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Is Bacteria In Your Pond Dangerous?




Having a pond on your property is a great way to improve the overall look of your home’s landscape. Realtors say that such an installment can increase the value of your home, which is good news to any homeowner that wants to sell their home.

Like any other installment, ponds bring their share of challenges. For instance, dirt builds up within the pond and increases bacteria. When you hear the word bacteria coming up, some people freak out.


But is bacteria that bad? That is what we are going to be looking at in this article.

Where bacteria come from?

The truth is that bacteria are living organisms that can come from water, soil, the air, organic wastes, and plants; in short, these organisms grow anywhere as long as the environment they are in favours their growth.

Many scientists believe that the most challenging thing to eliminate on any surface is bacteria. Even though you are using a suitable cleaner, some bacteria are still going to remain, and they will multiply again eventually.

How they accumulate your pond

When animals drop their droppings – both fish and birds, these accelerate their growth. Primarily, there are two kinds of bacteria. One type needs oxygen to recreate while the other does not require oxygen.

Additionally, other nutrients within the pond also accelerate their growth. Nevertheless, if there are no nutrients, the weak organisms die because each of them competes for the available food.

You need these bacteria in your pond

When most people hear about bacteria, they tend to fear. But there is nothing to make you afraid.

These organisms are essential for your pond. Do you know why? They are useful in bringing a balance in the ecosystem.

In this case, as long as the environment catalyzes their growth, they will reduce algae growth in the water by consuming excess nutrients in the water.

The bacteria will also ensure that they:

  • Clean the pond, which makes the water remains clear
  • Remove any other sludge build-up
  • And they remove the unnecessary odour; hence, making your pool a bit clean even though it may not for drinking or touching yet

The purpose of beneficial bacteria

Sometimes, the number of bacteria in the pond can reduce. You can see these signs if the water remains dirty. In such a situation, adding beneficial bacteria for ponds will increase the number of bacteria in your bond, which brings everything to balance.

You may not need to add the bacteria if the natural ones are still in plenty. Nevertheless, adding a few gallons can be sufficient for cleaning the pond organically.

Note: Every manufacturer provides its set of instructions on how to use their product.

Bottom line

The next time you see sludge in some of the plants within the pond do not be anxious. Instead, allow the bacteria to do their work naturally. On the other hand, if you feel that you would like to quicken the process a little bit, then buying a beneficial bacteria product should suffice.

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