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Quetext Review – A Solid Plagiarism Checker In 2021?



Quetext Review

Plagiarism has become a serious issue nowadays. With the wide usage and access to the internet your ideas, works can be stolen and published somewhere without your consent as easy as pie, and for the guy who did it the chance of getting caught in the world wide web is pretty much tiny, increasing the copied contents and ideas on a large scale.

Sad to say it can also be done easily unintentionally. To evade such a situation surely requires outside help. There are many ways nowadays as plagiarism became an issue that needs to be taken care of.

Here we are taking a deep look into a popular plagiarism checking tool in the market, “Quetext”. If you are in search of a solid reliable plagiarism checker make use of this QUETEXT review.

What Is Quetext?

Quetext is among the leading most advanced featured duplicate content checkers to assist you in creating plagiarism-free writings easily.

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Quetext is a plagiarism checking software cum citation tool. With its advanced text analysis, Quetext stands out from other plagiarism checkers with its improved accuracy in detecting duplicate content compared to old sniffing techniques.

Its novel and promising technique based on the semantics of the text makes the goal to preserve the originality of your content than ever before.

What Does Quetext Have To Offer?

Simply put, more relative customer satisfaction among other available plagiarism checkers. And to be more specific, its advanced DeepSearch ™ technology offers a different and novel approach to identify copied content hence making your writings free of incidental plagiarism.

The content is exposed to a deeper level of inspection. Word and phrase matching is the basic function of a plagiarism checker but when it comes to Quetext along with these basic features, contextual plagiarism detection is a feature in the spotlight when it comes to any blogger, freelance writer.

How To Use Quetext?

Even though there are different and complex algorithms and technology behind Quetext, all you have to know how to use it is to copy and paste. Copy your content, paste it in the text box provided, and voila, your text is fast searched for plagiarism and found the site where this content is already existing is given to you with a percentage indication of plagiarism.

Quetext offers two kinds of subscription they are:

Free Plan :

 You can use the free plan simply by signing up on the Quetext. With the free subscription, there is a limit of three scans and a maximum of 500 words per scan.

Hence with your free account, you can scan a maximum of 1500 words. A great drawback of the free account is that the DeepSearch™ technology will not be available for your content scanning.

This means you are not using the full potential of Quetext. Also, the document uploading option is not available, meaning you have to copy and paste the content you want to scan and you cannot download the report or exclude the source with the free account.

Professional Plan :

The professional plan gives you access to all the features of Quetext. You can upload the document to be checked to avoid the difficulty while copy-pasting the content.

Unlimited set limit and unlimited report limit is included in the professional plan. At a time you can scan a document containing 25000 words.


The scan makes use of DeepSearch™ technology to get the best results. After the scan is completed you get to download the PDF report which shows highlighted content that Quetext finds plagiarized from another source.

The option to exclude sources for citation is an additional feature of the professional plan making Quetext a citation assistant and the user gets premium support from Quetext after-sale.

Features Of Quetext

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The premium version of Quetext provides the customer with improved and advanced plagiarism detection. Let’s take a peek into the most important features that the user gets to experience from Quetext.

DeepSearch™ Technology

Being the unique and valued feature of Quetext, DeepSearch™ technology is their proprietary 10-year dedicated search engine research result, with which the content scanning process is taken into a much deeper level by simultaneous execution of contextual analysis, fuzzy matching.

The old technique for finding plagiarism (sniffing), can be used only to find matching words, hence plagiarism is identified when the exact words are used in the scanned content matches the content from another source.

What makes DeepSearch™ technology a more accurate plagiarism detector is the ability to detect contextual plagiarism with the help of an algorithm based on the semantics of the text.

This means that even if the words are twisted if it matches the context of another content from another source, Quetext easily identifies it.

ColourGrade™ Feedback

This is a user interface feature of Quetext. In the feedback user gets from Quetext in the form of a report after completion of the scan, the plagiarised contents identified by Quetext are highlighted making it easy to spot. Also, you can spot fuzzy matches in a variety of colors.

Massive Database

Quetext has a very large searchable database having 20 million books,35 billion websites, and over a million academic journals. To make plagiarism checking as effective as possible.

Citation Assistant

It is another notable feature of Quetext. The built-in citation features assist to cite the contents of another source.

The real use of this feature comes in handy when unintentional plagiarism is found in our content and instead of completely removing that part of the document, we can quickly add the citation.

Meaning mentioning or referring someone in your document if you use the same text belonging to another source can be done instantly with Quetext citation assistant.

Multiple File Uploads

Quetext supports multiple file uploading when in need of bulk scanning of plagiarism. A maximum of 5 documents at once in PDF, MS Word, or plain text files can be uploaded and scanned for plagiarism.

