enough if you’re trying to become successful on Instagram.

You need to optimize the schedule of posts, type of content, etc. to ensure that you only publish content that your target audience loves and that there is maximum reach.

To ensure this, you need access to statistics related to your published posts and stories.

With Binsta App, you can get all the vital data related to your published posts including its reach, interaction, etc. for better analysis.

BinstaApp Review: How It Works?

Now that you know about the BinstaApp software and its features, you might be curious to know how it actually works?


Well, the working of BinstaApp is really simple.

Below we have detailed out the steps involved in using the Binsta App to improve Instagram reach and followers:

  • First, you need to visit the official BinstaApp website by clicking here.
  • After completing the subscription and creating an account, you need to link your Instagram account with the BinstaApp account.
  • Once connecting your Instagram account with Binsta App, you can then select and automate activities for your Instagram account using BinstaApp. All activities such as publishing posts, stories, etc. can be automated using the software.
  • You can also view the reach and engagement statistics of your Instagram account and the published content using this software. 

Binsta App Cons: Why It Doesn’t Have Disadvantages?

Well, so far in this article, we’ve only mentioned the advantages and pros of the Binsta App software.

That is because there isn’t much negatives or cons to talk about, with Binsta App.

Binsta App does all that it claims to support.

And there isn’t any features claimed by the developers of Binsta App that are hard to believe.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help automate content management on Instagram and also view analytical data related to the progress of your account, then the Binsta App is a great choice.

Buy BinstaApp: How Much Does It Cost?

So, how much does Binsta App cost?

You can get a monthly subscription of Binsta App for $197.

However, there is a promotional offer running currently for Binsta App, which reduces the monthly subscription cost to just $18.99 a month.

So, if you’re planning to buy the Binsta App subscription, this is the best time.

You can subscribe to Binsta App and claim the $18.99 offer by clicking here.

So, Is BinstaApp For You? – Conclusion

Finally, is Binsta App meant for you?

Should you purchase a Binsta App subscription?

Well, Binsta App is ideal for the website owners, affiliate marketers, product companies, etc. out there who wishes to make proper use of Instagram to build and grow their brand/business.

With Binsta App, you can be sure to stay on track with respect to the Instagram algorithm and gain popularity within the platform.

So, for anyone seeking to reap the benefits out of Instagram, BinstaApp is a great tool to have.

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We hope you found our BinstaApp review as informative and easy to follow.

In case you’re already using the software, feel free to leave a comment below with your review about Binsta App to help others out.

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