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Best Minecraft Server Hosting – Top 6 Minecraft Hosting Reviewed!



Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft Server helps players to play online. It allows them via a local area network. Minecraft Servers are lead by the server operators. In this period of lockdown, the demand for Minecraft Server Hosting has grown exponentially. Everyone loves this gameplay.

So if you are interested in multilevel gaming, then you should get yourself a Minecraft Server. But in order to get a good Minecraft Server, you have to go through a lot of research. Hence we have come up with some Minecraft Server Hostings, which are best for beginners, intermediate, and experienced players. 

Top 6 Minecraft Server Hosting In 2021



Hostinger International Ltd is one of the top Minecraft Server Hosting. This hosting is used by more than 29 million people all over the world. Players use its cloud-based web hosting, and they seem to have a good experience with it. They serve more than 170 countries, and it comes with affordable prices. To use this server, you will need 2-GB RAM to play a multilevel game. 

Features Of Hostinger:

  • Hostinger provides you 24/7 DDoS protection. Hence people won’t be having any problem because of traffic interference. 
  • Hostinger is user-friendly since it comes with a swift set-up feature. 
  • It is easier to download. You can have it on your devices by downloading it from Android and iOS.
  • You won’t be having any problem since it provides you 24/7 customer care.
  • It also comes up with automatic off-site backups, which is cloud-based. 

Benefits Of Hostinger:

  • It can benefit since it uses a Multicraft panel, which will help you set up your server. You will also be able to manage it with a few clicks.
  • You get to enjoy the full experience since it comes with the best-preinstalled mods. 
  • It helps you by protecting your server from DDoS with its advanced automated hardware protection.
  • You don’t have to sweat about the restoration of lost data since it provides you with firm-level backup data.
  • It has its servers worldwide so that it can give the people low latency irrespective of their location.

The prices of the Hostinger Server range from $8.95 to $29.95 per month. The plans also come with a moneyback guarantee. 

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is one of the best Minecraft Server Hosting for novices. It has a rating of around 4.7 on Trustpilot, which shows a famous server across the globe. 

You don’t have to worry about the installment of your server if you go for Apex Hosting. They have proven their services by hosting more than 200,000 high-performing servers.

Features Of Apex Hosting:

  • Apex Hosting proposes Minecraft Server Hosting along with a free domain name for Minecraft gamers.
  • It also comes with DDoS protection.
  • You are going to love Apex Hosting since it supports 24/7 online chats.
  • Backups aren’t going to be the reason for your stress since Apex Hosting comes with automated backups.
  • Apex Hosting provides you with Java and Bedrock servers, which will enhance your gameplaying experience.

Benefits Of Apex Hosting:

  • With Apex Hosting, you get access to their competent service admins via 24/7 live support chat, led by the industry.
  • You can change server version files with a few clicks. You can also seek guidance from their team.
  • It provides low latency on Bedrock and Java across their servers worldwide.
  • With the help of Apex Hosting, you can create a site for your server by using its subdomain, which is free of cost.
  • Apex Hosting supports every Minecraft maps, mini-games, plugins, and mods.

The company comes with various offers ranging from 1GB RAM to 7GB RAM. In the first month, you have to pay a lower price, and from the next month, you have to pay the original price. The cost ranges from $4.49 to $26.24.

They also come with an exciting offer to pay quarterly for each plan and get a 10% discount. You can also keep your IP address hidden by contacting the Proxy, which costs around $2.24 in the first month.



If you are looking for the Best Minecraft Server under a budget, then BisectHosting is for you. This provides your service at an affordable price. The Minecraft community highly recommends the BisectHosting server to all novice Minecraft gamers. It has a rating of 4.8.

The beginners can try the multiplayer levels, and they can reach an advanced level within a month.

Features of BisectHosting:

  • BisectHosting comes with full FTP access and full root access.
  • It also features unlimited SSD space.
  • You can stop worrying about any interruption while playing games since it comes with DDoS protection.
  • The users of Minecraft Server Hosting will get support 24/7 from the BisectHoting team.
  • It also provides you with custom JAR support.

Benefits of BisectHosting:

  • You will have a great experience while gameplaying since BisectHosting provides you with faster performance and quicker loading.
  • You can focus on your game since it will install the modpack of your choice.
  • Each node on the clock is monitored. So there are more than enough resources to go around each server.
  • You can stop sweating about the control of files since it provides you with full FTP access. 
  • BisectHosting gives you a lot of daily backups, MySQL, and subdomains for free.

BisectHosting comes with two packages that are premium and budget. Players who go for the budget packages can enjoy instant set-up. This package also comes with a Multicraft Control Panel, free subdomains, and 24/7 support. 

The premium package comes with the same features. But premium users get free unlimited slots, free dedicated IP, and servers from various locations.



Shockbyte also comes with various features at an affordable price. It is known as the most trusted Minecraft Server Hosting Provider. With ShockByte hosting, the experienced players can select a custom plan after inspecting the technical features the program comes with. It also allows you to choose a server from Singapore, Europe, and Australia. 

