6 Best Apps For Making Money Online

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Most people already spend a good chunk of their day looking at their smartphones. So, wouldn’t it be great if someone paid you to do it?

Believe it or not, there actually are many apps out there that will pay you for doing what you’re probably already doing anyway: spending most of your free time on your phone.

Apps for making money online

Let’s look at some of the most popular apps that pay their users. And the tasks each require in exchange for the payment. These are the legit apps for making money online for all. No matter what you do, you can definitely earn some bucks as an extra income.

Top 6 apps for making money online

Let’s start and see what all apps for making money online came in our list. I have personally selected these apps for making money online and these are good apps to start with. If you have used any other good sites for making money online, please send in the comment section.


SwagbucksConsidered by many to be the king of money-making apps, Swagbucks offers a ton of ways to make money: watching videos, answering surveys, searching the web, printing and using coupons, games and contests, and more. You can earn even more points by referring your friends, as well. Their proprietary “currency” is called SB (for Swagbucks) and can be exchanged for gift cards or paid out in cash.


iPollDo you like taking surveys? If so, you can get paid for the privilege, because iPoll offers a slew of surveys on a wide range of topics. Most iPoll surveys typically take somewhere in the 15-20-minute range to complete, and generally pay around a dollar apiece, though some polls can pay as high as ten bucks. You can redeem your earnings for a variety of rewards, or just cash out once you’ve reached the minimum threshold of $35.


SlidejoyVery simply, Slidejoy pays you to run ads on your phone. You can slide left to learn more about the promotions they send you, slide up to see other ads, or slide right to return to normal phone operation. You don’t actually need to interact with the ads, and users can make up to $15 per month on average for merely having the app on their phone.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion RewardsIn their eternal quest to provide its customers with as much information as they can on literally every topic under the sun, Google’s Opinion Rewards app will pay you for your thoughts on products, stores, and other places you’ve visited or done business. Their surveys are usually very short (most take less than a minute to complete), and pay in the neighborhood of a dollar apiece.

How you receive your payment will depend on which device you use the app on. iOS users are paid through PayPal, but Android users receive credits that have to be redeemed in Google Play.


SweatcoinMotivating yourself to get in shape is something many people have trouble doing, but financial incentives have been known to be pretty useful motivators. That’s the idea behind Sweatcoin, an app that literally pays you to exercise. Sweatcoin tracks your steps and pays you for every thousand steps you take. You can redeem your reward for fitness stuff, cash out, or even donate your earnings to charity if you wish.

Receipt Hog

Receipt HogYes, there’s even an app out there that will pay you for pictures of all the receipts you get from going shopping pretty much anywhere, for just about anything. Just use the Receipt Hog app to take a picture of any receipt you get at check out, and earn rewards. You can redeem for Amazon gift cards or transfer out to your PayPal account.


These are just a few of the many apps that pay you to use them. And the ease with which you can redeem rewards in a variety of digital formats makes them ideal payment methods for the increasing number of on-demand apps that make our lives faster and more convenient than ever before.

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There are many such apps to make money online which you can use. But make sure you are using the legit apps as there are hundreds of fake apps available as well. Check the reviews of the apps you’re going to use.

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