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Why You Should Always Choose Private Proxies?



why use private proxy

Online security has become a concern for many businesses today. There is no better way of remaining anonymous other than using a proxy. Proxies work best in concealing your IP address and providing the much-needed anonymity every time you are accessing the internet.

why use private proxy

The only concern is: should you use a private proxy or a shared proxy for your business? If you are having problems deciding which type of proxy to use, not anymore – you are in the right place!

Before we help you choose the best proxy for your business, let’s learn what proxies are.

Private Proxy or Shared Proxy: What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server or simply a proxy is the server that intermediates between the internet and the proxy user. The server will act as a third party and won’t allow you to access the web directly – it will mask your original IP address and browse the internet on your behalf. What happens when you are browsing the internet using a proxy?

Whenever you are using a proxy, traffic will flow from your device, pass through the proxy server before it reaches the destination page. The response, on the other hand, will come from the internet, go through the proxy before reaching you (end-user). This process happens in such a way that the proxy hides your IP address, and, therefore, you can enjoy online anonymity.

Proxy Types

There different types of proxies in the market. The most common ones are:

  • Data center proxies
  • Residential proxies

Data center proxies

These are the most used proxies. Check out Oxylabs page for more information and an opportunity to purchase dedicated data center proxies.

One characteristic of these servers is that they are neither affiliated to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) nor an internet connection – they don’t depend on the two in any way. Third-party providers and corporate are responsible for this type of proxies. Data center proxies work best in concealing your IP address and ensuring that you browse securely; thus, they are ideal for data scraping.

Residential Proxies

As the name goes, residential proxies are residential IP addresses. If you have an internet connection in your residence, then that’s what we call a residential IP address. If you were to sell your IP address to someone else in a different region, then your IP address would become a residential proxy. Residential proxies, unlike data center proxies, have everything to do with an ISP and a particular internet connection. Since they are real IP addresses, they provide high anonymity levels.

Shared, Semi-Dedicated, And Private Proxies

Any type of proxy can either be private, semi-dedicated, or shared. A shared proxy is a type of proxy shared between various users.

A semi-dedicated proxy operates the same way as a shared proxy, only that the administrator limits the number of users. Ideally, only up to 3 users can be allowed to use one proxy.

Private proxies are single-user servers. Only one user is allowed to use one specific proxy. These proxies offer high security since they are only used by one client.

All Switched-On Brands Are Using a Private Proxy

If you have not been using a private proxy, then you have been missing out. Here’s why the big brands have been using private proxies.

Private Proxies Are Super-fast

When choosing the best proxies for your business, speed should come first on the list. Dedicated proxies are extremely fast since only one client uses them. With these proxies, you get to enjoy high-performance levels due to a large bandwidth. Shared proxies are a bit slow as compared to the dedicated ones since multiple users use them.

A Private Proxy Is Highly Secure and Reliable

A single-user proxy means high security. Given that you are the only one using the proxy, you can be sure that your private data and info won’t be compromised. Different users use shared proxies for various reasons. Your security is always at stake.

With A Dedicated Proxy, You Are Always in Control

Since you are the only one using a dedicated proxy, you can always dictate when and where you can use the proxy. For shared proxy, you can’t exercise control. Your proxy may get blocked because someone else is using the same proxy to launch illegal operations.

Now given the importance of a private proxy choosing an excellent dedicated proxy for your business should not be a challenge. Don’t risk the security of your company/business by going for shared proxies as you don’t know the intention of the other user you are sharing the proxy with. Stay safe by insisting on dedicated proxies, since exclusivity means quality.

These proxies won’t only help you with safe browsing but also in downloading. For example, you can use YIFY proxy or 1337x proxy to access these sites safely. I hope you got clear idea on why use private proxy all the time for safe and secure browsing.

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