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Toluna Surveys Reviews

Toluna Surveys Review : If you have been on the Internet looking for work, there is no way you wouldn’t have come across online surveys. To actually complete them and get paid for it seems to have become quite a ‘thing’ in recent years. It sure is a quick and easy way to earn some extra bucks.

‘Toluna surveys paid’ is one such option, and it is a quite popular one on top of that. It is certainly not a lucrative business, but you can redeem a gift card every now and then to help keep your monthly expenses flowing smoothly. 

By providing your opinion on survey sites, and by being aware of how the ‘game’ is played, you can make a semi-reasonable income through survey filling. Now doesn’t that sound enticing?

What Is Toluna Surveys?

Becoming Toluna influencers takes times. It is not just about filling out surveys but choosing the ones you want to fill out.

  • You can select survey categories based on your own personal interest and inclination.
  • Toluna offers two types of surveys: Profile and longer.
  • With Profile surveys, you tell Toluna more about yourself, all to ensure they can send you more tailor-made surveys in future. These surveys are all about relevance, which helps save time.
  • With longer surveys, as the name suggests, you get access to a plethora of categories/topics. Choose and get started on the surveys under those labels. This page on Toluna has varied surveys under any given category. You will also see how many points that survey will earn you, and it’s ETA (completion time).
  • Some of these surveys will ferry you to third-party sites. Nothing alarming, but it is advisable to keep a good antivirus software active. 

Can You make Money From Toluna?

Make Money From Surveys

Instead of an immutable currency amount allotted to each survey, Toluna brings you a point-based system through which you can make money. The point system makes the entire system even more exciting.

  • You get a nice 500-point registration bonus when you join.
  • You add points by filling out profile and longer surveys. 
  • You have the option to redeem said points like you would cash. 
  • Gift card choices are open to you in this regard. Even the cheapest gift card costs you around 30,000 points on Toluna. 
  • How does Toluna pay you? If you want to cash out, PayPal and cheque options are open to you. As of now, $1 is equivalent to 3,000 points on Toluna. 
  • According to NerdWallet, an active user can earn around 74 cents per hour. 
  • Remember, there is also a sweepstakes option on Toluna. You can enter the $4,500 monthly drawing by paying 500 points from your online earnings. If you want, put in 1,000 points to see if you can win an LED TV. 
  • Another interesting way to ‘earn’ via Toluna surveys is to engage in virtual presents. These “Gifties”, as they’re called, can be given to yourself or to a buddy. Costing anywhere between 50-500 points, you can send interesting virtual presents, including gift cards and DIY kits. 
  • You choose virtual presents in order to gain eligibility for the real thing itself. Winners are selected by random. According to Toluna, “For each virtual good that you purchase, you have a chance to win the real object represented by the virtual good.” 

How Toluna Works?

To keep it straightforward, it is easy work. You simply have to put down your true thoughts or experiences about a topic. Granted, you need to spend hours to make a small amount of money, but the ease and convenience of Toluna’s online survey system makes up for that. 

  • It is not a cash-cow, meaning you will not be paying all your bills with only Toluna on your income table. 
  • While it may not be great, it is still an attractively easy way to make a few bucks. 
  • Gift cards, sweepstakes, and Gifties… These add to Toluna’s allure as an original online survey fill-out site. 

How Easy Is It To Use

Tracing its roots to Paris in the year 2000, Toluna has spread globally (more than 57 countries, in fact) since. 

  • It boasts an interesting claim: “The world’s largest social voting community and streamlined research platform.”
  • It enjoys a database of over 9 million users, which partially answers the question of ‘ease of use’.
  • The website’s user interface is appealing and fun. 

2 Types Of Surveys On Toluna

We mentioned the various types of surveys earlier, but let’s delve into the details here…

A. Profile Surveys

Surveys and demographics go hand in hand. Their energies are interlinked. 

  • Even if you take a profile survey, during which you provide details about yourself for Toluna’s use, you become a demographic in Toluna’s servers. 
  • This is a good thing, because the right surveys will then reach you. Based on age, gender, and other factors you can get all the right surveys to fill out. 
  • This in turn streamlines Toluna’s core process, imparting great quality and candour to their survey results.
  • There are not too many profile surveys, so make sure you do not depend on them to earn points. 
  • While you’re filling out various surveys, be prepared for disqualification at any time. 
  • This is not a bad thing, in fact disqualifications are designed to help finetune the process. It pops up on your screen if your selected survey is filled up start to finish. Or, somewhere midway, when you enter answers that give Toluna everything they need to know for that particular survey. 
  • In the case of the latter, it means you were found ineligible for that client, i.e., you did not match the needed profile. In such instances, you get consolations by way of sweepstakes entries.

B. Longer Surveys

This is, quite literally, what it says. As opposed to quick profile surveys, these are longer more drawn out surveys from Toluna that cover varied topics from different categories. By way of mention, many toluna reviews reddit cover these types of surveys in more detail. 

