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How to Use Samsung Smart Switch to Migrate Device Data?



How to Use Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is a free, easy-to-use, and effective solution for anyone trying to migrate data stored on their device to a new Samsung device.

For a majority of us, our smartphones/tablets are our productivity machines, media consumption devices, camera companion, and also a gaming device.

So it’s quite usual to have several gigabytes of data stored on our smartphone or tablet.

One of the main task that follows the purchase of a new gadget is the migration of data from the older device to the new one.

As most people upgrade their smartphone or tablet devices every couple of years, having an efficient and simple method to migrate data from one device to another is really important.

If you bought a new Samsung device and want to migrate data from your old Android or iOS device to the new one, then the Samsung Smart Switch application is the best choice there is.

What Is The Samsung Smart Switch?

Samsung Smart Switch is an application developed by Samsung itself and provides an easy way to import all the essential data from your old device to your new Samsung device.

The data import feature works with both iOS and Android, so regardless of the operating system you can easily migrate the data with no hassles to face.

How Does Smart Switch Work?

When the process runs, you can select the type of content that you wish to transfer from the older device to your Samsung Galaxy device.

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Once the selection is made, the Smart Switch app then scans for all relevant content in your older device and then transfers them onto your newer Galaxy device.

The time required to finish the process depends on the size of data that the application has to transfer from the older device to the newer one.

How To Transfer Content From Android To Samsung Device Using Smart Switch by Samsung?

There are multiple ways you can follow to transfer content from an older device to your new Samsung Galaxy.

Below we have listed out the different ways you can completely transfer data using the Samsung Smart Switch application.

Method 1: Transfer Data Wirelessly using Smart Switch

To wirelessly transfer data using Samsung Smart Switch, download the application on both the old and new phone from here.

Place both the phones nearby each other with a maximum distance of 4 inches between them.

Launch Smart Switch app on both the phones. On the old phone, click on “Send Data” and then click on “Receive Data” on the new phone.

In the next screen on both the phones, click on the “Wireless” option.

Now, follow any instructions that appear on-screen and once the steps are done, the data transfer process will begin.

When the transfer completes, click on the “Done” button displayed on the new phone and the process is completed.

Method 2: Transfer Data using USB Cable and Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch also supports data transfer using USB cable.

However, the process is recommended only for users who don’t have much data on their old device.

Connect both the phones directly using a USB cable. You might need to use an adapter if the ports don’t match.

Launch Smart Switch app on both phones.

The rest of the steps are same as mentioned above.

Once the steps are completed, the transfer will begin.

After the transfer completes, you can click on the “Done” button to finish the process.

Method 3: Transfer Data using Flash Drive / MicroSD card with Smart Switch

For users with lots of data stored in their old device, transferring data with the help of a MicroSD card or flash drive is the best idea.

First of all, make sure that the flash drive or MicroSD card that you’re using has enough free space to fit all the data from your older device to successfully transfer the content.

To begin the process, launch the Smart Switch app on the older phone. Click on the icon representing an SD card located in the top right corner of the app window.

From the options that appear, click on “Back up” and then pick the content you wish to backup to the SD card or flash drive.

Wait for the backup to complete successfully.

After the backup completes, click on the “Done” button.

Remove the SD card from the old phone and insert into your new Galaxy device.

Launch the Smart Switch app on the Galaxy device and click on the SD card icon on the top right corner.

Now, click on the “Restore” option and select the content you wish to restore.

Once the transfer completes, click on “Done”.

That’s all. All the content from your older device will now be copied to your Galaxy device.

How To Transfer Content From iOS To Samsung Using Smart Switch?

Below are the steps to follow if you wish to transfer content from an iOS device to a brand new Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

  • To begin, download and install the Smart Switch app on your Android device from here.
  • Now, make sure to sync the content on your iOS device with your iCloud account. To do so, launch the “Settings” app on your iOS device and then click on your Apple ID. Now, click on “iCloud” and then select the data you wish to sync.
  • Once the content is selected, the sync will happen automatically. The time taken to complete the sync depends on the size of the content.
  • Now, launch the Smart Switch application on your new Galaxy smartphone or tablet.
  • Allow any permissions that are asked for.
  • Then, click on the button that says “Receive Data”.
  • Now, tap on the button labeled as “iPhone/iPad”.
  • After that, click on the “Get Data from iCloud Instead” button located at the bottom of the app screen.
  • You will now have to log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password.
  • After entering the user ID and password for your iCloud account, click on the “Sign in to iCloud” button.
  • You will have to verify your login attempt. After the verification completes, click on the button labeled “Ok” and then select the content you wish to transfer.
  • After selecting the content to transfer, click on “Import”.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete successfully.

How To Transfer Content To Windows or MacOS using Smart Switch

To use Smart Switch to sync content with your PC, follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Smart Switch app for Windows from here.
  • Once installed, launch the application on your computer.
  • Click on the option labeled as “Outlook Sync”.
  • Sign into your Microsoft Outlook account and then click on “Sync Preferences for Outlook”.
  • Select the content that you wish to sync and then click on “Ok”.
  • Now, click on “Sync Now” and then click on “Confirm” once finished.

If you wish to sync content between your Samsung Galaxy device and your Mac, here are the steps to follow:

  • Download and install Smart Switch for macOS from here.
  • Launch the application once the installation is completed.
  • Click on the “Sync” button.
  • Select the content you wish to sync between your macOS machine and your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Click on the “Sync Now” button.
  • When the syncing completes, click on the button labeled “Confirm”.


We hope you found this article on how to use Samsung Smart Switch as informative and easy to follow.

If you have any queries about using the Smart Switch application on macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll help you.

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