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Best Online Grammar Checker Tools



Best online grammar checker tools

Are you a professional or student who produce lots of content like us?

And looking to produce error-free content?

Then this article on best online grammar checker tools is for you. Here at Tech4EN, we’re going to talk about some of the top online grammar checker software using which you can develop error-free content.

Best online grammar checker tools

Best online grammar checker tools

Especially for people for whom English is not the primary language, online grammar checker tools are much required to write error-free content which adds value.

If you are looking for the solutions, this best online grammar checker tools or these best online grammar checker software is for you. Be with me and get to the best options for writing error-free content online.

Here I have shared the list of top 10 effective Grammar and punctuation checker software those you can use as a proofreader.

10 best online grammar checker tools

Let’s start and see what all I have in the bucket for you today!

These are currently leading the market and you should use it to write error-free content online. Most of these are a freemium tool. That means you can use the free version with limited feature and uses. For a full-fledged feature, you need to subscribe for the paid version.

Grammarly grammar checker tool

Grammarly is currently the leading online grammar checker tool in the market and more than 10 million users are using it. You’ll find Grammarly being used by everyone who writes frequently.


The best thing with the Grammarly tool is, no matter what platform you are using for writing, it has the app or extension available for the same. For example, if you fond of writing in Microsoft Word, we have Grammarly extension for word and the same goes to the browser or any other leading products.

Even if you have created your content for any other system, you may upload it on the Grammarly web interface and check for the errors.

Along with this, Grammarly offers a freemium plan for their product. That means you can use Grammarly for free with some limited features. And for all the features, you should upgrade it to the premium plan. But the free Grammarly version is also good to go ahead initially.

ProWritingAid Grammar Checker

ProWritingAid is another leading online grammar checker tools in the budget. If you are looking for the Grammarly alternative, ProWritingAid is there for you. You can even use ProWritingAd as a Manuscript editing software. The major difference between Grammarly and ProWritingAd is, ProWritingAd converts you good writing to great writing.


The style report of ProWritingAd checks for 5000+ different quality check and make your content perfect. Many leading writers and authors ate using ProWritingAd to make their content error-free.
Along with being a leading online grammar checker tool, ProWritingAd is also one of the best spelling checker and best plagiarism checker tool. Like Grammarly, you can use ProWritingAd with Word, iOS, browser, and desktop.

Also, it offers the free plan but there are more limitations compared to Grammarly here. The ProWritingAd premium plan starts at $50 per year.

WhiteSmoke Grammar checker

WhiteSmoke is another best online grammar checker tool in the market helping you write error-free content. You can use WhiteSmoke for proofreading and writing enhancements. This tool will help you draft the sentence beautifully and help you curate the content in a way, reader love.


Like any other top online grammar checker tools, WhiteSmoke is also available for Windows, Mac, and all leading browsers, and Microsoft Words. This is a perfect Grammarly alternative and also ProWritingAd alternative.

WhiteSmoke majorly checks your grammar, spelling, and style and ensure your content is free before going online or distributed.

Compared to the other online proofreading tools, WhiteSmoke is comparatively costly and also doesn’t offer a free plan. Their minimum plan is $4.16 per month.

Ginger Grammar Checker

You can write better and faster with the Ginger Grammar Checker tool. Like the other online proofreading tool, Ginger is also one of the best online grammar checker tool helping you write perfect content.


The Ginger software is available for the Chrome browser and will be active for all the sites wherever you write. The Ginger tool is also available to MS office products.

While you start writing, the tool will start showing you the suggestions for the error or the best alternative. This helps you save time and writer error-free content.

Along with the grammar checker, Ginger is also helping you with sentence rephrase and text reading. Ginger is also available for Windows, MAC, and as an android keyboard. It is available for free as well with limited features and uses. The premium Ginger plan is available at $59.88 per year.

After the Deadline

After the deadline is another best online grammar checking tool with spelling and sentence formation. This is a product by Automattic who developed the most popular CMS, WordPress.

after the deadline

After the Deadline is also being known as PolishMyWriting and help you check spelling, grammar, and style. But After the Deadline is not as much advanced online spelling checker tool as Grammarly or WhiteSmoke. After the Deadline is having a simple web interface where you can paste your content and check for the grammar.

Online Correction

Online Correction is a simple online grammar checker tool. This is for the person who doesn’t want to get involved with the heavy graphics and options.

online correction

They have a simple web interface where you can paste your content and select your language like if it is US English or UK English or so on. They also have provided one checkbox which says, if you check that, the content will be auto-corrected.

The spelling mistakes will be shown in Red while the suggestions will be in Green. Needless to say, Online Correction is a free online grammar checker tool.

Paper Rater

Paper Rater is another best online spelling and plagiarism checker tool helping you write error-free content. It is a free online proofreading tool and is a web-based. That mean, you don’t have to download anything.

paper rater

We recommend Paper Rater to everyone who simply needs the best online grammar and proofreading tool. The interface of Paper Rater is fairly simple and is quite easy to use.

Like any other online grammar checker tool, Paper Rater is also available for free with limited access and for all features, you can go ahead with a premium plan at $47.7 per year. Along with grammar, it also checks Plagiarism.


Hemingway is another web-based online proofreading software helping you develop quality content online. It is a web-based text editor and so, won’t work directly with MS Office or WordPress editor. You’ll need to copy your content to Hemingway editor and check for the grammar and spelling.


Recently, they have released the desktop app as well which works in the similar fashion as the web-based editor. Again, if you’re just looking for simply a grammar checker, you may use Hemingway.


LanguageTool is another free online grammar checker tool offering the web-based extensions for the MS Word, Chrome, Firefox, and other leading tools and browsers.

LanguageTool is also following the path of the spelling checker software like Grammarly and offer both free and premium plans. You can try the free LanguageTool with some limitations. The best thing with LanguageTool is, it is available in several languages and even it supports developers. That means, if you are looking to integrate LanguageTool tool in any other software, you can create the API and get your work done.


SmallSeoTools is also one of the top online grammar checker tool offering the following major features-

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Word Counter

The main feature of SmallSeoTools is, it is completely free and you can use it without any limitations. You cal also convert images from one format to other and also convert text in other form.


These were some of the best online grammar checker tools available. Although my personal favorite is Grammarly but other online proofreading tools like Ginger, Paper Rater, etc. are also working great.
Which online proofreading tool you use?