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How To Install RLCraft MOD In Minecraft? Explained




If you are into playing Minecraft, then you would have definitely heard about the RLCraft modpack for Minecraft. It is one of the most popular Minecraft modpacks out there and is quite addictive in comparison to other Minecraft modpacks as well.

For those among you interested to install RLCraft modpack within your Minecraft game, then in this article, we bring you a detailed guide on how to install RLCraft on Minecraft easily without any errors.

What is Minecraft?

Developed by Mojang Studios and published in collaboration with Microsoft Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment, Minecraft is one of the most popular games available for desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, and OS X).

Initially released back in 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox-style video game where you are presented with a 3-dimensional world where you can do pretty much anything. The possibilities are limitless where you can grow and harvest natural resources, build structures and tools, go to battle with AI-controlled “mobs” and co-play with other real Minecraft players from all around the world.

Install RL Craft

Minecraft is listed among the “greatest and most influential video game of all time” and has a combined global sales count of over 200 million, with over 120 million players actively enjoying the game as of 2020.

Even though the initial version was released only on desktop operating systems, other official versions have later been released for gaming consoles, mobile operating systems, VR devices, and even for Amazon Fire and Fire TV.

How to Play Minecraft for Free?

As discussed above, there are several versions of Minecraft supporting various types of devices and operating systems. However, none of them are free of cost and you will have to pay to download the game on your supported device and enjoy it. Even though there is a demo version of the game available officially, the features and functionalities are severely limited, thus not giving you any true experience of the real game.

You can easily find the pricing of the Minecraft game version for the device you own by visiting and then picking the type of device you own and its operating system.

Well, if you wanted to experience the Minecraft game to know what all the hype is about before purchasing, there is an official method by which you can play Minecraft for free.

To commemorate the 10-year anniversary celebration of the release of Minecraft, the developers of the game released an officially free Minecraft version for players all around the world. However, there are some catches.

For starters, the game is a browser version of the original Minecraft that eas launched back in 2009, as an alpha release for testers. The “Minecraft Creative Mode”, as the original release was called, has several limitations in comparison to the latest available Minecraft version. Also, sadly you cannot save any game progress which means you will have to start from the beginning each time you choose to play the game.

You can play the free official Minecraft game by launching the Minecraft browser game (click here).

How to Install Minecraft?

Below are the steps you need to follow to install the Minecraft game on any desktop operating system.

  • First of all, visit and download the game client corresponding to the device you own.
  • The Minecraft game client is free to download, however, you will only be given access to the free demo version at first.
  • To access the full version of the game, you need to make a purchase from the official site. Do note that the purchase will be linked to the email address you provide during the purchase.
  • Once you purchase the full version, launch the Minecraft game client on your device and then log in using the email address that was used during the purchase.
  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection while connecting your email address with your Minecraft game client for the first time. As the game client will verify your purchase and download required files when linking the first time.
  • After your email address is successfully recognized and all the necessary game files are downloaded/installed on your device, you no longer require an internet connection to play the game.

Also, any antivirus program installed on your computer or its firewall settings may cause issues during the installation. So in case you face any issues, try disabling these settings and try again.

What Are Minecraft Mods?

Minecraft Mods are basically modifications done to the original game, as you would find for most games out there. These mods aren’t officially from the developers of the game, which in the case of Minecraft will be Mojang Studios.

Instead, Minecraft mods are developed and released by independent developers who would love to incorporate their own imagination into the game, add new features, or improve existing features of the game.


There are thousands of mods for Minecraft that you can find on the internet. The best part of Minecraft mods is that they are completely free to download and they are available for both desktop and mobile OS versions. However, there is no mod support for legacy console versions of Minecraft.

There is an active community of game enthusiasts and developers behind Minecraft mods, and the availability of unique as well as interesting mods are definitely among the prime reasons for the success of the Minecraft game.

What is the RLCraft Modpack for Minecraft?

RLCraft is a very popular Minecraft mod pack. RL stands for “Realism” or “Real Life” according to its developer who goes by the username “Shivaxis”. Well, what makes it so unique and popular?

Usual Minecraft mods only bring minimal changes to existing features, add specific features as discussed above. However, in the case of RLCraft, it combines around 120 separate mods to give a completely fresh gaming experience to Minecraft players.

The RLCraft modpack turns Minecraft into a very challenging survival game that not everyone might be pleased. However, this modpack isn’t for everyone and largely will favor experienced Minecraft players who have enjoyed Minecraft to its extreme and craves for more.

RLCraft is not for gamers who love to rinse-and-repeat their gameplay each time. Instead, in order to survive in this modpack, players need to evolve their strategies to face challenges.

Talking about challenges, mobs and weather are two of the common challenges that all players of RLCraft modpack will face. There are lots of hostile mobs in this modpack and if you aren’t geared adequately, they will wipe you out in no time. The weather system is also quite brutal which can kill the player if they do not pay proper attention.

