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How to Make Money on Online Dating Services



make money with dating sites

Even not so long ago, we couldn’t even assume that we would become so dependent on computers and smartphones. And while these wonders of technology occupied a decent space on our desk or in a pocket back in the day, now, a whole virtual world can fit in a simple device!

make money with dating sites

Make money with dating sites online

But the discussion in this article isn’t about the development of scientific technologies but about how to use these technologies, or, more precisely, how to make money with the help of the modern Internet. While we’re at it, visit to fulfill all of your dating needs.

Social networks

Whatever you may say, social networks are the reality of today. Without leaving workplace or getting off the couch, we find our first love, former classmates, friends from our colleges and universities, yesterday’s colleagues, people from the past we once met in life, or just some new acquaintances. The Web is addictive. But sometimes it starts to bother with its uniformity, predictability, and stability which we crave in other areas.

I think, in our time, a person, who claims that he’s looking for acquaintances on the Internet or drawing new people into his life just because he’s unsure of himself and not capable of tying out a real acquaintance, will be not only wrong but also ridiculous.

Virtual relationships have become not just the norm of our lives – they are our lives. Online dating is, by far, the most common way of dating. The main features of virtual dating, positively influencing the growth of their popularity, are undoubtedly their simplicity, ease of implementation, accessibility for everyone and, of course, as a cherry on top – anonymity.

People of the most diverse ages and segments of the population are interested in online dating. At the same time, the purpose of acquaintance for a person can be not only and not so much the search for a new partner, but simply the desire to socialize, have fun, or, for example, find a rich sponsor for themselves. Even elderly people are using it, like, where men and women over 50 can meet each other.

How you can make money via dating sites

Many users, who write articles on the Internet, say that it’s very difficult to make money when you’re completely dependent on the employer. The best income is the one in which the user doesn’t receive money but, how to put it, extracts it.

If your main tool is one of the contextual advertising systems, such as Google Adsense, Yandex Direct, or any other, then you need your website or sites to generate income. Also, in this case, traffic is needed, and it’s measured by site visitors. The more traffic, the more clicks, the higher the income of the site owner. There are many ways to find traffic on the Internet.

Many site owners find the source of traffic on virtual dating services. Visit this dating site for single, as not only to learn the basics of dating business but, of course, to meet someone.

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I want to share with you one tip. It’s considered, to be honest from a technical point of view, but not a very moral way of extracting traffic from virtual dating services.

1) You need to download photos of girls.
2) Create a blog, website, that kind of thing.
3) Write a biography or something like that.
4) Put on advertisings.
5) Next, you should contact the dating services and register virtual girls.

Afterward, you can just sit back and wait for customers to come. If the photo and description are good, customers will surely visit the site to check “you” out.

On average, there can be up to 100 unique users per day from each application. If you are willing to communicate with customers on behalf of these girls (Sure, it’s pretty difficult, but it’s what you do for the sake of money), then you can get much more traffic.

The person, who told about this method of earnings, notes that a hundred of such profiles on the sites on the ten largest dating services can give about 500 USD/month. Of course, this method isn’t entirely ethical with respect to men, but they won’t suffer any losses but rather have a great time chatting.

Rahul is a full-time blogger and love to write about the various topics including Blogging, Technology, IT, and several other topic. He is also an affiliate marketer and write here at Tech4EN about his experiences.

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