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WIFI UltraBoost Review – What Makes It Special?



WIFI UltraBoost Review

Today we bring you a well-detailed WIFI UltraBoost review explaining what makes it the best tool out there to boost WIFI signals and experience high-speed internet.

The modern era is called the internet age or digital age for a reason.

A major part of our lives are influenced by the internet and digitization.

Even though the internet has been around for over 2 decades now, what makes it so important in recent times is accessibility.

There are more internet connected devices out there now than ever before.

Internet is also more accessible, regardless of which part in the world you are right now.

WIFI UltraBoost

Moreover, there is no additional equipment required to enjoy the connectivity of internet.

All you need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any similar gadget to explore the world wide web.

Wireless internet connectivity is definitely something that enhances the possibilities offered by internet.

There are very few homes and offices these days without an WIFI internet connection.

Even public places, restaurants, coffee shops, public transport, etc. also offer internet connectivity via WIFI.

Two common problems that most of us might have experienced with a WIFI connection is browsing speed and connectivity.

With WIFI, signal weakens as you move farther away from the WIFI router. Weaker signals results in slower internet speeds.

What Causes Weak WIFI Signal Strength?

So, what exactly causes a weak WIFI signal?

There are several factors that contribute to a weak WIFI signal.

As we mentioned above, the distance between the connected device and the WIFI router is the No. 1 factor that determines the signal strength.

Moreover, the obstacles that appear in between the connected device and router also affect the WIFI strength.

If there are thick walls made of concrete, etc. then the WIFI signal strength can be more affected.

Also, other WIFI signals around, microwaves, and even the surrounding weather can affect the strength of your WIFI signal.

So, what can be done to reduce the issue of WIFI signal loss and improve internet browsing speed?

Using a WIFI booster / WIFI repeater is the answer.

What Is A WIFI Repeater / WIFI Booster?

As the name indicates, WIFI repeaters (also known as WIFI boosters) are devices that pick up a selected WIFI signal and repeats it, thus boosting the coverage area of the original signal.

What Is A WIFI Repeater _ WIFI Booster_

Even though WIFI repeaters are the ideal solution to extend the range of any given WIFI signal, it comes at the cost of the internet speed.

When the WIFI signal is repeated/boosted, the actual internet speed takes a hit.

For those seeking a super boost WIFI solution that does not compromise internet browsing speed for WIFI coverage area, then the WIFI UltraBoost repeater is the answer.

What Is WIFI UltraBoost?

WIFI UltraBoost is a repeater that helps you extend the coverage of your original WIFI router.

Unlike other WIFI boosters, WIFI UltraBoost does not affect the internet speed of the original WIFI signal, which is definitely its unique selling point.

So, regardless of whether you’re buying a WIFI repeater gadget for your home or office setup, the WIFI UltraBoost repeater will definitely satisfy all your needs.

WIFI UltraBoost Review 2020: All You Need To Know

To give you a better understanding of WIFI UltraBoost India, below is a detailed WIFI UltraBoost review UK from my experience with the gadget.

Features Of WIFI UltraBoost: What Are Its Benefits?

