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Ingramer Review – Best Instagram Tool In 2021?



Ingramer Review

Instagram has reached new heights in recent years, from being a platform to share pictures of our everyday lives to cultivate severe brands and businesses’ growth. It is a very competitive environment and has thus stimulated the development of various services related to it. Ingramer is one such service.

Ingramer offers various facilities like auto-posting, Instagram chat, hashtag generator for easy promotion on Instagram. Ingramer is continuously updated to keep up with the Instagram algorithms and provide solutions to IG’s businesses. This has helped in the increase of its popularity.

All the features of Ingramer will be discussed in the article below to help you figure out the best strategy for your Instagram business.

A Few About Ingramer

Ingramer is Instagram’s assistant that has automated most of its processes. It can be used along with IG from anywhere, be it a personal PC, MAC, etc. Ingramer works by automating the market to help scale businesses on Instagram.

Ingramer uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide the best results. It also offers a VPN service, which is an essential tool for 2020. The VPN protects our personal information and also stops unwanted promotions. It is priced at $10 per month.

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At present, there is a legal issue that is making Ingramer a target. Ingramer has the word “gram” in its name. This violates Instagram’s copyright policy.

But first, let’s see the services that Ingramer claims to provide:

  • Scheduled posting
  • Current Hashtag trends, hashtag analyzer, and generator
  • Instagram Direct messaging combined with CRM features
  • Automated Interaction with other Instagrammers
  • Profile Analyser on IG
  • IG profiles search
  • IG Downloader

It also claims to provide free likes. Now let’s see if Ingramer follows up on the above promises.

Features Of Ingramer

Ingramer claims to provide a multitude of things, which include auto likes, auto comments, auto follow/unfollow, scheduled posting, direct messaging, among other things. The whole process is straightforward. One needs to sign up to Ingramer’s service, link their Instagram profile to the Ingramer profile, start their new campaign, and then see the growth in their business.

Features Of Ingramer

Setting up a new campaign includes targeting the desired audience, setting up limits on daily activity, and enabling various filters. The entire Ingramer service is cloud-based, which makes it easier to handle from any device. This can include managing your campaign, checking your activity, and adjusting account settings.

Auto Promotion Service of Ingramer

This feature is used to automate the interactions between you and your targeted audience. It covers viewing of stories, follows/unfollow, and even likes.

Peculiarities Of This Service:

  • You can decide the number of likes that will be left for a particular profile.
  • Likes can be automated for everyone- the people you follow, as well as don’t mind.
  • There are also options for Comments and likes for feeds of the user.
  • It uses hashtags, location, and usernames for targeting. But in addition to this, it also uses filters based on gender and languages to specify the targeting.
  • Some locations, hashtags, usernames can even be blacklisted to avoid interaction with these accounts.

The Reality Of The Service:

Users have found Ingramer to work, but it is slow at the beginning. Instagram does its best to get rid of services like Ingramer. So, according to that, Ingramer is doing its best. It is also difficult to measure its efficiency. This tool cannot help you gain a loyal audience base if the users do not like your content. It is based on how humans react to your posts and feed.

Ingramer also provides infographics that include an analytics report. This is a rare feature and is priced at $57 per month.

Hashtag Generator + Trends

Hashtags are the “legal” way of growing and promoting your business faster on IG. They are also the latest trend among the up and coming Instagrammers. Ingrammer helps you create new hashtags and finds out what hashtags other people are using. This increases your reach faster among your target audience.

Features Of Hashtag Generator Provided By Ingramer

  • Tags can be searched for in any language.
  • Tags can be grouped based on popularity.
  • Hashtags can also be analyzed (their activity, popularity, and the costs associated with them) and a strategy built around them.
  • Photos, keywords, post URLs can also be used to generate hashtags.

Scheduled Posting Service

This post scheduler helps to plan out what we want to post and at what time. We can plan out the media to be uploaded along with the description and location to be attached. Then we need to schedule the posts for a particular time or day. They will automatically be posted in our feeds. This method can save you hours if you are an active Instagram user.

Features Of Scheduled Posting Service

  • Both posts and stories can be scheduled.
  • It provides the feature to edit our posts whenever we want.
  • Has three options- schedule posts, publish now, or save as draft.
  • Hashtags are also automatically updated, which helps increase your reach by almost three times.
  • Time zones can also be selected while scheduling the posts.

Direct Messages

DMs can help you target your audience effectively if used correctly. Generic messages are not the key to grow your reach. In grammer allows bulk messaging to all our followers (new or old) and even auto-replies to them. This tool does not leave behind any messages and also manages multiple accounts at the same time.

