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10 Best Free Video Editing Software



Best free video editing software: Video editing has turned out to be an essential and coveted skill in today’s day and age. With the growth of several YouTube entrepreneurs, it has always been an outstanding career option for many. However, with high power comes great responsibility.

And for this purpose, you need a perfect best free video editing software to make your life easier. For the excellent video, you need the ideal video editing software.

With so many options available in the market, it is but obvious that you may face some amount of confusion to make the right choice. However, this article has got you covered.

10 best free video editing software

Let us take a look at some of the best video editing software, without you having to burn a hole in your pocket –

1) Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

When it comes to video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is the first option that comes to anyone’s mind, and that too for good reasons. Think of any feature that you may require on a video editing software, and Adobe has it. The clean and friendly user interface makes it easier for people of all ages to get the hang of the software quickly. One of the most enticing features of this software is that it connects you seamlessly to Premiere Pro. Whether you are using Photoshop for photos, After Effects for animations or Adobe Audition for audio editing, everything plays nicely with the Premiere Pro. For this reason, I recommend this software over any other video software in the World.

2) Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X

If you are a Mac user, then Apple has got you covered. You are not even required to go in for any video editing software as the Final Cut Pro X gets the job done for you. If you are starting out, then the Final Cut Pro X is the best option as it is a beast on the Mac. This is one video editing software which is applauded for its performance and is as powerful as any other video editing software on this list. If you are a beginner who is willing to invest time and money into this software, it is one of the easier video editing software to get used to. As I said, if you are on a Mac and are willing to learn quickly then this surely should be the option for you.

3) Lightworks


Lighworks is a professional video editing software, which helps you to generate videos in SD and HD formats, with up to 4K resolution. It is available in free and paid versions. It has a simple and intuitive user interface and easy timeline editing and trimming. This option is perfect for first-time users as they can get the hang of the software quickly. You also get access to video tutorials on how to use this software using Lightworks YouTube channel. It also provides you the option to analyze the clips and instantly and organize your videos in an orderly fashion.

4) VSDC Free Video editor

VSDC Free Video editor

This is a non-linear video editor which also includes blending modes and Instagram-like filters for editing. The audio and visual effects are split into five categories- color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects, and special effects. You can create different shaped masks for hiding, blurring or highlighting certain areas in your videos and you could use several tools to apply the effects even outside the masked regions. You can also easily export to any social network using this software.

5) DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve provides professional video and audio editing in SD, HD, and Ultra HD. It virtually includes every possible editing and trimming tool available. It also includes fully featured Fairlight audio tool in the same software you use for editing and color correction. Not just that, it let’s picture editors, colorists and sound editors work in parallel. It also runs on all major platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. You could even get a grasp on this software by following simple video on the Blackmagic Design YouTube channel.

6) Filmora


Filmora is another best free video editing software which is accessible on Windows, Mac, and Android. The effects available on this software include noise removal, reverse, color tuning, and camera shake effects. It also provides social import as an option. You can easily add up to 5 text tracks and ten music tracks to your timeline using this software. Other editing options include Picture in Picture track, audio mixer, and advanced text editing. All in all, if you need a solution that is quick and effective, then Filmora is the answer.

7) Freemake


Freemake provides free video editing software for free without any registration, time limitations or hidden costs. It works both as a video editor and video downloader. You can easily cut, join and rotate clips using this software. You can also convert movies with subtitles and embed videos to websites. It helps you to convert YouTube or any other video to MP4. MP3, AVI, WMV, DVD, iPhone, and Android. It is easy to learn for novices and also has a strong personality.

8) iMovie


iMovie is an Apple-based free video editing software. You can start editing on your iPhone or iPad and finish off on your iMac. You can easily select from a dozen of styles to add beautifully animated title and credits. You can also create beautiful split-screen effects and picture-in-picture effects. Choose from 10 creative video filters that add a cinematic touch. It is easy to use and yet simple to use products out there. It has enough features to let you do some real work, yet also easy enough to put a slideshow together.

9) Clipchamp


Clipchamp is one of the best video editor software available. Clipchamp provides a single, browser-based webcam recorder and video editing software. However, there are certain limitations to this software. You can only edit videos per month. You can, however, compress a video and can also carry out batch video processing; It also has plugins available for WordPress, Slack, and Gmail. You can also carry out unlimited maximum input video and maximum video size.

10) Shotcut


It is another leading video editor software which can be used easily. Shotcut is a Windows, Mac and Linux-based free and open source, cross-platform video editor. This editor supports a wide range of formats. It also has several audio features and video effects to choose from. It provides resolution support up to 4K and also has several tutorials available at your disposal.


At last, you have reached the end of the article and have a reasonably good idea about the best video editing software available in the market. The choice, however, depends on your need, skills, and budget. Don’t just choose the most popular ones. Go in for the ones which are right for you. If this article helped you make the right pick, sound it off in the comments below. Let’s get the conversation going.

Also, if you know any other best free video editor software, please comment their details below.

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