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SelfCam Pro Review – Best Selfie Stick In 2020 ?



SelfCam Pro Review

Anyone seeking products to improve mobile photography and videography might have definitely heard about SelfCam Pro review.

Modern smartphones are capable of shooting really awesome photos and videos.

Nowadays, you do not have to shell out thousands of dollars to get a camera set up to shoot production-grade photos and videos.

By spending half the amount spent on a professional camera, you can get a smartphone for your shooting/recording needs and most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

To get the best photo/video results on a smartphone, you can use some inexpensive gadgets that can really improve the final result.

The SelfCam Pro is one such product that can help you improve the photos and videos shot using a smartphone.

Below is a detailed SelfCam Pro review to give you a better understanding of the product.

SelfCam Pro Review: What Makes it Different?

SelfCam Pro is a selfie stick/tripod that fits any modern smartphones.

Anyone into taking selfies or front-cam videos might have definitely heard about selfie sticks.

For the unaware, the selfie stick is basically a long rod that looks like a tripod.

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You attach a smartphone on the farther end of the stick, with the other end in your hand.

Selfie sticks are extendable, which is one of its main selling points.

With the extendable arm, you can increase the field of view of your camera, thus covering a larger area than while recording with the device itself in your hand.

Well, a simple search on Google or Amazon will provide you literally hundreds of selfie stick options.

So, what makes the SelfCam Pro selfie stick different in comparison to its competition?

To understand why SelfCam Pro is popular among selfie-takers and vloggers, we need to go into detail about its features and benefits.

Design and Built

Before going in-depth with the SelfCam Pro review, it is essential to speak about its design and build quality.

Why? You might ask.

The reason is that most selfie sticks you find online or in retail stores have really poor build quality.

Most of them are built using cheap plastic materials that are not at all user-friendly or durable.

The mount where your smartphones sit easily loses its grip over time and the plastic rod itself can bend or break as well.

This is where the built quality of SelfCam Pro sticks out (No Pun Intended!).

SelfCam Pro is built using aluminum, a material well-known for its strength and lightweight. The same reason why most modern mobile devices have aluminum in their chassis.

The aluminum material ensures that a sturdy and confident feel while using the product.

Yes, the stick itself is expandable just like every other selfie stick out there. But with its metal built, you can be very sure that they do not bend or break even after continuous usage.

The makers of SelfCam Pro has gone the extra mile of adding rustproof coating on the body.

Thus, the aluminum body won’t rust when you expose the stick to real-world elements like water, sunlight, etc.

Lastly, we need to talk about the smartphone mount of SelfCam Pro.

This selfie stick has arguably the best smartphone mount on a selfie stick.

The mount has an adjustable grip that can fit any modern smartphone regardless of its size.

The grips are strong thus ensuring that your phone doesn’t fall off while on the stick.

Last thing you want while using a selfie stick is for your smartphone to fall off and shatter.


Just like its built quality, SelfCam Pro is loaded with user-friendly features as well.

  • For starters, there are controls on the closer end of the stick so that you can use the recording-related functions of your smartphone even with it mounted on the farther end.
  • This selfie stick also comes with a rotatable head portion with an angle of 270-degrees. So you can easily pan around the camera while shooting without doing any circus tricks in public!
  • The rod of SelfCam Pro can extend up to 31 inches. Thus, you can have a wide field of view fitting as much background/people in your photo or video.
  • SelfCam Pro lets you control the recording/capturing functions of your smartphone right from within the stick. To achieve this, the selfie stick connects to your device via Bluetooth.
  • One of the best SelfCam Pro features is definitely its tripod stand. With the three-leg stand for the stick, you can easily take professional-grade time-lapse, slow-motion videos, timed photos, and even perfect HDR shots.

SelfCam Pro Review: How it Improves Your Mobile Camera?

Now that we have taken you through what’s special about the SelfCam Pro in terms of its features and built, it’s also important to explain to you how it affects your mobile camera output.