Final PDF report

When the scanning process for plagiarism is completed the result or report of the check is provided to the user in the form of a PDF document.

It includes a percentage of plagiarism and highlighted sentences that are found to be plagiarized. Additionally, the pro version of Quetext allows you to store every report of the documents you have scanned and can be download whenever needed.

Interactive Snipper Text Viewer

The user can sport and remove duplicate content quickly and easily with analysis of your matches with Quetexts interactive and intuitive snippet viewer feature. 

Source Exclusion

Quetext provides this feature to exclude a URL or an entire domain so that your content will not be matched with these excluded sources. This feature comes in handy when you want your writings scanned and checked against a particular source for plagiarism.

Quetext allows you to do this easily by excluding sources you don’t want to show up in the end result.

Safety and Privacy

The intellectual properties of those who use the service are completely respected by Questext.

Assurance that no documents uploaded to their database will be sold to a third party is given by Quetext to its users. Also, it is mentioned by Quetext that any information they collect is completely and strictly used to personalize your experience and improve their services.

To providing utmost safety and privacy crucial info like credit card details are securely encrypted by SSL.

For Whom Is Quetext Perfect?

If you are a business owner and want to make sure the content on your website is free of plagiarism- Or- if you have a paper to present school, university -Or-If you are about to apply for a job and want to have a unique resume or letter.

These are some of the worst cases where you really have to avoid plagiarism from your writings. If you don’t have any of the mentioned needs but getting rid of plagiarism from your content or that of others is your ultimate goal then relatively speaking Quetext comes in your top picks of plagiarism checkers.

What Makes Quetext Stand In The Spotlight?

The desired result is the first and last thing a user expects from a product they bought. In the case of plagiarism checkers, 100% plagiarism detection is what the user demands, and Quetext is able to grant the wish to its users. The DeepSearch™ being the greatest advantage in identifying plagiarism gives an upper hand among other duplicate content checking tools available.

Additional features to make the whole free of plagiarism concept happen quickly, easily, and conveniently is the milestone that Quetext has achieved. When it comes to the users easy to use is a preference having top priority as mentioned in its features Quetext is a tool that is entirely user friendly.

Even though there is a lot of complex algorithms running simultaneously to get you the best result, all you do is upload the document-click-get the result. The final originality report you get is made to spot the matched contents very easily and provide you with the percentage plagiarism with another source against which your content is checked.

The number of documents you can scan at a time and the number of words that can be scanned at once have the highest numbers when compared to other plagiarism checkers.

What’s The Price and Value Of Quetext? 

The price of the Quetext pro subscription is $9.99 per month. This price when they offer a total of 100,000 words (200 pages), extended DeepSearch™, MLA, APA, Chicago Citation assistant, downloadable originality report, custom URL exclusion, interactive snippet text all these premium features we discussed along with their premium customer support makes it worth the price.

When it comes to the value of something, the utility of worth of the service for an individual is taken into account. So, in the case of Quetext, the worth of service it provides to its users is pretty much big so as to say with our close peek into the entire product. 

How Can You Get Your Hands On Quetext?

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 If you have read out the features and benefits of Quetext and find it as a useful tool for your use by taking up your time in finding a suitable plagiarism check tool, getting your hands on it requires less than half of the time you used up to reach here. Let me show you how to make Quetext your faithful servant.

Go to

Create your account by typing your e-mail, then password, and click on create an account.

On signup, you get to use the Quetext free plan on the go

If you want to upgrade to a Pro account and experience Quetext services to the fullest all you have to do is click on the rocket icon and you will be taken to the payment page and after payment, voila you are a Quetext premium account user.

Quetext Review 2021 – Conclusion

After the revolution of the World Wide Web and untied access to the internet, information becomes accessible to everyone in the world on a large scale.

The chance of intentional and unintentional plagiarism is at its peak at present. To thrive on the World Wide Web if you are a blogger, online marketer, online advertiser, unique quality content is becoming the only way. That’s where a plagiarism checking tool like Quetext comes into play.

To outsmart the plagiarism checkers people usually twist the sentence to evade the word marching algorithm of the plagiarism checking tools. This is where simple word matching duplicate content checkers becomes useless. But Quetext has outsmarted those people with their DeepSearch™ technology and contextual plagiarism algorithm.

And with the huge database containing billions of data to match the input contents to be scanned the result or output, we get out of Quetext is more accurate than other tools in the same field. As the analysis on user experience and convenience are taken forward simple user interface with all the features a click away is seen when Quetext is used.

And in the case of reliability, privacy Quetext is proving to keep their word and respect users’ privacy with the happy 2 million satisfied customer community. Finally, the legitimacy of Quetext is proved by their customer reviews and response.

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