Features of RLCraft Minecraft Modpack

Even though RLCraft does not change the basic gameplay of Minecraft, below are the features it brings to provide a better and more enjoyable experience to Minecraft.

  • Thirst Bar
  • New structure additions
  • Healing by consuming food doesn’t exist in this modpack
  • Heat and temperature variation throughout gameplay
  • Realistic effects added to torches
  • Mob spawners now have a lifespan set to them and also drop loots
  • Debug using F3 is disabled
  • The compass and map features have been enhanced
  • In case you have no spawn points, the spawning will happen randomly
  • Increase your XP points and unlock perks as well as powerful new RPG skills
  • Completely new tools and weapons
  • The crafting and smelting of some pre-existing items have been customized
  • The physics of items has been overhauled
  • Newly included item qualities, potions, and enchantments
  • Better immersive audio experience, thanks to the overhaul done to the sound engine
  • Newly added mobs that can be either aggressive or passive
  • Ruins, dungeons, etc. will now be randomly generated throughout the gameplay world
  • New bloodmoon night event during which mob spawns are increased x4 times, the spawn radius will be removed from players (thus making it possible for mobs to spawn next to you). There is 1 percent chance for any given night to be a bloodmoon night

And more. The RLCraft modpack is a constantly evolving modification to the Minecraft game. New features and mods will be incorporated into the pack as new versions get released. Moreover, any known bugs and issues are also fixed when new releases are updated. Thus providing gamers with a reliable and enjoyable gaming experience always.

Is RLCraft Modpack Free on Minecraft?

RLCraft is a completely free modpack to install and play on Minecraft. Even though you need to purchase the full version of the Minecraft game to enjoy all its features, once you are done purchasing Minecraft, then you do not have to pay anything extra to enjoy the RLCraft modpack on your device.

What is the Easiest Way to Install RLCraft on Minecraft (Install RLCraft Without Twitch)?

Now that you know everything in detail about Minecraft and RLCraft, let us take you through the easiest guide to install the RLCraft modpack on Minecraft.

  • To install RLCraft without Twitch, you need to first download and install the Technic Launcher from here.
  • After installation, launch the application and click on the “Modpacks” menu option provided at the top of the Technic Launcher window.
  • Search for “RLCraft” within the application. You may find several results for your search, make sure to click on “Shivaxi RLCraft”.
  • Click on the “Install” button.

And that’s it. The RLCraft modpack will now be installed on your computer and you can enjoy the modpack by playing the Minecraft game.

How to Install RLCraft Manually?

If you are facing any errors while trying to install RLCraft by following the steps above, you can also choose to install RLCraft manually. Below is how to install RLCraft manually.

  • To begin, download and install “Minecraft Forge” from here.
  • Now, download the “RLCraft Server Pack” from here.
  • After downloading, navigate to the folder named “%appdata%” placed inside the folder where Minecraft is installed on your device.
  • Create a new folder within the “%appdata%” folder and name the new folder as “rlcraft” (without the quotes).
  • Extract the “RLCraft Server Pack” folder you downloaded in step 2 into the newly created “rlcraft” folder.
  • Run the Minecraft launcher on your device.
  • Navigate to the “installations” section and create a new one by naming it “RLCraft” (without the quotes).
  • Set the Minecraft Forge version to “1.12.2-forge1.12.2-”.
  • Also, change the game directory to “rlcraft” from “minecraft”.
  • You also have to allocate more RAM. To do the same, click on “More Options” and change the JVM argument from “-Xmx2G” to “-Xmx4G”.
  • Click on “Create”.

And Viola! You have now successfully finished installing RLCraft on Minecraft manually.

How To Enjoy RLCraft for Minecraft?

Below are some RLCraft tips and tricks for you to make sure that you enjoy the modpack to its level best.

  • Allocate More RAM: Many users complain that RLCraft runs slower on their computer. The reason is that very little RAM is allocated to the modpack by default. Even though you should not completely allocate the maximum RAM capacity of your computer to the modpack, do note that the more is better. Anything above 3GB of allocated RAM is recommended.
  • Find a Good Place for Shelter: Shelter is really important in RLCraft. An ideal place of shelter will be somewhere that has quick access to trees, water, and gravel. Even though a village is the perfect shelter example, it is quite hard to find.
  • Start Building Strategies: RLCraft is quite different when compared to vanilla Minecraft. This is because succeeding in RLCraft relies heavily on the strategies opted by the player. Hence, from the beginning of the gameplay, make sure to form strategies and be well-equipped in terms of tools, supplies, weapons, etc.
  • Look Out for Weather Changes: As we mentioned earlier, weather changes are a huge part of the gameplay experience in RLCraft. Make sure to adapt to the weather you are present in. In cooler weather conditions, learn to build a campfire and keep yourself warm. During summer times, it is essential that you keep your character’s thirst in check because lower water levels can seriously affect your character’s gameplay.

Lastly, as you progress in the game and learn how RLCraft works, you can then proceed to explore the environment and create waypoints to enjoy the game even better.

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