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In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspots: The Major Advantages and Drawbacks



In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you have traveled for long distances using buses, trains or any other vehicles, you can attest the importance of having internet connectivity on board. Today, vehicle technology has advanced, which makes it easy to have Wi-Fi in a car.

Fleet vehicles cannot operate without these both for the staff and the customers. Companies that are buying new vehicle models are lucky to have these capabilities installed by manufacturers.

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspots

However, most of the older models must have aftermarket routers and cellular internet receivers installed.

In addition to having numerous benefits, in-car Wi-Fi hotspots have their drawbacks. Actually, some of them would make you consider living without technology. So, we will compare the two sides and see which one takes the day.

What Is In-Car Wi-Fi?

People are used to Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, offices and homes, but they can also be used in moving cars. Most drivers spend numerous hours behind the wheel while stuck in traffic. Others are passengers who travel many miles for business via buses and vans. If a car has a Wi-Fi hotspot, it means that passengers can connect their phones and laptops.

Popular service providers have been working with manufacturers to provide the best 4G and LTE connectivity to vehicles, which then transmit Wi-Fi using vehicle routers. Vehicles must use data that is offered by cellular service providers since vehicles are on the move. If the network signal is strong, you will have an excellent internet connection.

Advantages of In-Car Wi-Fi

Here are some of the top Advantages of In-Car Wi-Fi-

Continue with business

Fleet buses, taxis and other passenger vehicles use this technology to provide convenience for business passengers. Although they can create hotspots using their smartphones, it is better to have reliable connectivity especially if they will be making calls while reading emails on a laptop. With the kind of world we live in today, business is done on the go. Therefore, passengers will feel comfortable using these Wi-Fi hotspots as they travel.

Stay entertained

It can be boring to stare out of the window on a route you have traveled many times. But with a connected device, the entertainment options are endless. There is the option of streaming music, playing online games or just chatting with friends on social media. Some vehicles provide tablets that are attached behind the seats and are loaded with customized content like news channels and games. Both kids and adults will definitely enjoy such entertainment.


Passengers and drivers need the internet to communicate. Today, we have free Skype calls and numerous other platforms for sending text messages. Passengers who want to stay engaged can connect their devices and communicate with friends on social media or any other online platform. On the other hand, drivers of fleet vehicles must communicate with their supervisors about various issues during their work shift. This is why even older models are retrofitted with in-car Wi-Fi devices from the Eyeride website to facilitate this communication.

Updating vehicle software

The current vehicle models are exceptionally sophisticated. They are loaded with helpful in-dash software for convenience, safety and comfort. The software must be updated frequently to offer the best services. Drivers can easily update it using the in-car Wi-Fi. For this, it is crucial to ensure that you have enough cellular data available to complete the updates. Some software could develop problems if the installation process is not completed.

Vehicle communication

Although this has yet to become popular, in-car Wi-Fi is one of the technologies that will facilitate vehicle-to-vehicle communication while on the road. Amazingly, this phenomenal technology is part of autonomous vehicles. As they share the road, they have to observe some rules, and communication will facilitate that. This creates a reason for new vehicles to have in-car Wi-Fi.

Disadvantages of In-Car Wi-Fi

Everything has a bad side no matter how good it may appear. We have seen that this is an amazing technology that is taking the vehicle experience for both drivers and passengers to another level. But there is a catch! Here are the cons of having in-car Wi-Fi.

Distractions for drivers

Free internet access still makes people excited, and drivers of fleet or private vehicles are no different. Some may be tempted to connect their mobile phones and open social media platforms while still stuck in traffic. This will distract their focus from the road, which may cause accidents. Fleet drivers are encouraged to avoid using their phones or dashboard devices while driving to prevent accidents.

Legal prosecution

Since it is against the traffic laws in many countries to use a mobile phone while driving, this can lead to either getting a fine or being sued in a court of law. Some may claim that this is a personal choice, but the presence of in-car Wi-Fi is the main contributor.


Paying for the data charges can be expensive when all the passengers are streaming. Most service providers will not agree to give unlimited access at a fixed price, but they will charge per GB consumed. Some fleet companies have found this unbearable especially when there are many passengers involved.


By now, you have seen the pros and cons of having in-car Wi-Fi. With the current advancements in technology, it is difficult to overlook the need for this technology. Make sure that you have the best cellular network service provider for reliability and economic viability. With this, your fleet vehicles will be up to date. For more such topics, please follow our technology section.

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