What to Expect When You First Sign Up for Toluna

You can easily expect a 500-point registration gift, for one. Once you’ve signed up, you can get started adding to that initial amount by completing various surveys. 

  • You have surveys as well as questionnaires to choose from. 
  • At its core, Toluna is about providing businesses and brands with direct consumer research. You’re essentially giving accurate feedback to companies through Toluna’s manifold surveys. 
  • You need to make your user profile as detailed as you can. This is how you get invited to answer some types of polls and surveys without you needing to go in search of them.
  • Communities are readily accessible. ‘Thumb It’ allow people to offer their own opinions without saying a word. People can ‘thumb it’ your product statement. This helps you realize where you might have gone wrong when giving your opinion on said product. 
  • ‘Battles’ are another way you can see which product has the people’s vote. Users who engage in these ‘battles’ will decide the winner; this or that service or product. 
  • In addition to sponsored polls (which often find you instead of the other way around), you can most definitely create your own normal polls. These personalized polls can contain anywhere up to 10 voting points. You need to access the ‘Create’ menu on your Toluna account to do this. 
  • Users can immerse themselves in full-fledged conversations on Toluna. You can write queries to the community, or simply open communication on an idea, product, or service. You will get full answers from actual people, and can use their words to further inform your own opinions. 
  • You can earn points by contributing to Toluna’s online features. Target amounts are present, reaching which you gain access to options that let you exchange said points for gifts. When your virtual wallet displays 60,000 earned points, you can exchange those for premium goods or cash. 
  • You can also gamble with a ‘Giftie’ by paying lesser points and hoping to win the same rewards. Speaking of which, you can send ‘Gifties’ to others in the Toluna community, even outsiders. You can, on the other hand, just keep the reward yourself. 
  • Toluna also lets you become a product tester. This is yet another gamble, but worth a shot. You get products to test in exchange for candid feedback. You can only choose from a list of available products. 
  • Upon signing up, you are automatically slotted into a random draw. Whether or not you emerge as a winner is all up to Lady Luck, and your ‘win’ is sent to your designated email address. 
  • When you sign up with Toluna, make sure you upload a profile picture of yourself. After that, remain active online. Before long, you’ll be found eligible to partake of Toluna’s monthly sweepstakes. 
  • Active members generally involve themselves in polls (the ones with votes) and opinion topics. You need to be active for at least three months before you can be part of Toluna’s alluring sweepstakes. 
  • Your sign-up options extend to your mobile phone, where you will receive SMS alerts on varied polls and surveys on Toluna; as long as you qualify for them, that is. 
  • You can also use your Facebook account to log in on Toluna. 

The number of surveys you gain access to depends on your global geo-position. Some locations only end up with one survey each day.

Is Toluna Legit OR Scam?

Toluna Surveys Legit Or Scam _

You may not be guaranteed to fill out every survey they have, but that’s part of the ‘demographic magic’ that goes into making Toluna so popular. 

  • Your demographic and that of your target market need to match for you to even be allowed to fill out certain surveys and partake of certain polls. 
  • Most paid survey sites lack the same success rate as Toluna, namely 25-35%. This percentage does not take profile surveys into consideration.
  • You get consolation prizes even if you disqualify for certain surveys after trying to complete them.
  • Toluna has roots in over 40 countries, making it as popular as it is widespread. 
  • Their Help page adds to the site’s legitimacy and query-resolution potential, if you were not already convinced by the many user recommendations. 
  • If you gain the right to test a product, you may even get to keep said product. Many members have attested to this being true. 
  • You cannot copy-paste your way through the surveys and opinions. This further adds to Toluna’s credibility and quality of results.

Conclusion – Toluna Surveys Review

It’s ridiculously simple to sign up and get started with Toluna. Once you have registered yourself as a member, you can begin completing profile surveys, participating in polls, posting personalized content, engaging in contests, testing products, and referring friends. 

  • Each of these steps accrues points, and once you have enough of them you can start redeeming them for gifts or get their cash equivalent instead. 
  • It is not going to make you rich at the end of the month, but all the hours you spend on Toluna is fun and engaging. You do make a buck, though not buckets of it. 
  • The site enjoys a large global following, to say nothing of its survey-site popularity. 
  • Some of its downsides include the fact that you cannot send ‘Gifties’ to someone from outside your country, and the reality that any points you win or earn expire within 16 months from the time you get them in your virtual wallet. 
  • Toluna is designed to keep you active and engaging with all its features. This is definitely to be expected with anything online. 
  • It is good to know that all your survey answers pass a uniqueness check, meaning you cannot play the copy-pasting game as you wish. The site certainly adds to its own credibility and quality this way.

Customers and Reviews go hand in hand. Every time you think about how companies make their products and brands better for a new and ever-changing market, and how they supply the right demand, it is mostly thanks to reviews and opinions gathered from sites like Toluna. 

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