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Read This Blog Before You Start Out In Your Journey As A Creator On YouTube



No doubt, you are here as you want to ride the most popular boat in the online world, the one that has over 2 billion users logging-in every month. The ever-growing popularity of YouTube is because of its inclusive nature, where you can find the entire world together. So, if you had been procrastinating about creating a career out of YouTube, the time is now.

Grab a coffee mug and capture a cozy seat, as we take you through the most comprehensive checklist that you cannot afford to miss before beginning your video creation journey.

Get Started With a YouTube Channel

The first step to your journey is creating a channel on YouTube that can be your gateway to a rewarding and fulfilling career. Follow the steps below to create your first ever channel.

  • Open YouTube
  • Sign-In using your Google account login
  • Click on the settings tab you would find on the top-right corner of the window
  • Click on ‘Create a New Channel’
  • Give your channel a name and select the category you want to put your channel in
  • Click on create and voila! your channel is ready to hit the floor

What Next?

Now that your channel is ready to discover the things you need to do next to set yourself on a level playing field with pro YouTubers.

1. Make Your Channel Description as Attractive as Your Videos

The first thing that viewers notice is your ‘About’ section, which contains your profile information and the description of the channel. By being as expressive as you can, you can make your viewers understand the rationale behind creating the channel. You may also go one step ahead and include your website or social media links where the viewers may head straight after leaving your channel.

2. Make Your Channel Banner Reflect Your Theme

The channel banner is the biggest thing that viewers notice the moment they open your channel. Choose a cover photo that is attractive, relevant, and displays your brand’s focal theme. You may craft a unique image that is not more than 4MB and 2560×1440 pixels by using any photo editing software. 

3. Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audience and the market type is as important as is to know yourself. Depending on the nature of your audience and the market you are catering to, you may choose among multiple formats like video tutorials, testimonials, and so on. Some pro YouTubers combine all forms of content and release them periodically.

4. Draw Viewers With a Trailer

Since YouTube is all about videos, creating a trailer is the first thing you should think about. While skipping a trailer will not violate anything, creating one will show the audience how serious you are with your channel. The trailer is your opportunity to show the audience who you are, what you have to offer, and what type of videos they may expect from your channel. 

If your trailer is a hit, you are off to a fantastic start. 

Your Journey Begins…

Congratulations!!! You have devoted considerable time and resources to set yourself on a mission – that to change your life as a creator on YouTube. Check out the things you need to do next to ensure your follow-up bears the fruit of your wonderful start. 

1. Upload a Video

After all, this is what you have created the channel for. However, shooting a full-scale video is different from shooting a trailer. To make your mark in the HD-era, you need to shoot videos with an ultra-modern video camera and need additional equipment like noise-free microphone, gimbal stabilizer or tripod, lighting device, and video editing software. 

If all of these sound too intimidating at first, there is an alternative. Use an open source video editor to create eye-catching professional HD videos.

All you have to do to create your first video ever is to sign-up, choose from hundreds of templates, add your own media or choose from an extensive library of resources, edit the video by changing colors, add animations and transitions, preview and edit the video, and publish it, all within five minutes.     

2. Craft the Perfect Intro and Outro

The fact first – you are creating a video to engage viewers and drive viewership. But, without a Call to Action, included in the fag end of your video, you cannot expect the viewers to revisit your channel.  

With an intro and outro maker, your task has just got easier. Creating an outro is more simple than you could ever think of. Enter into your account, choose the best template, replace the existing message with the story of your brand, add music, animations, and effects, preview, and publish. 

With so many options around us, our average attention span is constantly decreasing, and it currently stands at 3 seconds. By including an impeccable video and an unforgettable outro, you can claim ownership of your viewers. Check a few pro YouTubers and see how their intro and outros pan out. 

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3. Improve Your Channel’s Visibility

As the digital world becomes heavily reliant on Search Engine Optimization or SEO, the best way you can stay on top is by tweaking SEO in your favor. As you upload your video, YouTube will ask you to provide a title, include tags, and add a description. Tags are YouTube’s way of positioning your video in the place it deserves.

Check out which tags draw the maximum crowd and include those tags in your description. But, you have to make your videos relate to the tags first. 

As YouTube is a Google product, including appropriate tags, title, and description will make sure your video reaches the right audience.  

4. Stay Put to Conquer

Rome was not built in a day; in the same way, you cannot expect your channel to draw a million viewers overnight. Although there have been instances when a one-night wonder won more accolades than a persistent YouTuber, there is no guarantee that your journey on YouTube will be as wondrous as them.

Hence, it is better to create a master plan and stick to it. Identify your brand’s USP even before creating the first video and stick to it. Work on making the viewers understand your point of view and work towards making it even better.

YouTube can be rewarding only if you are consistent and patient. Do not lose hope if your first video draws no more than 1 view. It has happened with the best of them; devote time to make it better. 


Here is a fact that will prompt you to kickstart your YouTube career right away – the number of YouTubers earning six-figures has been steadily increasing, more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the best time for you to start your YouTube journey is now. 

Rahul is a full-time blogger and love to write about the various topics including Blogging, Technology, IT, and several other topic. He is also an affiliate marketer and write here at Tech4EN about his experiences.

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