Features Of Shockbyte: 

  • Shockbyte provides the players with custom JAR support.
  • You will get a free subdomain if you go for Shockbyte.
  • Shockbyte also comes with limitless SSD storage.
  • It also provides you with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Backing up your data is going to be the least of your concern since it comes with automatic backup.
  • You will also get full FTP access with Shockbyte.

Benefits Of Shockbyte:

  • It benefits the players by activating your server instantly after subscription.
  • You will experience uninterrupted gaming since it comes with a 100% uptime guarantee, as covered by its SLA.
  • Since it creates a free subdomain for your server, you can attract more people to join your game.
  • They are always available to help you with their 24/7 support.
  • It comes with DDOS protection.

Shockbyte comes with 12 packages and one custom package. The plans range from 1Gb RAM to 16GB RAM. The price range from $2.50 per month to $40 per month. It also comes with a money-back guarantee for the users who aren’t satisfied with the services of Shockbyte.



ScalaCube is a Minecraft Server Hosting provider that provides rental service. It offers various game servers, including Ark and Hytale. It gives you the flexibility to launch your game the way you want. You get better tools with which you can monitor the people who logged into your server.

Features Of ScalaCube:

  • ScalaCube offers free MY SQL to Minecraft gamers.
  • You get a free domain if you are a Minecraft gamer and if you go for ScalaCube.
  • It comes with DDOS protection so that you can play without any limit.
  • With ScalaCube, you get a 4-server location through VPS.

Benefits Of ScalaCube:

  • You can create your own Minecraft launcher using the custom forge servers.
  • You can install more than a thousand modpacks with a single click. The modpacks are unique as well.
  • You can use the configured website and forum and monitor the players on your servers.
  • ScalaCube allows you to enjoy an unlimited number of servers with unlimited slots with the help of its powerful VPS service.
  • You get a discount of 50% on the succeeding server after your first purchase.

The lowest price of ScalaCube is of $2.5, which comes with 768 MB RAM, 3.4 GHz CPU, and slots for ten players. The [package of $96 is the most expensive plan, with 32 GB RAM, 8*3.4 GHz CPU, and places for six hundred players.

GG Server

GG Servers

If you are a beginner or an intermediate Minecraft Player, then the GG Server is for you. They provide you the services on rent. The GG Server delivers people a faster gaming experience at a reasonable price since 2013. The members of GG Server are always there to help you whenever you need it. 

Features Of GG Server:

  • GG Server comes with DDOS protection so that you can have a better gaming experience.
  • You can activate it instantly and select a server of your own choice.
  • It provides you with DDOS protection.
  • It also provides SSD to Minecraft servers.
  • It gives you a 24/7 customer service.

Benefits Of GG Server:

  • If you go for GG Server, you can enjoy a high-performance processor ranging from 4GHZ to 5GHz for faster speed. 
  • The size of your files isn’t going to worry you because of the unmetered SSD feature.
  • You can manage your server with the help of a customized version of the Multicraft Control Panel.
  • The servers are found in nine locations worldwide, and it also gives you an experience of low latency.
  • You also get premium modpack support for every server type with a single click.

It comes with various packages ranging from $15.00 to $36.00. You can use the MySQL database, and you can get unlimited slots by paying an extra $2.

Choosing The Best Minecraft Server Hosting

There are other various Minecraft Servers available in the market, which you can choose according to your need. The servers come in different ranges. You can also get them on rent. When you are looking out for Minecraft Servers, you should remember a few points to get the perfect one for perfect gaming experiences.

  • Correct Location: Location is one of the vital factors which you should consider while choosing a server. The server must be near the location of the players. You can’t do anything if you are hosting players worldwide. But if you are hosting players from a specific area, you have to make sure that your server is near the area.
  • Higher Latency and Better Uptime: Higher latency and better uptime will attract the players since it will allow them to enjoy flawless and uninterrupted gaming. It also helps the players since it prevents lagging.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up a server isn’t something a person should worry about. Hence you should make sure that your technical knowledge helps people to run the game smoothly. People should just go for the games instead of worrying about hosting.
  • Multiple gamers should be allowed: Minecraft games are best played when many people play it. Hence you have to ensure that your server accommodates as many people as possible without any issue. A good server should accommodate at least ten people at a time.
  • Inclusion of moderators: To improvise game playing, the users should get a chance to change the interface and use the tools. They should be able to change the environment. Hence moderators should be included at all costs.
  • Better Security Level: Poor securities are the reason why the server starts crashing. Hence to avoid this, it is imperative to have a good level of protection. It will prevent certain parties from attacking your server and causing you trouble.
  • Length of the Contract: You should allow people to pay you in installments. There are individual companies that ask for annual payment. This process can trouble the users since it is impossible to spend a considerable amount at a single time. Hence you need to come up with various options so that people can choose according to their requirements.

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