50+ Torbox Proxy and Torbox Mirror Sites to Unblock Torbox.Net

Torbox Proxy: Torbox is a great torrent site which provides you the free torrent download link to the new movies, videos, web series and much more. That is the reason, if you are looking for this early access to the movies and videos, you should use the Torbox site.

All you have to ensure is, you should have any torrent client installed like BitTorrent, uTorrent etc. The great feature I found with Torbox compared to any other torrent site is, all the files you will find here are verified and expired links are removed. And so, won’t have to do hit and trial to check which one is working and what not.

But due to the piracy issue, local government has started banning such torrent sites and, in many locations, Torbox.net is no longer available to access. For the same, we earlier wrote extratorrents proxy sites to unblock extratorrents site and now we are focusing majorly on Torbox proxy to access Torbox site to access it in the area it is not available.

Using the Torbox proxy sites you will be able to access the website and download the torrent downloadable file in any way you want. This is majorly for those where Torbox is no longer accessible. To check if Torbox is accessible in your area or not, you can check the site at Torebox.net.

If it is not accessible, you should follow these Torbox mirror sites to access these blocked sites. We have verified these site at the time of writing this post and all are working perfectly fine. If this is not working for you then this post on Torbox proxy sites is for you.

What Torbox proxy will do, it will basically create a proxy IP for you which will be kind of dummy IP address for you. And instead of your real IP address, your virtual or dummy IP address will be shown to the Internet Host. And if the site is accessible in the area for which you are using the fake IP, you will be able to access the site without any issue.

For example, in India Torbox.net is banned but I used the Torbox proxy and now I am able to access the site as shown below-

torbox proxy

So, let’s start and show you the best 50+ Torbox proxy sites or Torbox mirror site which will help you access Torbox and download any torrent file. If you want to know more about how proxy work, you can follow this article.

50+ Torbox proxy or Torbox Mirror sites to access Torbox.net

Here are those top and working Torbox mirror sites or Torbox proxy sites to access the Torbox.net. At the time of writing this article, all these Torbox mirror sites are working and will keep on updating this post so that you can get the best.

SI No.Torbox Proxy Site NameTorbox Mirror Site URL
3YIFY Torrentshttps://www.yify-torrent.org
4Kickass Torrentshttp://kickasstorrents.to/
5The Pirate Bayhttps://thepiratebay.org/
6ISO Hunthttps://isohunt.to/
7Extra Torrenthttps://extratorrent.ag
10Seed Peerhttp://seedpeer.eu/
11Torrent Projecthttp://torrentproject.se/
12Torrent Downloadshttps://www.torrentdownloads.me/
14Torrent Funkhttps://www.torrentfunk.com/
15Your BitTorrenthttps://yourbittorrent.com/
18Lime Torrentshttps://www.limetorrents.cc/
19BitTorrent Searchhttp://bittorrent.am/
20Bit TORhttps://dht.bittor.ch/
22Torrent Bithttp://www.torrentbit.net/
23Torrent Kinghttp://torrentking.eu
24Sumo Torrenthttp://www.sumotorrent.sx/
27Worldwide Torrentshttps://worldwidetorrents.eu/
29BT Scenehttp://www.btsone.cc/
3101 Torrentshttp://www.01torrent.com/
34RU Trackerhttps://rutracker.org
36Arena BGhttps://arenabg.com/
37NT Torrentshttps://www.nyaa.se/
38Pirate Publichttp://piratepublic.com/
39Academic Torrentshttp://academictorrents.com
41Mejor Torrenthttp://www.mejortorrent.com/
42File Listhttp://filelist.ro
43Fast Torrenthttp://fast-torrent.ru/
45DIVX Totalhttp://www.divxtotal.com/
46New Rutorhttp://new-rutor.org/
47Torrent 9http://www.torrent9.info/
48Desi Torrentshttp://www.desitorrents.com/
49Booty Tapehttp://www.bootytape.com
50Only Torrentshttp://onlytorrents.com

In order to access the Torbox torrent website, you just need to access any of the above Torbox proxies and you will be able to access the website.

How to access Torbox.net using Torbox proxy?

Now, let me show you how to access Torbox.net site with the help of Torbox proxy we have listed above. For this demonstration, I am going to choose torrents.me proxy site.

First of all, open torrents.me and you will get the screen like below-

steps to access torbox

In the search box showing above, enter Torbox.net and press enter. Once done, you will be simply able to access the Torbox.net site like below-

torbox mirror sites

In the same way, the other Torbox proxy sites will also work. If some sites are not working at one time, try others. Due to heavy uses, you may find some Torbox mirror sites not working for time being.

Hope this post you found useful and got the working list of best Torbox proxy/Torbox mirror sites and was able to access the blocked Torbox sites.

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