For starters, Modern smartphone cameras have several modes designed to provide the best possible output from the sensor.

Night mode, time-lapse mode, HDR/HDR+ mode, slow-motion mode, etc. enables your camera to provide results that look really professional.

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However, to get the best results from these modes, you need to keep the camera steady and stable during the length of the shot capture.

Most of these modes take a couple of seconds to finish capturing the scene, and most human hands aren’t that steady enough.

So, when using these camera modes with our hands, these end results will be blurry or have less detail than what the camera can output.

Therefore, having a tripod really helps in keeping your smartphone steady and giving the device enough time to properly capture the shot.

Another advantage of having a tripod is that you can keep the device a bit farther away from you and use a timer to make the photo/video look more professional.

Talking about the selfie stick itself, you get a wider field of view than while holding the smartphone in your hands.

With the extendable arm combined with the wide-angle camera lens that most modern smartphones have, you can have a truly cinematic shot from your device’s front-camera itself.

How To Use SelfCam Pro?

Well, what is there to know about using a selfie stick?

You just mount the smart phone on it, click the record button, extend the arm, that’s it!


Well, NO!

With the arm extended, it is impossible to actually control the capture/record features of your smartphone.

To help users solve this problem, SelfCam Pro has controls built into the closer end of the selfie-stick that usually rests in our hands.

But, how does the stick communicate with your smartphone?

And that’s done via Bluetooth.

To connect SelfCam Pro with your smartphone, you need to follow these steps:

  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Mount the device on SelfCam Pro.
  • Long press the “Connect” button on the control section of the stick.
  • The SelfCam Pro selfie stick will auto-connect with your smartphone.

In case the stick doesn’t auto-connect. You need to long-press the “Connect” button on the stick and then find/connect the “SelfCam Pro” stick as a new Bluetooth connection on your smartphone.

Reasons SelfCam Pro is a Must-Have

Here are a few reasons why SelfCam Pro is a must-have for selfie lovers and vloggers:

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Well, we’ve talked about all the features of SelfCam Pro. But one important feature of this product is that customers get a 30-day money-back guarantee on their purchase. This means you can return the SelfCam Pro within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with it and get either a full refund or a replacement.
  • Best-in-Class Built Quality: The aluminum anti-rust coated body of the selfie stick is lightweight thus not causing any pain even after prolonged use. Moreover, you can easily carry around the stick in your pocket or backpack without worrying about bending or breaking it.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: The addition of a tripod stand acts as one of the most notable SelfCam Pro benefits. So, you can use this equipment as both a selfie-stick or a stable tripod for your smartphone.
  • Easy Controls: With multiple controls available within the holding part of the stick itself, you can easily use the recording/capturing functions of your smartphone without breaking the frame/shot your phone is in.
  • Rotatable Head: Another important SelfCam Pro feature is its rotatable head. Thus allowing you to easily pan your camera and get a wider area into the shot without much physical movement.

SelfCam Pro: How Much Does it Cost and Where to Buy From?

The selling price of SelfCam Pro is $118 and can be bought from the official selling site

However, there is a limited time special 50% discount on the site for SelfCam Pro.

So, if you are planning on buying the SelfCam Pro selfie stick, then you should definitely grab this offer.

To purchase the SelfCam Pro selfie stick for just $59 (after the 50% discount) from, all you need to do is click here.

Also, there is free international shipping all across the world.

And, as we mentioned earlier, if you’re not satisfied with the SelfCam Pro, you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

Final Verdict

Honestly speaking, is the SelfCam Pro a worthy purchase?

After all, you can get way cheaper selfie sticks out there.

Well, the SelfCam Pro pricing is completely justified by its quality and features.

Instead of buying many cheap selfie sticks over time, you can purchase the SelfCam Pro and use it for pretty much ever.

The longevity of SelfCam Pro is pretty evident from the flood of positive reviews of the product on the official selling site.

So, for anyone who is into mobile photography or videography, SelfCam Pro is definitely a worthy purchase.

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