Extratorrents Proxy Sites 2018- 100% Working Extratorrents Unblocked & Mirror Sites

Extratorrents proxy sites help you access the blocked website due to whatever reason. In this article, we are going to share the 100% working top 25 extratorrents unblocked and mirror sites for you to enjoy seamless access.

But before looking at the list of Extratorrents proxy sites, first, understand what proxy site and the proxy are.

extratorrents proxy sites

What is a proxy?

Proxy is nothing but the person or any item which work as an alternative to other. For example, if you are invited somewhere but due to any reason, you didn’t go, and you send someone else. Then that person will be the proxy for you. The same applies in the case of websites as well.

Why do you need to use Extratorrents proxy sites?

If you are a movie enthusiast, then you must have come across torrent sites or video sites like Hulu. As Hulu is a paid and subscription-based site and so we prefer the free online movie streaming sites like a kickass torrent.

how proxy work

But in recent times, many torrent sites have been closed as per the order or government due to piracy. Or in some area government block, the ISP of some time and that particular website won’t be accessible from that location. In such cases, these Extratorrents proxy sites will be helpful.

What happens here is, instead of your real IP address, a fake IP address will be shown, and your real IP address will be masked. And the fake IP address will be from some other location where that website is accessible. And in this way, you will be able to access blocked sites.

So, as you know the benefits of Extratorrents proxy sites and why you should use extratorrents unblocked and mirror sites, let’s see the list of top Extratorrents proxy sites.

25+ 100% Working Extratorrents proxy sites

All these Extratorrents proxy sites have been manually tested and all are working great. We are also providing their speed and status so that you will be able to know how it will work after using it.

Extratorrents proxy sites/Mirror ListSpeedCurrent Status
https://extratorrents.chVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.fyiVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.worldVery FastWorking
https://extratorrents.unblockall.orgVery FastWorking
https://extra.unblocked.lolVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.cdVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.agVery FastWorking
https://extratorrent.coolVery FastWorking
https://extratorrents.unblockall.orgVery FastWorking
Proxy 1Very FastWorking
Proxy 2FastWorking
Proxy 3NormalWorking
Proxy 4FastWorking
Proxy 5FastWorking
Proxy 6Very FastWorking
Proxy 7Very FastWorking
Proxy 8Very FastWorking
Proxy 9Very FastWorking


These were some of the top Extratorrent proxy sites for extratorrents unblocked and extratorrents mirror sites. We have manually verified all these extratorrents proxy sites and all are working fine as of writing this post. We will continuously check the status of these torrent proxy sites and will keep the list updated.

These Extratorrents proxy sites will help you access blocked websites easily without the use of paid websites. And these are secure as well.

Start using any of the above proxy sites and start enjoying the free movie downloading online.

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