What Is Grammarly? Everything About This Grammar Tool

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Just read somewhere that one cannot overstate the attractiveness of correct grammar. Truly said! One may observe that whenever we pick up a book, a magazine, or a newspaper to read, the first thing that we come across is not the news or the headlines, not even the topic of the article. What we come across is some mistake in the form of a wrong word, wrong punctuation mark, incorrect sentence structure, as well as repetition of some words. One finds something amiss in writing. When you compare this with a perfect article with impeccable grammar, you feel the difference. This feeling of difference is what grammar does to our psyche.

Unbelievable but true! The world is forked into two kinds of grammar: UK grammar and US grammar. There is a compelling reason behind this. Earlier, that is, before World War One, the countries of the world were either the US colonies or UK colonies. The colonial masters had to teach the English language to the people of these countries so that they could work for them properly. Thus, the English language that we find today is learning from our ancestors.

So, while writing professionally, one often wonders whether he or she has to write using UK grammar or the US. This problem is now solved by a super cool, easy to use an application called

The World Of

Welcome to the world of grammar! Grammar is not just a set of rules; rather, it is something inherent in the language, and language just cannot exist without it. Therefore, grammar can be discovered but absolutely cannot be invented.

The writers across the world were facing a lot of problems regarding their writing as well as grammar. Not all writers have perfect English knowledge nor appropriate grammar aptitude. Thus, Grammarly was born. 

Birth of Grammarly


Max Lytvyn, Dmytro Lider Alex Shevchenko, based in Ukraine, found grammar Lee in 2009. Earlier it was named 'SentenceWorks.' Its plagiarism checking software was called 'MyDropBox.' This application solved almost all the problems of the writers. 

The Purpose of Grammarly 

The only goal of Grammarly is to make a writer's writing shine. It is a writing tool that will help you check for several grammatical errors. The grammar level ranges from basic to advanced. The application provides real-time suggestions as well as guidelines on how to correct these mistakes. A reliable spell check tool is always available to keep the writing error-free.

Who owns Grammarly? 

The application Grammarly is in the ownership of Grammarly Inc. of San Francisco, California. Grammarly announced its support for Google docs in October 2018. 

The actual usefulness of Grammarly 

Well, undoubtedly, there is no other option but to use Grammarly for all those grammatical errors. The free version of the Grammarly tool is instrumental. It is better to check the writing through Grammarly's Automated Grammar check tool than to have a second set of prying eyes looking over your paper to find faults. This free tool identifies a more significant number of spelling and grammar related mistakes than any other typical free device. The premium version of Grammarly identifies as well as suggests corrections for spelling as well as grammar issues. 

Grammarly Tools

Grammarly's writing tools' unique design enables them to work on your phone as well as your PC, in a web browser, or Microsoft word processor. Accuracy, breadth of feedback, and awareness of the context are the differences between Grammarly and built-in spelling and grammar checkers.

Grammarly's browser extension makes considerably strict grammar suggestions and offers suggestions to help the writer sound more formal and professional. The users of Grammarly Premium can change their settings for different styles for applying it on any text on any website. When writing something official, a writer can change to business or academic settings for marking contractions, antecedents which are not clear, and some other casual errors one wants to avoid. 

But when posting on social media in an easy-going voice, then Grammarly's informal setting will turn the alerts off for the passive voice and slang or fragments of sentence informalities.

Plagiarism Checker tool - Grammarly

Plagiarism means using other people's ideas and information without their knowledge and without giving any credit to that person or source. It is terribly like other forms of theft. There are many other disadvantages also which are associated with it. 

To run a plagiarism check in the Grammarly Editor is amazingly simple. As soon as one clicks the plagiarism button, Grammarly will start comparing the text to billions of web pages or Academy papers or private databases looking for matching sentences or paragraphs which may be published elsewhere. Grammarly will flag such a version, and that may need a citation.

The tool provides links to the source which matches the text detected. One also gets an overall originality score for his or her document. 

It is there for one of the best plagiarism detectors across the Internet. 

Is Grammarly safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use Grammarly as far as writing is concerned. Be it academics or casual writing Grammarly is a 100% reliable tool to use. 

As far as the safety of the device is concerned, whether it is a mobile or a PC, Grammarly has been proven to be safe as it is a wholly verified extension by Google Chrome and does not spread any malware into the system. 

The Happy Users

Millions of writers worldwide, therefore, trust Grammarly and its products like Ms office plugin, Google Chrome extension, plagiarism checker, and automated grammar checker. It not only checks grammar but also notices the tone, the style, and the manner of writing. 

More than 600 universities and corporations worldwide use Grammarly products with a license. The students pursuing their academic goals and want to improve their writing in essays, reports, dissertations, thesis, and college entrance applications use Grammarly for best results. 


Sometimes people don't judge other people based on caste, creed, color, or gender. Instead, they judge people based on spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar.

Don't let the people judge you use Grammarly instead. Stand apart from the crowd and making your writing speak for itself. 

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