Features Of Direct Messages

  • All active accounts are connected by a single messenger. This is an incredibly useful feature.
  • It has a feature similar to WhatsApp- Messages Search, which avoids endless scrolling through chats.
  • Details about the user can also be filled in- their address, number, email, etc.
  • Conversations can be labeled or marked using selected colors- this increases the speed of searching through our DMs.
  • Notes can also be made about the customer in the DM itself. This feature makes it easier to coordinate among all employees of the business.
  • It also has the Fast Replies feature to increase customer satisfaction.

Instagram Downloader

The most special feature of all: downloading pictures of your face celebrities and crushes in top quality. This feature will make the work of the people running the fan pages a lot easier!

Features Provided:

  • Photos, videos, stories- everything can be saved in bulk, just with a single click.
  • The saved pictures are of high quality.
  • It saves a lot of time.

Auto Follow

This feature even targets the small account that may be part of our target audience on Instagram. These people check the accounts of the people who followed them, which increases your account’s visibility. Auto-follow increases your product to reach ten folds.

Smart Unfollow

You can unfollow accounts based on a fixed criterion instead of unfollowing a lot of accounts at random. This approach can help you in the long run and prevent you from unfollowing accounts that are your target by mistake.

Clear Stats

Ingramer is a growth tool of Instagram, and one of its most valued features is analytics. These tools help you understand what’s working for your account and what isn’t and make changes in your business strategy accordingly. Statistics include the number of generated followers by Ingramer and its activities on behalf of your account.

Integrations and Add-ons

The only thing that you need to connect your Ingramer account to is your Instagram account. There will hardly be any need for additional connections or integrations. But add-ons can be applied, which include some of the critical features of Ingramer. These add-ons are available at various prices.

Is Ingramer Easy To Use?

Ingramer has a well-developed user interface to provide a seamless experience. You need to get familiar with the interface and learn about it. The entire process of signing up to activating your bot is relatively easy. If you are familiar with Instagram, Ingramer will be simple to get around.

InGramer Plans & Pricing

Pricing Ingramer

Ingramer doesn’t provide free trials, but it can be tested out at a small budget. Anything is cheaper compared to the cost of Instagram ads. One to ten accounts can be automated using a single Ingramer account. 

Ingramer is divided into the following modules:

  • Basic- automated likes, follows/ unfollows
  • Scheduled posting- you need to add in your schedule. Ingramer will post your content according to it.
  • Direct messaging- the entire target audience can be DM’ed in bulk.
  • Comment tracker- helps keep track of all the comments posted on your content.

Instagram ads begin at $5 for a day. This can be rounded to $150 for a month, and three months, it is $450. Paying $5 for each day will barely reach anybody, let alone your entire target audience. Simultaneously, Ingramer’s bot can help you get thousands of people in a single day as the bot keeps working and interacting 24/7.

The most popular package of Ingramer starts at $37 for two weeks. For a month, it is $57 at a discount of 22%. More extended packages cost $144 for three months (after a discount of 35%). These prices are much lower compared to Instagram ads while boosting your business accounts to new heights.

Pros and Cons of Ingramer

Ingramer - Pros and Cons

As Ingramer is a third-party company that helps Instagram grow, it has its own set of pros and cons.


  • Ingramer provides a VPN service and is also secured by https.
  • All the packages and pricing are upfront and visible to the users.
  • It provides secure payment services.
  • The creators can be contacted via their email addresses.


  • No sign of the 24/7 customer support that they claim to have on their website.
  • Instagram bots are used to provide the above services.
  • Ingramer violates Instagram’s terms of service.
  • Reviews mentioned on their website appear to be fake.

Accounts of some users got banned from using Ingramer. While other users have not faced any problems regarding this; and have successfully used it for an extended period. The risk to your Instagram account is increasing every day. Normal activities can block your account, so the use of bots increases this risk substantially.

Best Alternatives To Ingramer

  • Viral Race: It is a growth tool of Instagram that helps you purchase real followers and engage with them via likes and views.
  • Fanbump– It does not use bots or fake accounts but uses an agency to help grow your Instagram. On signing up, you are in touch with the CEO and provided with an account manager.
  • Krootez– This platform enables you to buy followers and their likes. This may be done via active or inactive accounts that belong to your target audience.
  • Instato– it is again an automated platform to increase your followers and target the desired audience. Besides, multiple accounts can also be managed from a single dashboard.
  • Stormlikes– helps target based on country and gender and also purchase followers and likes. It also has a free trial period.

Ingramer Review 2021 – Final Verdict

Ingramer delivers what it promises. But as it is banned from Instagram, you should not use it for a work account. You can give it a try for your projects. You must at least have 20 posts on your account and a few organic followers before using Ingramer.

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