  • Compact Design: Most WIFI boosters are quite bulky in size, thus making it difficult to store them in tight spaces. The design of WIFI UltraBoost is really compact which allows you to easily place the gadget even in tighter spaces.
  • Plug-and-Play Functionality: Once the initial setup is completed, using the WIFI UltraBoost is a very easy. All you need to do is to plug the gadget onto a power outlet and wait for the device to turn ON. Once powered ON, the repeater will automatically connect to the WIFI network that you’ve previously configured and you can enjoy extended range of WIFI without any hassles.
  • Easy Configuration Steps: Even the initial configuration steps following which you can link the repeater and your original WIFI signal is very easy and only require you to follow few methods.We have mentioned in detail about the configuration steps of WIFI UltraBoost in a separate section below.
  • Better Range than Competing Boosters: Even though there are lots of WIFI booster options out there in the market, the WIFI UltraBoost repeater provides a better signal extension than most other competing devices.One of the best features of WIFI UltraBoost is that the repeating signals are quite strong that they can easily penetrate through most obstacles that are commonly available in home and office spaces.
  • Compatible with All Kinds of Devices: Regardless of the device you use to browse the internet using WIFI, you can be guaranteed that WIFI UltraBoost supports them all.So, you can browse the web on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc. using the extended WIFI signals broadcasted by this gadget.
  • Multiple Methods for Configuration: WIFI UltraBoost also offers multiple ways to configure the gadget.You can either choose to configure the booster directly using the buttons placed on top of the gadget.Alternatively, you can also setup WIFI UltraBoost on a computer or mobile device with browser availability.
  • No Drop in Internet Speed: One of the best features of WIFI UltraBoost is that it extends the range of an original WIFI signal without compromising a lot on the internet speed.Thus, even while using the extended WIFI signal broadcasted by UltraBoost WIFI, you can enjoy the maximum internet speed provided by your ISP.

How Does WIFI UltraBoost Work?

The WIFI UltraBoost gadget works the same way as any other WIFI repeater / WIFI booster gadgets in the market.

After you complete the initial configuration, the gadget picks up the original WIFI network signal and extends the coverage of the signal by broadcasting it again.

Thus, you will be able to expewrience a wider area of coverage of the WIFI signal than what was originally possible by the WIFI router itself.

How To Setup and Start Using WIFI UltraBoost?

Now let us take you through the steps required to perform the initial setup and configuration of WIFI UltraBoost with your WIFI router.


As mentioned above, there are two ways following which you can complete the initial setup.

The first method is by using the buttons that are present on top of your WIFI router as well as the WIFI UltraBoost gadget.

The second method is followed with the help of a web browser on any device you own with internet access.

We have provided a step-by-step guide for both the methods below.

Method 1: Setup and Configure WIFI UltraBoost Using WPS

  • Power ON your WIFI modem and the WIFI UltraBoost gadget.
  • Press and hold the “WPS” button on your WIFI router for 3 seconds.
  • Also, press and hold the “WPS” button on the WIFI UltraBoost gadget for 3 seconds as well.
  • Wait until both the devices get connected.

A new WIFI network for the repeated signal will be created now. Now, try browsing the internet by connecting a device to the repeated WIFI network to verify that the connection happens properly.

Method 2: Setup WIFI UltraBoost by Browsing IP On Web Browser

  • Power ON your WIFI modem and the WIFI UltraBoost repeater.
  • Connect to the WIFI network connected by the repeater.
  • Launch web browser on the device using which you connected to the repeated WIFI network.
  • Within the web browser, go to the website
  • In the login page, enter “admin” for both username and password to proceed.
  • In the setup wizard, click on “Repeater”.
  • Click on the WIFI network that you’re trying to boost.

And that’s all. The repeated WIFI network should now be connected to your original WIFI network.

How Much Does WIFI UltraBoost Cost and From Where to Buy?

The WIFI UltraBoost repeater sells for $49 a piece on the official hyperstech website.

You can purchase the WIFI booster by clicking here.

For a lucky few, there is a promotion currently going on the hyperstech website.

If you purchase 2 WIFI UltraBoost repeaters, you can effectively purchase them for $35 each. Instead, if you purchase 4 repeaters, then the price further drops to $31 each.

Also, you can buy 2 repeater devices for $98 and get another one device free. In case you purchase 3 WIFI UltraBoost devices, then you can 2 devices for free by paying just $135.

WIFI UltraBoost Review: Verdict

Who is the WIFI UltraBoost perfect for?

The answer is perfectly evident from the WIFI UltraBoost Review.

For anyone seeking an affordable, reliable, and working booster for WIFI signals in their home or office space, the WIFI UltraBoost is one of the best choices there is.

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With millions of active users around the world, you can be sure of the performance and reliability of WIFI Ultra Boost for super boost WIFI signals throughout the space you’re in.

If you’ve already used the WIFI UltraBoost repeater, then do share your valuable experiences with the tool as a comment below to help others out.

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