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Best 1337x Proxy Server List To Access [Updated List]



1337x Proxy Server LIst

1337x proxy server: 1337x is a leading online movie download site through which you can download any kind of movies free. There are torrent sites like Pirate Bay which gets lot of attention while few don’t.

1337x comes at the later group which despite of being one of the best torrent sites, doesn’t get much attention. And this is even the strong point for you as well. As not much popularity it has and so, you can easily download movie free online or download free Netflix videos online.

1337x Proxy Server LIst

What is 1337x?

As said, 1337x is a torrent website like any other torrent site which offers free links to download movies, videos, books etc. online. Being a public torrent directory, 1337x is open to everyone and anyone can download movies online free.

But here is the catch!

It’s a two way system. That means, you need to register on 1337x site to get access to the download links. Now depending on your profile reputation and points earned, you will have access to different levels.

So, the more you will upload to 1337x torrent site, the more points you will earn and the more access you will get. There are different level of membership on 1337x torrent and the VIP level status shows all the uploads are real, genuine, and of good quality.

1337x blocking

As 1337x is a torrent site and somehow promote piracy and so, you will find 1337x blocked in many regions. So, if the 1337x site is blocked in your region too, you will have to use 1337x proxy server to unblock 1337x torrent site.

Like any other Torrent sites, 1337x has also experienced many shutdown and ban from different sources. The major came in 2016 when Google banned 1337x from it’s search engine result. This was followed by a complaint from Feelgood Entertainment in 2015.

But with the time 1337x recovered and tried different domain name extension and at the time of writing this 1337x post, the official domain name is

The best thing with 1337x site is, despite of several change in the domain name extension, still is the 300th most watched domain on the internet.

The blocking of 1337x torrent site is from two sources-

  • Blocking by government
  • Blocking by the internet service provider (ISP)

Especially, if you belong to the countries like- United Kingdom, Australia, Russian Federation, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Singapore, Belgium, India, and Iran, then 1337x torrent site is permanently banned by government.
So, if you want to unblock 1337x site in these regions, you will have to use 1337x proxy server.

1337x proxy server

Unblocking 1337x torrent site is not a tough game and you just need a 1337x proxy server to do that. These 1337x mirror site help you access 1337x torrents site even if it is banned in your area. There are many free 1337x server list which you can use for the same purpose.
Here the 1337x proxy server will act like an intermediate server and will get you access to the 1337x torrent site. So, usually what a 1337x proxy serer will do here is, it will provide a dummy IP address for the location where 1337x site is not blocked and so, the ISP will consider it a legit requested. And by this way, you’ll be able to access original site.

I have found many people confused between 1337x proxy servers and 1337x mirror sites. Here is the difference between 1337x proxy server and 1337x mirror sites.

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1337x proxy server vs 1337x mirror site

A mirror site is a completely different site which will be just a replica of original site but on different server, ISP, and domain name. It doesn’t have any relation to the original site just it is the duplicate version of the original website.

Where as the proxy server is an independent intermediate server which act like a gateway between the original requester and the destination site.

So, don’t get confused and choose what you need- 1337x proxy server or 1337x mirror site. But in general, it doesn’t matter what you use- 1337x proxy server or 1337x mirror site, both have almost same level of privacy.

1337x proxy server list and 1337x mirror sites

ProxyStatusSpeed OnlineVery Fast
https://1337× OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast OnlineVery Fast

1337x VPN Service

You can easily access 1337x torrent website even if the site is blocked in your area using 1337x proxy server. Or using the 1337x mirror site you can access and make similar downloads as you do on the original site.

But in both 1337x proxy server and 1337x mirror site methods, the level of privacy is very less, and your connection is less secure. And so, if you need high level of privacy, you should use 1337x VPN service.

Here are some of the leading 1337x VPN services which you can use to access 1337x torrent website-

  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • Buffred VPN

Almost all the above 1337x VPN service offers similar level of security and privacy.

1337x Alternatives

If still, you are not satisfied or somehow unable to open 1337x torrent website, you can use the below 1337x alternatives to download movies free online.

Here are some of the best alternatives to 1337x torrent site-

1337x Alternative #1- The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

The pirate bay is one of the oldest public torrent directory and also one of the most popular torrent website. The pirate bay’s interface will look somehow similar to Google search engine. You can find the direct download link of audio, video, games, software, movies, etc. But like any other torrent site, the pirate bay also gets banned frequently. And so, you will have to use either VPN or proxy server to access the pirate bay. Here are some of the pirate bay proxy servers-

The Pirate Bay Proxy Server/Mirror Sites


1337x Alternative #2- RARBG


RARBG is another leading public torrent directory offering you the authentic and HD download links for the movies, audio, books etc. Like any other torrent site, the RARBG is also banned in many countries and so, you’ll have to use either RARBG proxy server or RARBG mirror sites. Here are some of the best RARBG proxy servers-

RARBG proxy server/Mirror Sites


1337x Alternative #3- TorLock


TorLock is another leading public torrent site offering download links for the movies, audio, video, etc. Although BitTorrent is majorly focusing on the pirated content and videos but TorLock is something different from this. TorLock is different from the sites which offer piracy. You will find curated content and legal links for download movies on TorLock. Here are some of the best TorLock proxy servers and mirror sites-

TorBlock Proxy server/Mirror sites



These were all about 1337x proxy servers and 1337x mirror sites, and 1337x alternatives. If you found any other 1337x proxy server 2018, do let us know in comment.

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