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How to Use iMessage on Windows PC



imessage on pc

Although WhatsApp and facebook messenger is my favorite apps for messaging but still I like iMessage a lot. Many times, I receive the request to share if imessage for pc is available or not.

So, I thought to write a detailed post on imessage for pc here. Although as we are expecting the iPhone messages to be on a windows system and so, need to take care of the security concern involved here.

If you are looking for iMessage on Windows devices, join us to find the best solutions for the same. Here we’re going to talk about some detailed steps to get iMessage on PC.

imessage on pc

Before going ahead, I want to mention here that there is no straightforward method to get iMessage on PC and we need to look for an alternate solution. There is no direct app which can enable iMessage for windows. These are major because iMessage is an iPhone specific app and doesn’t support windows operating system. Also, Apple considers security as the major concern and due to many iPhone spy app, a direct solution can’t be expected as well.

The requirement to get iMessage on PC is, you should have a MAC book. Else you won’t be able to get iMessage on a windows system.

Let’s start and see how to use iMessage on Windows PC!

How to use iMessage on PC/Windows PC- Method 1

Here are some simple steps which will help you use iMessage on Windows PC. Let’s start and follow one by one.

Step 1: Make sure you have two systems. One MAC book with iMessage and one Windows PC

Step 2: Now download the Chrome remote the desktop app from Chrome extension-link

chrome remote desktop

Step 3: Click on Add to Chrome button and launch it

chrome remote desktop launch

Step 4: Now move to the MAC system and download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

download chrome remote host installer

Step 5: Now install that remove desktop host installer you downloaded in above step. The installer will be similar to how you install any other software on the MAC system.

remote desktop host installation

While installation, it may ask you to provide your system username and password. You can provide those when asked. Once the installation is complete, you’ll get a screen like below-

remote desktop host installation message

This remote desktop host software will allow you to access any other system through the chrome browser. The same also applies to Chromebook. Once connected, you can easily access the files and apps of another system on your current system securely. And this is how we’ll use iMessage on PC.

Step 6: Once you’ll close the above screen, you’ll get a screen where the access code will be shown. You can use this code to connect to both the system.

remote desktop host access code

And use this code to the windows system so that you can access iMessage on windows PC.

remote desktop host access code verification

That’s all!

You can now start using iMessage on Windows PC easily. You’ll be able to access iMessage on PC, send messages, receive the message, and make replies.

But did you felt that still, you need a MAC system in order to use iMessage on PC? What if you don’t have a MAC system?

Let’s see how to access iMessage on Windows PC system even if you don’t have MAC system.

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Use iMessage on PC- Method 2 (without using MAC)

In this method to use iMessage on PC, we’re going to make use of a simulator called as iPadian. This is a third-party software which basically creates an IOS-like environment on your windows device.

For those, who are new to the emulators, iPadian is an iOS emulator which allows you to run iOS apps on windows pc. Such emulators are being used widely by the developers to test their applications and gamers to try iOS games on a windows system.

Now let’s start and see how to use iMessage on Windows PC using iPadian.

Step 1: You need to download and install the iPadian emulator on your windows system. This will be an exe file and can be installed in the same way any other software is getting installed on a windows system. Here is the link to download the software- link

Step 2: Once installed, just run the emulator by double clicking on its icon. This will launch the iPadian emulator on your windows system.

Step 3: On the iPadian window, search for the “iMessage”

Step 4: This will give you the link to download and install the iMessage app. Just do that!

Once installed, just launch the iMessage app and you’re done. You’ll be able to use iMessage on PC.


These were all about how to use iMessage on windows PC. I have personally used both the methods and have worked amazingly well for me. Just try and let me know if you’ll find any issue.

You may find other solutions like jailbreaking your iOS device but we don’t recommend that solution due to the risk involved. And so, play safe and use the above-explained methods.

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