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Play PS4 Games On PS5 – The Easiest Way – Remote Play!



Play PS4 Games on PS5

We are about a month away from the official release date of the PlayStation 5 (November 12, 2020) and console gamers are all geared up to try the next generation gaming console experience that Sony has to offer.

We already knew that a majority of PS4 games will run on PS5, thanks to the backwards compatibility features offered by the manufacturer. Many games will also support the latest console’s “Game Boost” feature, thus offering better gameplay experience even though the games were designed for an older gen console.

Now, we have official confirmation from Sony that gamers can also opt to stream games from their PS4 console to the PS5 using the “Remote Play” feature offered by the company.

What is PlayStation Remote Play?

Remote Play is a feature available for Sony PlayStation consoles since 2006. Using this feature, people can stream the games from PlayStation devices onto other PlayStation consoles and even to Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Well, one common question will be that if PlayStation 5 supports backwards compatibility, then why would someone choose to stream games from an older console like the PS4 to PS5?

According to Sony, with the support for PlayStation Remote Play, people can leave their games stored on the PS4 and stream it to their PS5, thus allowing users to save up storage space on their latest console.

Moreover, it also helps in running the few PS4 games that aren’t supported by PS5 on the latest-gen console without having to switch consoles whenever you wish to play an unsupported title.

How to Play PS4 Games on PS5 using PlayStation Remote Play?


Now, below are the steps you need to follow to play PS4 games on PS5 using the Remote Play feature.

  • First you need to connect both the PS4 and PS5 to the same network. You can either connect both the devices to the same router (in case of home WIFI network), and then establish a connection from the PS5 to the PS4.
  • Now, on your PlayStation 5, click on the “Remote Play” option from the Start menu.
  • Find the PlayStation 4 console from the list and click on it to connect to the console.
  • When establishing a connection for the first time, you will need to follow the instructions displayed on-screen, which will include you to enter a passcode on the PS5. The passcode can be found on your PS4 screen when you begin the connection.
  • Once the connection is established, your PS4 screen will show that you are using Remote Play, and you can access your PS4 library from the PlayStation 5 screen.

That is all. Now, you can easily play PS4 games on PS5 without having to migrate the library or reinstall the game.

How to Sync Game Progress Between PS4 and PS5?

You can easily migrate your PS4 game progress to PS5 either through LAN cables or by using an external storage drive. However, if you wish to sync the game progress between the game copies running on your PS4 and PS5 consoles instantly, then you need to have a cloud storage or become a member of PS Plus (PlayStation Plus).

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Also, one important point to note is that game transfer ability between PS4 and PS5 (especially when it comes to game progress sync) depends on the developer and how they optimize the game for the new gen console.

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